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A Purse-String
William Strode
We hugg, imprison, hang, and save, This foe, this friend, our Lord, our slave. While thus I hang, you threatned see The fate of him that stealeth ...Rate it:

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A Watch-String
William Strode
with how running wheeles it flyes! These strings can do what no man could-- The tyme they fast in Rate it:

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She Touches A Sad String Of Soft Recall
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Return, return! all night my lamp is burning, All night, like it, my wide eyes watch and burn; Like it, I fade and pale, when day returning Bears w...Rate it:

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In Winter in my Room
Emily Dickinson
quite with him at home— Secured him by a string To something neighboring And went along. A Trifle Rate it:

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Sister Songs-An Offering To Two Sisters - Part The First
Francis Thompson
never any witchery Drawn from pipe, or reed, or string, Made such dulcet ravishing. 'Twas like no eRate it:

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The Line-Gang
Robert Frost
plant dead trees for living, and the dead They string together with a living thread. They string anRate it:

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Warning to Children
Robert Graves
neat brown paper parcel Tempts you to untie the string. In the parcel a small island, On the islandRate it:

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To Miss --,
Samuel Johnson
own painting}. When Stella strikes the tuneful string In scenes of imitated Spring, Where beauty lRate it:

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Palanquin Bearers
Sarojini Naidu
and we sing, We bear her along like a pearl on a string. Softly, O softly we bear her along, She hRate it:

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A Prologue
John Le Gay Brereton
in hues of death, And Shakespeare yet was tuning string by string, With English hawthorn crowned, iRate it:

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A Retrospective Review
Thomas Hood
alas! is all my top, And careful thoughts the string! III My marbles—once my bag was stored,— NRate it:

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A Song For St. Cecilia's Day, At Oxford
Joseph Addison
thy God, teach us to sing of thee: Tune every string and every tongue, Be thou the Muse and subjeRate it:

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A Tale
Robert Browning
the prize!' When, a mischief! Were they seven Strings the lyre possessed? Oh, and afterwards elevRate it:

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After My Death
Hayyim Nahman Bialik
of his heart's secret revealed, and all the strings his hand gave breath but one secret his heart kRate it:

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An Address to Poetry
Helen Maria Williams
bring, And long with melting music swell the string That suits the present temper of my soul. III.Rate it:

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An Autumn Mood
Sydney Thompson Dobell
gossamers of feeling that remain To any string whereon its ill may grieve. Blow me your harps-harp,Rate it:

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Destined To Be Dead . When God wants .
Nikhil Parekh
placidly as I relished plucking at its lifeless string; or whether it'd fall with an instantaneous Rate it:

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Elegy On The Death Of Mr. Phillips
Thomas Chatterton
theme, At her command the awful lyre I string! Now as I wander through this leafless grove, Where Rate it:

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Hymns Of The Marshes.
Sidney Lanier
what if a bound should be laid To this bow-and-string tension of beauty and silence a-spring, -- ToRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
The string of vivid imagination goes deep, Flooding the path to a loosened character, When I pluck it; it gives a shrill resounding noise, Leadi...Rate it:

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Joi, The Glug
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
they hanged poor Joi with some second-hand string. It's a horrible thing To be hanged by Glugs withRate it:

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Music's Duel
Richard Crashaw
the war begin He slightly skirmishes on every string, Charged with a flying touch ; and staightway Rate it:

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On The Death Of Mr Aikman
James Thomson
shore. As those we love, decay, we die in part, String after string is severed from the heart; TillRate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
and free was his mien, and he Held a fiddle-string in his teeth. She marked his march, she wroughtRate it:

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Spring (Double Rondelet Triolet)
Marieta Maglas
sky's watch glass. The sky vibrates like a string bass, With a deep touch. The red flowers bRate it:

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