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Sara Teasdale
yet what child Would think of me as some high, heaven-sent thing, An angel, clad in gold and miniveRate it:

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Celia Thaxter
runners that burst all bounds, and wan- der, heaven knows whither, And lilac spikes of bergamot, aRate it:

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Guilt and Sorrow
William Wordsworth
whither he might turn And rest; but now along heaven's darkening cope The crows rushed by in eddiRate it:

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Guiltless Heart
Sir Francis Bacon
care that fate or fortune brings, He makes the heaven his book, his wisdom heavenly things; Good thRate it:

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Had You Wept
Thomas Hardy
that day, And a new beginning, a fresh fair heaven, have smoothed the things awry. But you were lesRate it:

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Hampton Beach
John Greenleaf Whittier
line of glimmering sand To where the blue of heaven on bluer waves shuts down! In listless quietuRate it:

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Hannah Thomburn
Henry Lawson
reached Port Adelaide. They could greet me—let Heaven or Hell come, They could weep—for the grave Rate it:

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Wilfred Owen
will show us pleasures more than men's. Yet heaven looks smaller than the old doll's-home, No nestRate it:

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Happiness of a Country Life
James Thomson
and fruits. Whatever greens the spring, When heaven descends in showers; or bends the bough, When sRate it:

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Happy Dust
Aleister Crowley
For Margot Snow that fallest from heaven, bear me aloft on thy wings To the domes of the star-girdled Seven, the abode of ineffable things, Quinte...Rate it:

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Hark! Hark! The Lark
William Shakespeare
Hark! hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings, And Phoebus 'gins arise, His steeds to water at those springs On chalic'd flowers that lies; And winki...Rate it:

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Hark! the Mavis
Robert Burns
nor bogle shalt thou fear; Thou'rt to Love and Heaven sae dear, Nocht of ill may come thee near, Rate it:

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Harlem Shadows
Claude McKay
night until the last snow-flake Has dropped from heaven upon the earth's white breast, The dusky, hRate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
warmest tears Speak regrets, but never fears,-- Heaven understands! Let the sad heart, o'er the tomRate it:

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Has She Forgotten?
James Whitcomb Riley
when said we, 'To-day is ours!'.... Ah, Heaven! can it be She has forgotten me--forgotten me! Rate it:

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Hast Thou Forgotten Me?
Philip Joseph Holdsworth
me? the days are dark— Light ebbs from heaven, and songless soars the lark— Vexed like my heRate it:

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Hatred of Sin
William Cowper
sin, unslain, within my breast, Would make that heaven as dark as hell. The prisoner sent to breRate it:

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William Schwenck Gilbert
Colonel stole my Queen, And woke my dream of heaven. No schoolgirl decked in her nurse-room curls WRate it:

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Have any like Myself
Emily Dickinson
that God should be The nearest Neighbor to— And Heaven—a convenient Grace For Show, or Company— HaRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
manhood outweigh gold. Earth shall be near to Heaven when all That severs man from man shall fall,Rate it:

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He Called Her In
James Whitcomb Riley
sharp wounds pained, And tossed my face toward heaven, as one who pales In splendid martyrdom, withRate it:

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He Comes
Yehudah HaLevi
Again my sweet friend Embrace me close. Yes, heaven does bless us, And now you have won My loRate it:

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He Loves And He Rides Away
Sydney Thompson Dobell
light their lamps at hers- She lit her own at heaven's, and looked the while A purer sweeter sun, WRate it:

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He Never Smiled Again
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
true love had bath'd with tears, Were left to Heaven's bright rain, Fresh hopes were born for otherRate it:

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He Was Their
Mario William Vitale
fire way to climb til at last you reach the gate heaven's door... let his glory fill you up in the Rate it:

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