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Alfred Austin DL was an English poet who was appointed Poet Laureate in 1896 upon the death of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

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Famous poems by Alfred Austin:

A Birthday PresentRate it:
A November NoteRate it:
A Question AnsweredRate it:
A Woman’s ApologyRate it:
Love's BlindnessRate it:
The Spring—Time, O The Spring--TimeRate it:
A Wild RoseRate it:
If you were mine, if you were mine,Rate it:
A Night In JuneRate it:
At The LatticeRate it:
The Evening LightRate it:
A BirthdayRate it:
Wordsworth At Dove CottageRate it:
Look Seaward, Sentinel!Rate it:
A Farewell To YouthRate it:
A Border BurnRate it:
A Captive ThrostleRate it:
A Christmas CarolRate it:
A Country NosegayRate it:
A Defence Of English SpringRate it:
A Dialogue At FiesoleRate it:
A Dream Of EnglandRate it:
A FarewellRate it:
A Farmhouse DirgeRate it:
A FlorilegiumRate it:
A FragmentRate it:
A Last RequestRate it:
A Letter From ItalyRate it:
A March MinstrelRate it:
A MeetingRate it:
A Poet’s Eightieth BirthdayRate it:
A Point Of HonourRate it:
A PortraitRate it:
A QuestionRate it:
A Rare GuestRate it:
A Reply To A PessimistRate it:
A Royal Home-ComingRate it:
A Shakespeare MemorialRate it:
A Sleepless NightRate it:
A Snow-White LilyRate it:
A Souless SingerRate it:
A Spring CarolRate it:
A Tale Of True LoveRate it:
A Te DeumRate it:
A Tusculan QuestionRate it:
A Twilight SongRate it:
A Voice From The WestRate it:
A Wintry PictureRate it:
A Wintry Picture (II)Rate it:
AgathaRate it:
Alea JactaRate it:
Alfred’s SongRate it:
All Hail To The Czar!Rate it:
Although no stupid scofferRate it:
An AnswerRate it:
An April FoolRate it:
An April LoveRate it:
An Autumn HomilyRate it:
An Autumn PictureRate it:
An Autumn—Blooming RoseRate it:
An Experiment In TranslationRate it:
Another Spring CarolRate it:
Any Poet At Any TimeRate it:
As Dies The YearRate it:
AspromonteRate it:
At DelphiRate it:
At Her GraveRate it:
At His GraveRate it:
At San Giovanni Del LagoRate it:
At Shelley’s GraveRate it:
At Shelley’s House At LericiRate it:
At The Gate Of The ConventRate it:
At VaucluseRate it:
Ave MariaRate it:
Awake! Awake!Rate it:
BeatriceRate it:
Because I failed, shall I asperse the EndRate it:
Before, Behind, And BeyondRate it:
Beyond the pasture's withered bentsRate it:
BlancheRate it:
Brother BenedictRate it:
Burns’s Statue At IrvineRate it:
By The FatesRate it:
Celestial HeightsRate it:
Chi È?Rate it:
CHRISTMAS,1870Rate it:
Church—Door Should Still Stand OpenRate it:
Content Written Off IthacaRate it:
Could I but leave men wiser by my songRate it:
Covet who will the patronage of KingsRate it:
Dead!Rate it:
December MatinsRate it:
Dedication To Lady WindsorRate it:
Dedication To The Edition Of 1876 To H.J.A.Rate it:
FarewellRate it:
Farewell To ItalyRate it:
Farewell To SpringRate it:
Father, farewell! Be not distressedRate it:
Felix Opportunitate MortisRate it:
FlorenceRate it:
Fontana Di TreviRate it:
ForgivenessRate it:
FreeRate it:
Free Will And FateRate it:
George EliotRate it:
Give me a roof where Wisdom dwellsRate it:
Give me October's meditative hazeRate it:
Give Me Thy HeartRate it:
Gleaners Of FameRate it:
Go Away, Death!Rate it:
Good-Night!Rate it:
Grandmother’s TeachingRate it:
Grata JuventasRate it:
Henry Bartle Edward FrereRate it:
Here have I learnt the little that I knowRate it:
Here, where the vine and fig bask hand in handRate it:
How Florence Rings Her BellsRate it:
Hymn To DeathRate it:
