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A Song for the Night
Daniel Henry Deniehy
her silent zone, And the spangled sky seems a temple wide, Where the star-tribes kneel at the Rate it:

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A Song of Brave Men
Henry Lawson
hysterical bride; He strikes her fair on the temple, while the decks are scarce afloat, And he kiRate it:

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A Song To A Fair Young Lady Going Out Of Town In The Spring
John Dryden
made her mercy more. 4. When Chloris to the temple comes, Adoring crowds before her fall; She can Rate it:

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A Soul in Prison
Augusta Davies Webster
I slept, or that I built with ignorant hands a temple for my soul to pray in to herself, and thatRate it:

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A Thanksgiving Poem
Paul Laurence Dunbar
thee we consecrate our days; Be thine the temple of each mind. With incense sweet our thanks ascenRate it:

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A Thought or Two on Reading Pomfret's
James Henry Leigh Hunt
I choose to fill a tawdry niche in A Grecian temple, opening to a kitchen. The frogs in Homer shoRate it:

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A Vision upon the Fairy Queen
Sir Walter Raleigh
I saw the grave where Laura lay, Within that temple where the vestal flame Was wont to burn; and, pRate it:

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A Welcome
Ambrose Bierce
Knights Templar, and There's neither Knight nor Temple in the land, Because you thus by vain pretenRate it:

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A Whipper-In
Ambrose Bierce
lays along his track. O, Thou who from the Temple scourged the sin, Behold what rascals try to scouRate it:

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A Word from the Bards
Henry Lawson
and the Bailiff were gone last night and the “temple” doorstep clean, And our heads are clear and oRate it:

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Sidney Lanier
that thou half perceiv'st, Stand'st at thy temple door, heart in, head out! Lo! while thy heart's Rate it:

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Acon and Rhodope
Walter Savage Landor
sanctuary; nor leave it till are closed The temple-doors and the last lamp is spent. Rhodope, in hRate it:

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Ad Nepotem
Robert Louis Stevenson
(since at home We're door by door, by Flora's temple dome; And in the country, still conjoined by fRate it:

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Hilda Doolittle
were dark. 2. Not the gold on the temple-front where you stand is as gold as this, not the Rate it:

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After Cawnpore
Francis Turner Palgrave
they go Hack'd down and thinn'd, beyond that temple-door But Seven,--no more. O Elements at strifeRate it:

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After Life
Anthony Parker
living the nightmare Bleeding from the temple Not like she cares Flawed like I'm mental Now Rate it:

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After Sunset
Harriet Monroe
The forest was a shrine for her, A temple richly dressed; And worshippers the tall trees were, Each to his prayer addressed. Scarce dared I lift...Rate it:

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Alaric In Italy
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
heard the voice, whose pleading cries From temple and from tomb arise. He passed - the light of buRate it:

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Alexis And Dora
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
have I seen thee go, with modesty clad, to the temple, While thy mother so dear solemnly went by tRate it:

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All That's Not Love . . .
Alan Seeger
leaves of the volume with rubric unwrit, The temple in times without prayer, without praise, The Rate it:

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All The Talents
George Canning
hollow'd for Pitt, 'Consistence of Grenville, of Temple the wit; 'Of Sidmouth the firmness, the temRate it:

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Among the Pines
Lucy Maud Montgomery
valley of purple gloom. Lo! the pine wood is a temple where the days meet to worship, Laying theiRate it:

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Amoretti XXII: This Holy Season
Edmund Spenser
sweet saint some service fit will find. Her temple fair is built within my mind, In which hRate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon the most Incomparable K. Charles the First
Henry King
in fame with Joash share When he the ruin'd Temple did repair, His cost on Paules late ragged FabRate it:

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Francis William Lauderdale Adams
up slow in my breast To wreck the great guilty Temple, And give us rest! Rate it:

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