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Sara Teasdale
a dark wind-riven sea Drenched me with quivering spray. There are so many ways to love And each waRate it:

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The Waves Of Immortal Love
Nikhil Parekh
waves of profuse tanginess; culminated into a spray of unprecedented mischief; after clashing agaiRate it:

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New Year
Katharine Lee Bates
white year, Muffled soft in snow, A diamond spray whose gems are gone Before their grace we know, ARate it:

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Hampton Beach
John Greenleaf Whittier
bends above our heads the flowering locust spray. Ha! like a kind hand on my brow Comes this fresRate it:

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The Montmorency Waterfall and Cone
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
ice becomes a support on which the freezing spray descends as sleet; it there remains, and graduallRate it:

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The Caterpillar
Robert Graves
caterpillar, I gnaw the fresh green hawthorn spray, I nibble it leaf by leaf away. Down beneathRate it:

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A Celebrated Case
Ambrose Bierce
love me no more, I love you. Sit down while I spray you with vitriol now Sing tooral iooral iooral Rate it:

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At Liberty
Ada Cambridge
me like sight of ships. No wine to me like salt- spray thrown By morning breezes on my lips; No musRate it:

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Catterskill Falls
William Cullen Bryant
moistens his verdant steeps With the sweet light spray of the mountain springs; And he shakes the wRate it:

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George Essex Evans
the good green earth, and the salt sea spray, And the soft blue skies, they were his that day; And,Rate it:

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His Wife and Baby
Isabella Valancy Crawford
they touch the hanging eaves, There sprang a spray of joyous song that sounded sweet and sturdy; Rate it:

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In Praise Of Henna
Sarojini Naidu
A KOKILA called from a henna-spray: Lira! liree! Lira! liree! Hasten, maidens, hasten away To gather the leaves of the henna-tree. Send your pi...Rate it:

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Robert Browning
. This is a spray the Bird clung to, Making it blossom with pleasure, Ere the high tree-top she sprang to, Fit for her nest an...Rate it:

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Mogg Megone - Part I.
John Greenleaf Whittier
and tall in the light of the sky, Where the spray of the cataract sparkles on high, Lonely and steRate it:

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Mary Darby Robinson
of Night recedes, Cold dew-drops fall from every spray; Now o'er the thistle's rugged head, Thin veRate it:

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On Beauty
James Thomson
blest abode: The feather'd minstrels hop from spray to spray, And chant their gladsome carols allRate it:

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On The Pleasures Of College Life
George Moses Horton
native wood, Where sprightly oft he sprung from spray to spray, And cheer'd the forest with his aRate it:

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Sea Holly
Conrad Potter Aiken
the wind Disperses (on the sheep and hawthorn) spray,— And on her cheeks, the cheeks engendered oRate it:

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Spring In The Alps
Mathilde Blind
day, Cross fires in shifting opal lights From spray to beckoning spray. The dandelion puffs herRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
6 days of obliteration from revitalizing spray of the ocean, 6 days of conscious efforts to wear Rate it:

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The Dark Stag
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Rush at him high and blue; 53 Their white spray smites his dusky face, 54 Swifter the SuRate it:

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The Dreamer on the Sea-shore
Louisa Stuart Costello
speck of glittering light. He sees not the spray that, spreading wide, Throws its lines of snowRate it:

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The Flower And The Leaf, Or the Lady In The Arbour. A Vision
John Dryden
birds, companions of the spring, Hopping from spray to spray, were heard to sing. Both eyes and earRate it:

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The Goat Paths
James Stephens
pause and turn and pass, Now a bit of heather spray, Now a mouthful of the grass. In the deeperRate it:

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The Herb Of Grace
Elsie Cole
the Little Folk they cannot then offend; Give a spray and take a spray of ivy from your dear, But pRate it:

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