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I Am, O Anxious One
Rainer Maria Rilke
I am, O Anxious One. Don't you hear my voice surging forth with all my earthly feelings? They yearn so high, that they have sprouted wings and whit...Rate it:

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Not very anxious
Kobayashi Issa
Not very anxious to bloom, my plum tree. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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The Anxious Dead
John McCrae
O guns, fall silent till the dead men hear Above their heads the legions pressing on: (These fought their fight in time of bitter fear, And died ...Rate it:

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Untitled: Figure which has long dwelt in the coolness of sinister stone
Georg Trakl
the forest border a bird sings your decline The anxious showers of your brown coat; The shadow ofRate it:

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Andy McElroe
William Percy French
letter said that came across the foam. To Andy's anxious relatives awaiting him at home. The papersRate it:

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An Address to Poetry
Helen Maria Williams
Danger with Ambition strays; Or far, with anxious step, pursue Pale Av'rice, thro' his winding waysRate it:

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An Irregular Ode, After Sickness
William Shenstone
mount I view The Sons of earth, the vulgar crew, Anxious for futile gains, beneath me stray, And seRate it:

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An Ode - Inscribed To The Memory Of The Hon. Colonel George Villiers
Matthew Prior
what did all thy busy hopes avail, That anxious thou from pole to pole didst sail, Ere on thy chiRate it:

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Dinah in Heaven
Rudyard Kipling
the Golden Floor, With ears full-cock and anxious eye Impatiently resigned; But ignorant that ParaRate it:

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La Fontaine
of youthful charms, a store; Each FAIR, with anxious look, his favours sought, And ev'ry heart withRate it:

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Lisy's Parting With Her Cat
James Thomson
stood With outstretched tail, casts looks of anxious woe On melting Lisy, in whose eye the tear StoRate it:

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Mahabharata, Book V - Overtaken by Fate
Veda Vyasa
Savitri's rigid penance heard the king with anxious woe, Spake to her in loving accents, so the vowRate it:

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Tale II
George Crabbe
that few can feel Her constant, warm, unwearied, anxious zeal; Their years and woes, although they Rate it:

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The Episode Of Nisus And Euryalus
George Gordon Lord Byron
god, what great desire? My labouring soul, with anxious thought opress'd; Abhors this station of Rate it:

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The Hostage
Friedrich Schiller
rite was o'er, the sister wed; And back, with anxious heart unquailing, He hastes to hold the pledgRate it:

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The Judgment Of Paris
Thomas Parnell
the prize. The Message known, one Love with anxious mind, To make his Mother guard the time assignRate it:

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The Library
George Crabbe
soul disdains each comfort she prepares, And anxious searches for congenial cares; Those lenient caRate it:

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The Mandrake
La Fontaine
from that polished court; To Fortune's favours anxious to resort; Gallant and seeking ev'ry FAIR toRate it:

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The Night of Death
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
one child from death." "Which one?" said the anxious daughter, As she stood with bated breath. Rate it:

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The Three Gossips' Wager
La Fontaine
warmer as the conversation grew, She, anxious that each disputant might view Herself victorious, (oRate it:

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To Alexander Pope, Esq.
Mary Barber
each dismal Hour: He smooths the rugged Brow of anxious Care, And gilds the gloomy Prospect of DespRate it:

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A Fair Melody: To Be Sung By Good Christians
Hans Sachs
lain; But now we hear their voices, And many an anxious burdened soul In freedom now rejoices. ForRate it:

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Daniel Wheeler
John Greenleaf Whittier
way Is not as ours! 'T is well with thee! Nor anxious doubt nor dark dismay Disquieted thy closing Rate it:

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Initial Love
Ralph Waldo Emerson
hints from Nature's sphere Deeply soothe his anxious ear. Heralds high before him run, He has usheRate it:

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Poetic Review of THE CULT OF INFORMATION of Theodore Roszak
Mohammad Badri
civil-merchants, turnover was good. Made Roszak anxious to futurologists, hackers and hucksters, WiRate it:

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