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He that is down needs fear no fall,
John Bunyan
He that is down needs fear no fall, He that is low no pride; He that is humble ever shall Have God to be his guide. I am content with what I have,...Rate it:

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Beauty Needs To Be Appreciated
Nikhil Parekh
to be ignominiously condemned; beauty needs to be appreciated.Rate it:

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I meant to have but modest needs
Emily Dickinson
I meant to have but modest needs— Such as Content—and Heaven— Within my income—these could lie And Life and I—keep even— But since the last—includ...Rate it:

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O Earth, Sufficing All our Needs
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
O earth, sufficing all our needs, O you With room for body and for spirit too, How patient while your children vex their souls Dev...Rate it:

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Tell me not here, it needs not saying
Alfred Edward Housman
Tell me not here, it needs not saying, What tune the enchantress plays In aftermaths of soft September Or under blanching mays, For she and I were ...Rate it:

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We needs must be divided in the Tomb
George Santayana
We needs must be divided in the tomb, For I would die among the hills of Spain, And o'er the treeless, melancholy plain Await the coming o...Rate it:

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Woman's Trifling Needs
Mercy Warren
AN inventory clear of all she needs Lamira offers here; Nor does she fear a rigid Cato's frown When she lays by the rich embroidered gown, And mode...Rate it:

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God Needs Antonio
George Eliot
Your soul was lifted by the wings today Hearing the master of the violin: You praised him, praised the great Sabastian too Who made that fine Chaco...Rate it:

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powerful magic wallet that suits wearers needs call +27603591149
powerful magic wallet that suits wearers needs call +27603591149
Spells after ceremonies- INACCURATE and TRUELY Unsuccessful with no results. If you have watched people testifying about my work or read about all ...Rate it:

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Ben Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford
Edwin Arlington Robinson
in him. So, God help him! I tell him he needs Greek; but neither God Nor Greek will help him. NothRate it:

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Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Britannia needs no Boulevards, No spaces wide and gay: Her march was through the crooked streets Along the narrow way. Nor looks she where, New Y...Rate it:

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Ballade Of The Paid Puritan
Richard Le Gallienne
his fat bill, Reeking of rum and bribery: God needs not you to work His will. We know you whom youRate it:

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The House with Nobody in It
Joyce Kilmer
or two. This house on the road to Suffern needs a dozen panes of glass, And somebody ought to weeRate it:

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Mother and Daughter- Sonnet Sequence
Augusta Davies Webster
around the silence of her brow! Child, I'd needs love thy beauty stranger-wise: And oh the beautyRate it:

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Prosopopoia: or Mother Hubbard's Tale
Edmund Spenser
thou thee dispose another way: For there thou needs must learn to laugh, to lie, To face, to foRate it:

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The Fabulists
Rudyard Kipling
that which none will name aloud. And this they needs must do, or it will fall Unless they please thRate it:

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The indian corn planter
Emily Pauline Johnson
He needs must leave the trapping and the chase, For mating game his arrows ne'er despoil, And from the hunter's heaven turn his face, To wring...Rate it:

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The Meeting
John Greenleaf Whittier
still and small Of its unseen confessional. He needs no special place of prayer Whose hearing ear iRate it:

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Thyrsis a Monody
Matthew Arnold
sweet city with her dreaming spires, She needs not June for beauty's heightening, LovelyRate it:

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Jingtao Zhang
she loves the whole earth Maybe love needs to stick to Even more needs waiting Just at the moment Rate it:

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feels completely beaten, the adult with special needs that no curriculum can teach, sinking deeper Rate it:

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Dark just said… "Let it be" Light needs Dark to become bright It needs Dark to shed lightRate it:

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A Manual, More Ancient Than The Art Of Printing, And Not To Be Found In Any Catalogue
William Cowper
it contains: And thing with words compared, Who needs be told, that has his brains, Which merits moRate it:

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Of the Mean and Sure Estate
Sir Thomas Wyatt
because her livelood was but thin, Would needs go seek her townish sister's house. She thougRate it:

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A Poetical Epistle To Lady Austen
William Cowper
the top of yonder hill; And you, though you must needs prefer The fairer scenes of sweet Sancerre, Rate it:

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