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Hymns Of The Marshes.
Sidney Lanier
if thy soul's at latter gasp for space, With trying to breathe no bigger than thy race Just to be fRate it:

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I Am Going to Sleep
Alfonsina Storni
he telephones again tell him not to keep trying for I have left . . . Rate it:

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I Shall Be
Abinash Parajuli
be a future I might never see I’ve been trying to kill my feelings Walking a thousand miles, barefRate it:

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I Want to get lost Into The Wilds
Abinash Parajuli
and got no idea what for I want to get lost I’m trying myself, not to be found Violence we are forcRate it:

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If I shouldn't be alive
Emily Dickinson
thank you, Being fast asleep, You will know I'm trying Why my Granite lip! Rate it:

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Conrad Potter Aiken
among faint memories, Seeking for something, trying to tell me something, Urging to restlessness,Rate it:

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In Bohemia
James Whitcomb Riley
atmosphere Of your paintings, Kate, my dear! _Trying_! Yes, at times it is, To clink happy rhymes,Rate it:

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Boris Pasternak
Under osiers with ivy ingrown We are trying to hide from bad weather. I am clasping your arms in my own, In one cloak we are huddled together. I w...Rate it:

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Introductory 05
Sa di
‘From the blind, who do not take a step before trying the place.’ First move about, then stir out. Rate it:

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Isa Nutter
Edgar Lee Masters
fear or a jealous dread, Or the endless task of trying to fathom Her wonderful mind, or sympathy FoRate it:

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It Could Have Been
Mohamed K. Koroma
on his vendetta I don’t understand why he was trying to get us I could have been me Some walked,soRate it:

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It's More
Kurt Philip Behm
scholastics And nihilists Who spend their days Trying to reprove That the whole is equal To the aggRate it:

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John Mitchel
John Boyle O'Reilly
the cross! Strength is won by the constant trying, Crowns are gemmed by the tears of loss! Sons Rate it:

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Johnson, alias Crow
Henry Lawson
our cases all must go, and the higher court is trying Heinrich Johnson (alias Crow). Rate it:

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Jonah’s Luck
Edward George Dyson
at Alma there I saw men making fortunes without trying, While for days I lived on ’possums, and theRate it:

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Jonas Keene
Edgar Lee Masters
Why did Albert Schirding kill himself Trying to be County Superintendent of Schools, Blest as he was with the means of life And wonderful children,...Rate it:

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Lola Ridge
at you as though you were a window she were trying to see through, and says she hopes you will be gRate it:

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Justice For All
Mario William Vitale
out over a spilled glass of Vodka and tonic trying to reclaim the logic have you forgotten Ben LadeRate it:

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Krishna Crawling
Sant Surdas
Chuckling, Kanha came crawling, Trying to catch His reflection In the bejewelled courtyard of Nanda. One moment He would stare at His shadow Then m...Rate it:

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La Cloche fêlée (The Cracked Bell)
Charles Baudelaire
smoke, Beneath a pile of dead, in bloody mire, Trying, with fearful efforts, to expire. — TranslRate it:

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Labor Is Prayer
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
from starving Sickly wives,--not always mild: Trying not to curse Heaven's bounty When it sends Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
face A sergeant watched him; it was no good trying To stop it; for he howled and beat his chest. Rate it:

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Leanning on the Lord
Anthony Logan
Lord you have brought me into another trying day With your work on my mind I know you will allow me time to play ...Rate it:

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Learning To Read
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
shook their heads, And said there is no use trying, Oh! Chloe, you're too late; But as I was risinRate it:

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Les Bijoux (The Jewels)
Charles Baudelaire
tamed tigress, With a vague, dreamy air she was trying poses, And by blending candor with lecheryRate it:

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