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The Tattered Cord (Der Abgerissen Strick, translation with original German)
Bertolt Brecht
The Tattered Cord The tattered cord can again become knotted. It holds but it is torn. Perhaps we'll face each other again but there, where you ...Rate it:

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A poor—torn heart—a tattered heart
Emily Dickinson
A poor—torn heart—a tattered heart— That sat it down to rest— Nor noticed that the Ebbing Day Flowed silver to the West— Nor noticed Night did soft...Rate it:

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Hope Is a Tattered Flag
Carl Sandburg
Hope is a tattered flag and a dream of time. Hope is a heartspun word, the rainbow, the shadblow in white The evening star inviolable over the coal...Rate it:

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If I should cast off this tattered coat,
Stephen Crane
If I should cast off this tattered coat, And go free into the mighty sky; If I should find nothing there But a vast blue, Echoless, ignorant --...Rate it:

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This Tattered Catechism
Katharine Lee Bates
THIS tattered catechism weaves a spell, Invoking from the Long Ago a child Who deemed her fledgling soul so sin-defiled She practised with a candle...Rate it:

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A Brother In Need
Henrik Johan Ibsen
o'er the last Dane lying prone Old Denmark's tattered flag was thrown With doubly crimsoned fold?Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
bitter with lees of the wasted wine, When the tattered remains of a threadbare bliss, And the worn-Rate it:

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The Deluge
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
that here Under the deluge rod, One nameless, tattered, broken man Stood up, and drank to God. Rate it:

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The Pine Tree
John Greenleaf Whittier
to Northern winds the Pine-Tree on our banner's tattered field. Sons of men who sat in council withRate it:

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The Seer
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
prophecy, written right bold On a parchment all tattered and yellow and old; So old and so tatteredRate it:

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A Dialogue Of Self And Soul
William Butler Yeats
round The wodden scabbard bound and wound Can, tattered, still protect, faded adorn i{My Soul.} WhyRate it:

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A Ghost And A Dream
Madison Julius Cawein
the dripping tree, When Fall leads in her tattered Hours With Death to keep them company. All nightRate it:

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Daniel Wheeler
John Greenleaf Whittier
the unwarning tropic gale Smote to the waves thy tattered sail, Or where the noon-hour's fervid heaRate it:

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For Valour
John Le Gay Brereton
have won, Where the torn lines of battle run By tattered town and ruined mead, The honour that men Rate it:

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Maud Muller
John Greenleaf Whittier
it, looking down On her feet so bare, and her tattered gown. "Thanks!" said the Judge; "a sweeteRate it:

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The Bread Of Angels
Edith Wharton
sun breaks through And take the glory on its tattered edge. For so a brightness ran from face to Rate it:

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The Poet And His Book
Edna St. Vincent Millay
the dust of ages Lift this little book, Turn the tattered pages, Read me, do not let me die! SearchRate it:

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When the Boys Come Home
John Hay
arms will be battered, And the battle-standards tattered, When the boys come home. Their bayoneRate it:

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The Haunted House
Thomas Hood
and told Of former men and manners. Those tattered flags, that with the opened door, SRate it:

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The Cane-Bottom'd Chair
William Makepeace Thackeray
In tattered old slippers that toast at the bars, And a ragged old jacket perfumed with cigars, Away from the world, and its toils and its cares, ...Rate it:

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Jean Cocteau
lanterns barely extinguished We are awakening A tattered fanfare Rate it:

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Look Seaward, Sentinel!
Alfred Austin
forests scattered, Our white sails tattered, To swell your hoard. Is it blossom, or fruit, or Seed,Rate it:

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Amy Lowell
trumpets, Splitting the sunlight into ribbons, tattered and shot with noise. I sit in the cool arbRate it:

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A Country God
Edmund Blunden
leaf, And heavy-hearted spins the wind Among the tattered flags of Mirth,— Then who but I flit to aRate it:

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A Judgment In Heaven
Francis Thompson
in a dim and shamed stole, * like the tattered wing of a musty moth. 'Thou gav'st the weed and wreRate it:

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