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Charlotte Turner Smith (4 May 1749 – 28 October 1806) was an English Romantic poet and novelist. She initiated a revival of the English sonnet, helped establish the conventions of Gothic fiction, and wrote political novels of sensibility. A successful writer, she published ten novels, three books of poetry, four children's books, and other assorted works over the course of her career. She saw herself as a poet first and foremost, poetry at that period being considered the most exalted form of literature. Scholars now credit her with transforming the sonnet into an expression of woeful sentiment.

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Famous poems by Charlotte Smith:

Sonnet LIX.Rate it:
The Female ExileRate it:
A Descriptive OdeRate it:
A Walk In The ShrubberyRate it:
ApostropheRate it:
AprilRate it:
Beachy HeadRate it:
ElegyRate it:
EveningRate it:
FloraRate it:
FragmentRate it:
HopeRate it:
Huge Vapours Brood Above the Clifted ShoreRate it:
InscriptionRate it:
Love And FollyRate it:
Occasional AddressRate it:
Ode To DeathRate it:
Ode To DespairRate it:
Ode To The PoppyRate it:
On The AphorismRate it:
Saint MonicaRate it:
Song IRate it:
Song IIRate it:
Song IIIRate it:
Sonnet IRate it:
Sonnet IIRate it:
Sonnet III: To a NightingaleRate it:
Sonnet IV. To The MoonRate it:
Sonnet IX.Rate it:
Sonnet L.Rate it:
Sonnet LI.Rate it:
Sonnet LII.Rate it:
Sonnet LIII.Rate it:
Sonnet LIV.Rate it:
Sonnet LV.Rate it:
Sonnet LVI.Rate it:
Sonnet LVII. To DependenceRate it:
Sonnet LVIII. The Glow-WormRate it:
Sonnet LX. To An Amiable GirlRate it:
Sonnet LXIRate it:
Sonnet LXIIRate it:
Sonnet LXIII: The GossamerRate it:
Sonnet LXIVRate it:
Sonnet LXIXRate it:
Sonnet LXV. To Dr. Parry Of BathRate it:
Sonnet LXVI: The Night-Flood RakesRate it:
Sonnet LXVII: On Passing over a Dreary TractRate it:
Sonnet LXVIII.Rate it:
Sonnet LXX: On Being Cautioned Against Walking on an Headland Overlooking the Sea, Because It Was Frequented by a LunaticRate it:
Sonnet LXXI.Rate it:
Sonnet LXXII. To The Morning StarRate it:
Sonnet LXXIII. To A Querulous AcquaintanceRate it:
Sonnet LXXIV. The Winter NightRate it:
Sonnet LXXIX. To The Goddess Of BotanyRate it:
Sonnet LXXV.Rate it:
Sonnet LXXVI. To A Young Man Entering The WorldRate it:
Sonnet LXXVII. To The Insect Of The GossamerRate it:
Sonnet LXXVIII. SnowdropsRate it:
Sonnet LXXX. To The Invisible MoonRate it:
Sonnet LXXXI.Rate it:
Sonnet LXXXII. To The Shade Of BurnsRate it:
Sonnet LXXXIII. The Sea ViewRate it:
Sonnet V. To The South DownsRate it:
Sonnet VI. To HopeRate it:
Sonnet VII: Sweet Poet of the WoodsRate it:
Sonnet VIII. To SpringRate it:
Sonnet X. To Mrs. GRate it:
Sonnet XI. To SleepRate it:
Sonnet XIX. To Mr. Haley,Rate it:
Sonnet XL. From The Same.Rate it:
Sonnet XLI. To TranquilityRate it:
Sonnet XLII: Composed During a WalkRate it:
Sonnet XLIII: The Unhappy ExileRate it:
Sonnet XLIV: Press'd by the MoonRate it:
Sonnet XLIX. From The Novel Of CelestinaRate it:
Sonnet XLV. On Leaving A Part Of SussexRate it:
Sonnet XLVI.Rate it:
Sonnet XLVII: To FancyRate it:
Sonnet XLVIII. To Mrs. ****Rate it:
Sonnet XV. From PetrarchRate it:
Sonnet XVII. From The Thirteenth Cantata Of MetastasioRate it:
Sonnet XVIII. To The Earl Of EgremontRate it:
Sonnet XX. To The Countess Od A----Rate it:
Sonnet XXI. Supposed To Written By WerterRate it:
Sonnet XXII. By The Same. To Solitude.Rate it:
Sonnet XXIII. By The Same. To The North Star.Rate it:
Sonnet XXIV. By The Same.Rate it:
Sonnet XXIX. To Miss C----Rate it:
Sonnet XXV. By The Same.Rate it:
Sonnet XXVI. To The River ArunRate it:
Sonnet XXVII.Rate it:
Sonnet XXVIII. To FriendshipRate it:
Sonnet XXX. To The River ArunRate it:
Sonnet XXXI.Rate it:
Sonnet XXXII. To MelancholyRate it:
Sonnet XXXIII. To The Naiad Of The ArunRate it:
Sonnet XXXIV: Charm'd by Thy SuffrageRate it:
Sonnet XXXIX. To Night. From The Same.Rate it:
Sonnet XXXV. To FortitudeRate it:
Sonnet XXXVI.Rate it:
Sonnet XXXVII.Rate it:
Sonnet XXXVIII.Rate it:
Studies By The SeaRate it:
The Bee's Winter RetreatRate it:
The Dead BeggarRate it:
The Emigrants: Book IRate it:
The Emigrants: Book IIRate it:
The First SwallowRate it:
The Forest BoyRate it:
The Horologe Of The FieldsRate it:
The Lark’s NestRate it:
The MoonRate it:
The Origin Of FlatteryRate it:
The Peasant Of The AlpsRate it:
The SwallowRate it:
The Truant Dove, From PilpayRate it:
Thirty-EightRate it:
To the SnowdropRate it:
Verses IRate it:
Verses IIRate it:
Verses IIIRate it:
Verses IVRate it:
Verses, On The Death Of The Same LadyRate it:
Written near a Port on a Dark EveningRate it:

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