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The Skipping-Rope
Alfred Lord Tennyson
so lightly by. Stand off, or else my skipping-rope Will hit you in the eye. How lightly Whirls the Rate it:

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Rope Of love
Nikhil Parekh
When they tied me in ropes of slender steel; mercilessly cupping my hands in an airtight embrace, I felt submerged by disparaging despair in the b...Rate it:

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The Grass-Rope Bridge, at Teree, In the province of Gurwall
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
are sometimes as beneficial as the voyage to Europe." The following verses allude to the early deatRate it:

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Barb-Wire Bill
Robert William Service
do, and through my mind it flashed: Yet while I groped to find the rope, I heard Bill's savage cry:Rate it:

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The Ballad Of Hank The Finn
Robert William Service
the scaffold steps and stood beside the knotted rope. We watched the hooded hangman and his eyes weRate it:

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The Demise of An Aspiring Poet
me my every gratitude the rope is only the tool slithering in filth of my own demise bathing in Rate it:

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Jenny Carrister, The Heroine of Lucknow-Mine
William Topaz McGonagall
which I fear and abhor. Then with a piece of rope he lowered the candle and matches into the mineRate it:

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Murray's Ride
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
for the trip. Just an easin' of the brake-rope was enough to let her rip For half a mile or more doRate it:

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The Channel Swimmer
Marriott Edgar
the men on the tug saw with horror That the rope he were tied to had broke. Then down came a fog, Rate it:

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Roger Heston
Edgar Lee Masters
will. My favorite metaphor was Prickett's cow Roped out to grass, and free you know as far As the lRate it:

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 2. The Sicilian's Tale; The Bell of Atri
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
it that, as all things must decay, The hempen rope at length was worn away, Unravelled at the end, Rate it:

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Hurts The Most
teaching yourself... how to fly with a rope tied around your neck  Staring at a blank wall,  Just tRate it:

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A London Fête
Coventry Patmore
lit with hell, Burnt one way all, to see the rope Unslacken as the platform fell. The rope flew tigRate it:

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Ametas And Thestylis Making Hay-Ropes
Andrew Marvell
binds Hay. Thestylis Think'st Thou that this Rope would twine If we both should turn one way? WherRate it:

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At Sea
Ada Cambridge
I hear the menace of the call To rope and rivet, wheel and mast, In the swiftRate it:

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Sir Henry Newbolt
are two living and forty dead.' 'A rope, a rope,' Gillespie cried : They bound their belts to servRate it:

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Walter Savage Landor
with arm robust, And with the left a hempen rope uncoil'd, Whereon already was a noose: it held TheRate it:

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Legend of The Corrievrechan
George MacDonald
the sea-king through the dark; Round went the rope in the swivel-ring, Round reeled the straining bRate it:

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Mostly Slavonic
Henry Lawson
Deptford on the Thames— And no doubt he knew the rope-walk—(and the rope’s end too, he knew)— LearnRate it:

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Swingin' Douglas
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
boys Shake her up! Twenty logs to get! The tail-rope's fouled a saplin' an' the boss is in a sweat.Rate it:

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The Execution of James Graham, Marquis of Montrose
William Topaz McGonagall
began to cry, Then quickly he pulled the rope down from the gibbet on high, And around Montrose's nRate it:

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The Farmer's Daughter
Robert William Service
Rector met a little lass Who led a heifer by a rope. Said he: "Why don't you go to Mass? Do you notRate it:

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The Haunted Oak
Paul Laurence Dunbar
They have no care for his innocence, And the rope they bear is long." They have fooled the jaileRate it:

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The Hemp
Stephen Vincent Benet
Of the long sweep and the heavy swell, And the rope that dragged him down to hell. The fight waRate it:

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The Modern Patriot
William Cowper
'em Who may the mob are mad outright, And that a rope must cure 'em. A rope! I wish we patriots haRate it:

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