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Annus Mirabilis, The Year Of Wonders, 1666
John Dryden
on so base a coast. 3 For them alone the heavens had kindly heat; In eastern quarries ripening prRate it:

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Gerard Manley Hopkins
combs creep Apart wide and new-nestle at heaven most high. They touch heaven, tabour on it; how thRate it:

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Auguries of Innocence
William Blake
To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. A Robin Red brea...Rate it:

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Barbury Camp
Charles Hamilton Sorley
at last then? What! Ye that are too strong for heaven, too clean for hell, (God said) stir not. ThiRate it:

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Benedetta Minelli
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
next night fall I shall be made the bride of heaven. Then home To my still marriage chamber I shaRate it:

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Charles VII And Joan Of Arc At Rheims
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
of Victory; Whilst Renaud Chartres prayed that Heaven might blessings shower down On that young heaRate it:

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
And a breaking heart to bear. VII. Hollow heaven and the hurricane And hurry of the heavy rain.Rate it:

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Christmas Day
John Keble
of song Spreads o'er th' expanse of Heaven? In waves of light it thrills along, TRate it:

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Joshua Sylvester
the lowly plain, And you, my Love, as high as heaven above, Yet should the thoughts of me, your hRate it:

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William Cullen Bryant
that trod thy paths awhile, The love of thee and heaven--and now they sleep Mixed with the shapelesRate it:

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Alfred Noyes
Carol, every violet has Heaven for a looking-glass! Every little valley lies Under many-clouded skies; Every little cottage stands Girt about with...Rate it:

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Forgive, as we hope to be forgiven
John Bowring
whom we come, in whom we live, Hear us in heaven, thy dwelling-place, And when Thou hearest, O! forRate it:

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Fortune Smiles
Thomas Dekker
dwell, Fortune frowns, cry welladay, Her love is heaven, her hate is hell: Since heaven and hell obRate it:

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Four Winds, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
he hold supreme dominion Over all the winds of heaven. Call him no more Mudjekeewis, Call him KaRate it:

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Fourth Sunday After Easter
John Keble
And Thou art more than mother dear; Without Thee Heaven were but a wild; How can I live without TRate it:

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Fourth Sunday In Lent
John Keble
star, a richer bloom Than e'er did western heaven illume At close of summer day. 'Tis Love, the Rate it:

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Greek Lyrics
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
thro' imperilled veins, Ye come as from a heaven, a heaven on earth, Wherein (I know not when) ye wRate it:

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Hafbur And Signy
William Morris
swift words nowise light. “Me-dreamed I was in Heaven Amid that fair abode, And my true-love lay uRate it:

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Her Portrait
Francis Thompson
Oh, but the heavenly grammar did I hold Of that high speech which angels' tongues turn gold! So should her deathless beauty take no wrong, Praised ...Rate it:

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Hope Triumphant in Death
Thomas Campbell
- When soul to soul, and dust to dust return, Heaven to thy charge resigns the awful hour! Oh! theRate it:

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Hymn To Joy
Friedrich Schiller
Far beyond all mortal sight. CHORUS. As through heaven's expanse so glorious In their orbits sunsRate it:

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Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken
Henry Francis Lyte
or known. Yet how rich is my condition! God and heaven are still mine own. Let the world despise aRate it:

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Judgment Day
Ellis Parker Butler
Saint Peter stood, at Heaven's gate, All souls claims to adjudicate Saying to some souls, 'Enter in!' 'Go to Hell,' to others, 'you are steeped in ...Rate it:

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Life and death
William Baylebridge
by two contending powers-- Love, that coerceth Heaven to dwell with dust, And that dire pledge ofRate it:

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Lines written as a School Exercise at Hawkshead, Anno Aetatis
William Wordsworth
driven Two hundred times around the ring of heaven, Since Science first, with all her sacred traiRate it:

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