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Her Love
Vincenzo D. Bertucci
my grief The blades were a visiting nightmare Trying to dilute my shattered beliefs The doors were Rate it:

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Identity - The Bully
Jon Evans
to hurt or try to make feel like dirt instead of trying to look cool feel for the guy you make lookRate it:

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The life we choose
Dead poets society
in my heart, untouched as the day I was born. Trying to escape a body which has become no more. CryRate it:

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Jasmine fernandez
She stood there quivering, Then about to speak the unspeakable, Unbinding her tongue she opened her mouth With a few words and a quaint sob escapin...Rate it:

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A Commuted Sentence
Ambrose Bierce
a coal! For Lower Sacramento, you remember, Has trying weather, even in mid-December. Now this occRate it:

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A Disqualified Jockey's Story
Andrew Barton Paterson
the lot, unless the rest fell dead Or wasn't trying -- for a blind man's dog Could see EnchantresRate it:

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A Drought Idyll
George Essex Evans
he saw: The brindle cow, with spotted tail, was trying to climb a tree; The spotted cow, with brinRate it:

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A Fresh Breath
Kurt Philip Behm
Never trying to cheat the reader, my words stay plain and few The road direct, horizon vast, as truth comes into view Each word unclaimed, a ...Rate it:

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A Humble Heroine
William Topaz McGonagall
There was one woman in the fort during those trying dags, A Mrs Reston, who is worthy of great prRate it:

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A Last Confession
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
her scornful face; and heard the sea Still trying hard to din into my ears Some speech it knew whicRate it:

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A Lay of St. Gengulphus
Richard Harris Barham
With that frolicsome Lady so frank and free, Trying balls and plays, and all manner of ways, To Rate it:

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A Letter
John Greenleaf Whittier
to Indian stream Our foes their throats are trying; The very factory-spindles seem To mock us whileRate it:

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A Married Coquette
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
are one of those women who charm without trying; The clay you are made of is magnet ore, And I am tRate it:

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A Million Year
love the fact, You play around, with guys. Trying to play me. I'm smooth, I bring down anything, Rate it:

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A New Year Thought
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
An old year's dying Still shall find us ever trying. Yet here is a thought worth knowing, While ouRate it:

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A Poet To His Baby Son
James Weldon Johnson
these days are unfortunate fellows. Baffled in trying to say old things in a new way Or new thingRate it:

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A Preacher
Augusta Davies Webster
talk Our Sunday half-hour on the love of God, Trying to move our peoples, then go home To sleep Rate it:

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A reason to smile; Death
Abinash Parajuli
easy, though couldn’t see it, alive I, trying to be happy among the stars Just couldn’t find you amRate it:

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A Redeemer
Robinson Jeffers
people earned so much ruin. I love them, I am trying to suffer for them. It would be bad if I shoulRate it:

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A Sage Or A Clown
Kurt Philip Behm
Stop trying to be a poet, and say what you feel Kill off the dilettante, both hands on the wheel In front of the mirror, we all wear a cr...Rate it:

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A Softer Rhyme
Kurt Philip Behm
takes over your rhyme Is the Muse trying to whisper as you shout to the crowd … “Step back,Rate it:

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A Song Of Exmoor
Sir Henry Newbolt
ants, The quarry's a dancing midge, They're trying their reins on the edge of the Chains While he'sRate it:

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A Tender Message Of Hope For These Times
Mario William Vitale
again sick or dying we can put a stop to all our trying in its manifestation of fullness... EverydaRate it:

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A Valentine
Edgar Allan Poe
Still form a synonym for Truth- Cease trying! You will not read the riddle, though you do the Rate it:

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A Walgett Episode
Andrew Barton Paterson
he said he had travelled for quite a while A-trying to sell some marsupial skins. "And I thought Rate it:

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