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Oh! Mr. Malthus!
Stephen Leacock
shadow on the window blind, --" In vain the anxious parents soothe, -- What can avail their uselessRate it:

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Old Trails
Edwin Arlington Robinson
fears, A placid and a proper consciousness Of anxious angels over my arrears. “I see them thereRate it:

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On a fateful day, an unlucky time
Boris Pasternak
of a soul for a mind, The expectancy after an anxious 'respond'! Or an echo of different kind. SeeRate it:

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On Hearing Of A Death
Rainer Maria Rilke
actual woods. We keep on playiing, still anxious, our difficult roles declaiming, accompanied by mRate it:

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On Mr. Howard's Account Of Lazarettos
William Lisle Bowles
thee, at each hollow sound, With humid lids oft anxious gaze around. But oh! for him who, to yon vaRate it:

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On Pallas Bathing, From A Hymn Of Callimachus
William Cowper
mirror's polished face, Though Venus oft with anxious care Adjusted twice a single hair. Rate it:

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On the Death of an Old Woman
Georg Trakl
the window, And then cries still, just like an anxious child. And caresses her white hair with tiRate it:

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Our forefathers
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
defying coldness, On guard the Eider near. No anxious shadows clouding, No languid, lukewarm mist Rate it:

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Peruvian Tales: Aciloe, Tale V
Helen Maria Williams
destin'd all the bitterness to prove Of anxious duty and of mourning love, Each name that's dearestRate it:

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Peruvian Tales: Alzira, Tale I
Helen Maria Williams
his ALZIRA prest, With love parental, to his anxious breast; Priest of the Sun! within the sacred sRate it:

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Peter Rugg the Bostonian
Louise Imogen Guiney
roads All white and fever-dry, And the river, anxious at the bend, Beneath a thinking sky. ButRate it:

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Pleading For Mercy
John Newton
By day my busy beating head Is filled with anxious fears; By night, upon my restless bed, I weep Rate it:

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Poetic Review of THE CULT OF INFORMATION of Theodore Roszak
Mohammad Badri
civil-merchants, turnover was good. Made Roszak anxious to futurologists, hackers and hucksters, WiRate it:

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Ada Cambridge
certain lot! But ease the toil- worn arm, the anxious brain, And Reason, set more firmly on her thRate it:

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Power Of Music
William Wordsworth
have bliss; The mourner is cheered, and the anxious have rest; And the guilt-burthened soul is no Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
ripened. Oft we stand And watch the ground with anxious brooding eyes Complaining of the slow unfruRate it:

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Prince Dorus
Charles Lamb
a witch-the deuce is in her tail.- The anxious chase for weeks the Monarch tried, Till courage faiRate it:

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Psalm 13
Isaac Watts
long shall my poor troubled breast Be with these anxious thoughts oppressed? And Satan, my maliciouRate it:

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Queen Mab: Part IV.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
health; of all the hearts That beat with anxious life at sunset there; How few survive, how few arRate it:

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Reason says love says
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
beguile him thereby?” He is not sorrowful and anxious and seeking oblivion that I may beguile him wRate it:

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Religio Laici
John Dryden
leaky vessels which no bliss could keep. Thus anxious thoughts in endless circles roll, WithoutRate it:

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Richard Minutolo
La Fontaine
such her agitation and affright, That, anxious to procure more certain light, In haste she took MinRate it:

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Rokeby: Canto V.
Sir Walter Scott
midnight-watch was set. Now Redmond came, whose anxious care Till then was busied to prepare AllRate it:

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Rudiger - A Ballad
Robert Southey
his dark downward eye would seem With anxious meaning fraught; But soon he rais'd his looks againRate it:

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Rumors from an Aeolian Harp
Henry David Thoreau
Such as here lives with toil and strife, An anxious and a sinful life. There every virtue has itRate it:

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