I Chide Not At The SeasonsRate it:
If I To You But Sorry BringRate it:
If They Dare!Rate it:
ImpromptuRate it:
Impromptu: To Frances Garnet WolseleyRate it:
In Praise Of EnglandRate it:
In Sutton WoodsRate it:
In The ForumRate it:
In The Month When Sings The CuckooRate it:
Inflexible As FateRate it:
InvocationRate it:
Is Life Worth Living?Rate it:
John Everett MillaisRate it:
Know, Nature, like the cuckoo, laughs at lawRate it:
Lady MabelRate it:
Leszko The BastardRate it:
Let The Weary World Go RoundRate it:
Let Us Fly!Rate it:
Lines Written On Visiting The Chateaux On The LoireRate it:
LongingRate it:
Look up, desponding hearts! See, Morning salliesRate it:
LostRate it:
Love Of LifeRate it:
Love's TrinityRate it:
Love’s FitfulnessRate it:
Love’s HarvestRate it:
Love’s UnityRate it:
Love’s WisdomRate it:
MadonnaRate it:
MafekingRate it:
MessalinaRate it:
Mozart’s GraveRate it:
My northern blood exults to faceRate it:
My soul is sunk in all-suffusing shameRate it:
My Winter RoseRate it:
Nocturnal VigilsRate it:
Nughtingale And CuckooRate it:
Off MesolongiRate it:
On Returning To EnglandRate it:
Outside The Village ChurchRate it:
Pax BritannicaRate it:
Poet’s CornerRate it:
Primacy Of MindRate it:
PrimrosesRate it:
ResignationRate it:
Roses crimson, roses whiteRate it:
Sacred And Profane LoveRate it:
Sadder than lark when loweringRate it:
Shelley’s DeathRate it:
Shepherd swains that feed your flocksRate it:
Since We Must DieRate it:
SisyphusRate it:
SongRate it:
Songs From “Prince Lucifer” II - Mother-SongRate it:
Sorrow’s ImportunityRate it:
Spartan MothersRate it:
Spiritual LoveRate it:
Stafford Henry NorthcoteRate it:
Sweet Love Is DeadRate it:
Take not the Gods to task, for they are wiseRate it:
The Aquittal Of PhryneRate it:
The Challenge AnsweredRate it:
The Dance At DarmstadtRate it:
The Death Of HussRate it:
The Door Of HumilityRate it:
The Dregs Of LoveRate it:
The Fallen ElmRate it:
The flower, full blown, now bends the stalk, now breaksRate it:
The Golden AgeRate it:
The Golden Year!Rate it:
The Haymakers’ SongRate it:
The lark confinèd in his cageRate it:
The Last RedoubtRate it:
The Lover’s SongRate it:
The MountainsRate it:
The Old Land And The Young LandRate it:
The Owl And The LarkRate it:
The Passing Of SpringRate it:
The Passing Of The CenturyRate it:
The Passing Of The PrimrosesRate it:
The Poet And The MuseRate it:
The Reply Of Q. Horatius Flaccus To A RomanRate it:
The Silent MuseRate it:
The smiling slopes with olive groves bedeckedRate it:
The White Pall Of PeaceRate it:
The Wind SpeaksRate it:
Though All The WorldRate it:
Three Sonnets Written In Mid-ChannelRate it:
Through Liberty To LightRate it:
Time’s DefenceRate it:
Time’s WearinessRate it:
Tis because, though in dusky bowerRate it:
To Alfred TennysonRate it:
To Arms!Rate it:
To Arms! (II)Rate it:
To Beatrice Stuart--Wortley ÆtatRate it:
To Ellen TerryRate it:
To EnglandRate it:
To IrelandRate it:
To Robert Louis StevensonRate it:
To The Autumn WindRate it:
Too LateRate it:
Two VisionsRate it:
Unseasonable SnowsRate it:
VictoriaRate it:
Vis Medicatrix NaturaeRate it:
Wardens Of The WaveRate it:
Were I a Poet, I would dwellRate it:
When Acorns FallRate it:
When I Am GoneRate it:
When in the long-drawn avenues of ThoughtRate it:
When Runnels Began To Leap And SingRate it:
When the reaper lays the sickle by,Rate it:
Who Would Not Die For England!Rate it:
Why England Is ConservativeRate it:
Why should I, from this long and losing strifeRate it:
Winter VioletsRate it:

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