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John Boyle O'Reilly was an Irish-born poet, journalist and fiction writer.

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A Year 412 ViewsRate it:
The Real Good 407 ViewsRate it:
What is Good 394 ViewsRate it:
At School 371 ViewsRate it:
At Best 359 ViewsRate it:
Inscription to Western Australia 346 ViewsRate it:
The Lure 330 ViewsRate it:
Liberty 323 ViewsRate it:
Under the River 323 ViewsRate it:
My Mother's Memory 281 ViewsRate it:
Macarius The Monk 245 ViewsRate it:
Crispus Attucks 177 ViewsRate it:
A Message of Peace 155 ViewsRate it:
Waiting 154 ViewsRate it:
America 146 ViewsRate it:
A Builder's Lesson 137 ViewsRate it:
A Nation's Test 137 ViewsRate it:
The Flying Dutchman 137 ViewsRate it:
A Kiss 135 ViewsRate it:
There is Blood on the Earth 134 ViewsRate it:
Bone and Sinew and Brain 133 ViewsRate it:
Destiny 127 ViewsRate it:
Prometheus - Christ 127 ViewsRate it:
Jacqueminots 126 ViewsRate it:
A White Rose 123 ViewsRate it:
The Empty Niche 123 ViewsRate it:
Midnight—September 19, 1881 120 ViewsRate it:
“From, that fair land and drear land in the South” 119 ViewsRate it:
An Old Picture 118 ViewsRate it:
Spring Flowers 118 ViewsRate it:
Distance 117 ViewsRate it:
The Dead whno Died for Ireland 117 ViewsRate it:
The Wonderful Country 115 ViewsRate it:
Three Graves 115 ViewsRate it:
Under the Surface 115 ViewsRate it:
The Unhappy One 114 ViewsRate it:
Her Refrain 113 ViewsRate it:
Prologue To Western Australia 113 ViewsRate it:
Two Lives 112 ViewsRate it:
Western Australia 111 ViewsRate it:
Silence, Not Death 110 ViewsRate it:
Peace and Pain 109 ViewsRate it:
The Celebes 109 ViewsRate it:
The Three Queens 109 ViewsRate it:
A Tragedy 108 ViewsRate it:
The King’s Evil 108 ViewsRate it:
The Press Evangel 108 ViewsRate it:
Trust 108 ViewsRate it:
A Dissapointment 104 ViewsRate it:
At Fredericksburg—Dec. 13, 1862 102 ViewsRate it:
The Loss of the Emigrants 102 ViewsRate it:
Haunted By Tigers 101 ViewsRate it:
The Shadow 101 ViewsRate it:
Love was True to Me 98 ViewsRate it:
Conscience 97 ViewsRate it:
Erin 97 ViewsRate it:
From the Earth, a Cry 97 ViewsRate it:
Night Poetry 2 97 ViewsRate it:
The Poison-Flower 97 ViewsRate it:
The Fisherman of Wexford 95 ViewsRate it:
Chunder Ali’s Wife 94 ViewsRate it:
Dolores 93 ViewsRate it:
A Song For Soldiers 92 ViewsRate it:
A Man 91 ViewsRate it:
Dying in Harness 91 ViewsRate it:
Star-Gazing 88 ViewsRate it:
Constancy 87 ViewsRate it:
The Last of the Narwhale 87 ViewsRate it:
The Well's Secret 87 ViewsRate it:
Ensign Epps, The Color-Bearer 86 ViewsRate it:
The Dog Guard: An Australian Story 86 ViewsRate it:
The Old School Clock 86 ViewsRate it:
Forever 84 ViewsRate it:
406 [unfinished] 82 ViewsRate it:
The Pilgrim's Fathers 82 ViewsRate it:
The Value of Gold 82 ViewsRate it:
Heart Hunger 79 ViewsRate it:
Released—January, 1878 79 ViewsRate it:
The Word and the Deed 79 ViewsRate it:
A Dead Man 78 ViewsRate it:
Loving is Dreaming 78 ViewsRate it:
The Priests of Ireland 78 ViewsRate it:
The Ride Of Collin Graves 77 ViewsRate it:
To My Little Blanid 77 ViewsRate it:
The Cry of the Dreamer 76 ViewsRate it:
The Mutiny of the Chains 76 ViewsRate it:
In Bohemia 75 ViewsRate it:
Uncle Ned’s Tales: How The Flag Was Saved 73 ViewsRate it:
The Amber Whale 72 ViewsRate it:
The Patriot's Game 72 ViewsRate it:
The City Streets 71 ViewsRate it:
The Infinite 69 ViewsRate it:
The Statues in the Block 69 ViewsRate it:
A Seed 68 ViewsRate it:
Experience 68 ViewsRate it:
Life Is A Confluence 68 ViewsRate it:
Golu 67 ViewsRate it:
A Lost Friend 66 ViewsRate it:
The King of the Vasse 66 ViewsRate it:
The Wail of Two Cities 66 ViewsRate it:
Living 65 ViewsRate it:
Mayflower 64 ViewsRate it:
Wendell Phillips 64 ViewsRate it:
The Feast Of The Gael 63 ViewsRate it:
The Temple of Friendship 62 ViewsRate it:
Love's Secret 61 ViewsRate it:
Unspoken Words 59 ViewsRate it:
A Savage 58 ViewsRate it:
An Old Vagabond 56 ViewsRate it:
John Mitchel 56 ViewsRate it:
Ireland - 1882 54 ViewsRate it:
Yes? 54 ViewsRate it:
Songs that are not sung 53 ViewsRate it:
The Exile of the Gael 53 ViewsRate it:
A Legend Of The Blesses Virgin 52 ViewsRate it:
The Treasure Of Abram 52 ViewsRate it:
The Priceless Thing 49 ViewsRate it:
To A.S. on His Daughter's Wedding 46 ViewsRate it:
Uncle Ned’s Tale: An Old Dragoon's Story 46 ViewsRate it:
Farewell 44 ViewsRate it:
Grant—1885 44 ViewsRate it:
To-day 43 ViewsRate it:
Though it Lash the Shallows that Line the Beach 43 ViewsRate it:
Night Thoughts 1 42 ViewsRate it:
Poet and Lord 42 ViewsRate it:
To My Dear Old Friend, Mr. A. Shuman 42 ViewsRate it:
My Troubles 41 ViewsRate it:
My Native Land 40 ViewsRate it:
Love, and Be Wise 40 ViewsRate it:
Mary 38 ViewsRate it:
Resurgite!- June, 1877 38 ViewsRate it:
The Trial of the Gods 38 ViewsRate it:
Wheat Grains 37 ViewsRate it:
An Art Message 35 ViewsRate it:
The Useless Ones 35 ViewsRate it:
Withered Snowdrops 35 ViewsRate it:
The Dukite Snake 34 ViewsRate it:
Muley Malak 34 ViewsRate it:
Liberty Lighting the World 33 ViewsRate it:
The Monster Diamond 33 ViewsRate it:
Written Under a Portrait of Keats 32 ViewsRate it:
The Loving Cup of the Papyrus 30 ViewsRate it:
From the Heights 28 ViewsRate it:
The Dead Singer 28 ViewsRate it:
Hidden Sins 26 ViewsRate it:
Vignettes 26 ViewsRate it:
Yesterday and Tomorrow 26 ViewsRate it:
A Passage 25 ViewsRate it:
Love's Sacrifice 25 ViewsRate it:
Rules of the Road 24 ViewsRate it:

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