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Christmas is not for midgets spread out in a given circumstance,
Mario William Vitale
Christmas is not for midgets spread out in a given circumstance, focus...view...take notice a chord of given chance you guess success...in view of ...Rate it:

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Spread the Truth!
Henry Lawson
BRAVE the anger of the wealthy! Scorn their bitter lying spite! Tell the Truth in simple language, when you know that you are right! And they’ll re...Rate it:

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To Spread Its Wings (Blues Poem #17)
Kurt Philip Behm
If music is a celebration the Blues its hidden nest As voices rise in jubilation all souls by delta blessed Its words reveal a joyous cover ...Rate it:

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On the Disastrous Spread of Aestheticism in all Classes
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Impetuously I sprang from bed, Long before lunch was up, That I might drain the dizzy dew From the day's first golden cup. In swift devouring ec...Rate it:

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Painted Head
John Crowe Ransom
By dark severance the apparition head Smiles from the air a capital on no Column or a Platonic perhaps head On a canvas sky depending from nothi...Rate it:

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The Head Of Bran The Blest
George Meredith
I When the Head of Bran Was firm on British shoulders, God made a man! Cried all beholders. Steel could not resist The weight his arm would...Rate it:

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The Dear Brown Head
Katharine Tynan
James Cecil Johnston. Suvla. August 9th, 1915 Only an hour ago we were fearful for you, Knowing the death and the darkness behind and before you. ...Rate it:

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Near Eukuvukeni, in Natal,South Africa, a women carries water on her head. After a year of drought, when one child in three is at risk of death, sh...Rate it:

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On The Yong Baronett Portman Dying Of An Impostume In's Head
William Strode
Is Death so cunning now that all her blowe Aymes at the heade? Doth now her wary Bowe Make surer worke than heertofore? The steele Slew warlike her...Rate it:

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Mubarak Babatunde, ADEBAYO

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I've a Pain in my Head
Jane Austen
'I've a pain in my head' Said the suffering Beckford; To her Doctor so dread. 'Oh! what shall I take for't?' Said this Doctor so dread Whose n...Rate it:

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Two Arms and Two Legs and One Head
Joe Giso
I said to the man that I am, "What have you done?" "Where have you gone?" I replied with a deep sigh, for truth doth not lie. "I was born with just...Rate it:

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As the Team's Head- Brass
Edward Thomas
As the team's head-brass flashed out on the turn The lovers disappeared into the wood. I sat among the boughs of the fallen elm That strewed the an...Rate it:

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O great golden head lie in my lap'
Lesbia Harford
O great golden head lie in my lap, Sweet, sweet, lie there. Sleep and I'll watch thee lest evil behap. Sweet, sweet and fair. O great golden he...Rate it:

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There Is One That Has A Head Without An Eye
Christina Georgina Rossetti
There is one that has a head without an eye, And there's one that has an eye without a head: You may find the answer if you try; And when all is...Rate it:

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Toland’s Invitation To Dismal To Dine With The Calve’s Head Club
Jonathan Swift
If, dearest Dismal, you for once can dine Upon a single dish, and tavern wine, Toland to you this invitation sends, To eat the calfs head with your...Rate it:

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As I lay With Head In Your Lap, Camerado
Walt Whitman
AS I lay with my head in your lap, Camerado, The confession I made I resume--what I said to you in the open air I resume: I know...Rate it:

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A Bronze Head
William Butler Yeats
HERE at right of the entrance this bronze head, Human, superhuman, a bird's round eye, Everything else withered and mummy-dead. What great tomb-hau...Rate it:

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A Pin Has A Head, But Has No Hair
Christina Georgina Rossetti
A pin has a head, but has no hair; A clock has a face, but no mouth there; Needles have eyes, but they cannot see; A fly has a trunk without loc...Rate it:

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Beachy Head
Charlotte Smith
ON thy stupendous summit, rock sublime ! That o'er the channel rear'd, half way at sea The mariner at early morning hails, I would recline; whil...Rate it:

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Dream In My Head ( Hulk)
Mario William Vitale
today the Sultan battled page with hymn cascading eyes forward in..., luckily the farmer told a feature of a cradle being stamp the hedge far press...Rate it:

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Fragment: My Head Is Wild With Weeping
Percy Bysshe Shelley
My head is wild with weeping for a grief Which is the shadow of a gentle mind. I walk into the air (but no relief To seek,--or haply, if I sought, ...Rate it:

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Hammer Head Toast With A Jar Of Spam
Mario William Vitale
we can think then relax a bit take a sip or to of coffee until I give my foot a push nestled in the very fabric of a fresh pile of manure we sta...Rate it:

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He Had Not Where to Lay His Head
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
The conies had their hiding-place, The wily fox with stealthy tread A covert found, but Christ, the Lord, Had not a place to lay his head. The...Rate it:

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Head and Bottle
Edward Thomas
The downs will lose the sun, white alyssum Lose the bees' hum; But head and bottle tilted back in the cart Will never part Till I am cold as midnig...Rate it:

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