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I write poetry under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I am a strong believer in God as He has healed me multiple times and pulled me out of many trials. I hope some of my poems would inspire and encourage people to never give up.

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Settled In Heaven

God's Word is all I desire, His Word stirs, compels, even when I tire quick and immediate, palpable, living, it cuts, exposes, reveals, lifts thought higher. I pray for wide and broad vision for quietude, patience, endurance, I am tired to be alw...

by Donka Kristeva

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9 days ago
As In Heaven, So On Earth

I know the inner you, serene, wholesome, grand, the essence of the real man, a place of glowing flame. That flame is not extinguished by loneliness or grief, it shelters flickers on the way, midst hurricanes. The joy of sharing, building on Trut...

by Donka Kristeva

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11 days ago
Day's New Start

Loving comes not easy, but to open, seeking heart music, harmony and feeling start to beat, infilling void and wild. Leave not, nor step aside, let the winds of Spirit blow the mist or break apart bitterness, resentment, strife. Look, the dawn i...

by Donka Kristeva

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12 days ago
The Lord Made It All

Mist lifts from below in pink and blue vapor, winds whisper and blow, clouds linger, then scatter. As if dancing in practice, hues mingle and stall, it's not the work of an artist, the Lord made it all. The blue and green waters stretch o...

by Donka Kristeva

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18 days ago
New Man

"Let there be light", All-mighty God said, day separated from night, sun, moon, stars He made. Jesus, the true light came, to shine in man's heart, to all who believed on his name, he gave a new start. The image and likeness of God, th...

by Donka Kristeva

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1 month ago

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