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Lix. _love is a refiner's fire._
Michelangelo Buonarroti
am all ablaze, Heavenward with it my flight must needs be sped. Rate it:

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My Own Fate
Drew McLaren
plant this seed, so that I may one day supply my needs. Please help me father I am on my knees askiRate it:

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On Receiving One Of Gloriana’s Letters
Vachel Lindsay
Your pen needs but a ruffle To be Pavlova whirling. It surely is a scalawag A-scamping down the page. A pretty little May-wind The morning buds unc...Rate it:

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Soft Hands
Jake Stevens
and shift seas. But as life moved on so did my needs.Rate it:

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Song #8.
Robert Crawford
again. Will, when the flesh is over And all its needs are gone, The souls of loved and lover As in Rate it:

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The Snail
William Cowper
his life he leads, Nor partner of his banquet needs, And if he meets one, only feeds The faster. Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
petrol as a rule But Dewi is such a hot shot He needs no extra fuel. His mam lives in CwmfelinfachRate it:

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Garden of Love
Jeanne Fiedler
cries for peace and longevity The world needs change and compassion People are choosing life and hRate it:

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
on a valentine. She has more hair than she needs; In the sun 'tis a woe to me! And her voiRate it:

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A Character
William Wordsworth
And attention full ten times as much as there needs; Pride where there's no envy, there's so muchRate it:

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A Child For Freedom
Thomas C Henshaw
I to pay the price A child have I for Americas needs A child have I for heroic deeds A child haveRate it:

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A Wren's Nest
William Wordsworth
door the tenement requires, And seldom needs a laboured roof; Yet is it to the fiercest sun Rate it:

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Coming Home
Gary Dacus
to go But I get up, man up and show. My family needs me more than I need me I won’t let them see mRate it:

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Introit : VIII. The Golden Joy
Thomas MacDonagh
of Joy at last: His song is Joy, the music that needs sorrow To fill its closes, as Death fulfils LRate it:

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Khalil Gibran
but to fulfil itself. But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: TRate it:

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Says Rahim
Abdul Rahim Khan-I-khana
water a good man saves for others' needs so says Rahim. Blessed is the lovRate it:

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Charles Stuart Calverley
clerk, I pray: For by two of the clock must I needs away.' 'That may hardly be,' the clerk did say,Rate it:

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A Last Appeal
Edith Nesbit
KNOWING our needs, hardly knowing our powers, Hear how we cry to you, brothers of ours!-- Brothers in nature, pulse, passions, and pains, Our si...Rate it:

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M'Fingal - Canto I
John Trumbull
stands before him can espy; But optics sharp it needs, I ween, To see what is not to be seen. As inRate it:

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Book Second [School-Time Continued]
William Wordsworth
is there one who ever has been young, Nor needs a warning voice to tame the pride Of intellect andRate it:

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The Bridge: Atlantis
Harold Hart Crane
wings . . . ascends. Migrations that must needs void memory, Inventions that cobblestone the heaRate it:

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A Death-Bed
Rudyard Kipling
is neither Evil nor Good in life Except as the needs of the State ordain." [Since it is rather too Rate it:

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Ma Belle
Coventry Patmore
Farewell, dear Heart! Since needs it must I go, Dear Heart, farewell! Fain would I stay, but that I love thee so. One kiss, ma Belle! What hope lie...Rate it:

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My Room
Robert William Service
heart If I made junk of it. To humble needs with which I live, My books, my deRate it:

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Old Bob
Robert William Service
one is nearing to the end One sorely needs a friend. My Pals have gone,--in God's good eaRate it:

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