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Separation Profound
Kurt Philip Behm
the pound Feelings like hair part, —separation profound (Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2015)Rate it:

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Sunrise To sunset
Nikhil Parekh
of light stupendously astonished me; I was in profound admiration of it slipping gently down the etRate it:

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Your Love For Me
Nikhil Parekh
body at the onset of every night, Infact I have profound pride in stating; that it was like the reRate it:

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A Prince from Western Libya
Constantine P. Cavafy
of few words. It got around that he must be a profound thinker, and men like that naturally don't sRate it:

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Leeza Y.
Hanging far above the ground, lies something so profound while monstrosity seeks at the bottom. And the people who say they are truly free, are in...Rate it:

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Damages, Two Hundred Pounds
William Makepeace Thackeray
was ravished from him by a hypocrite profound. And he comes before twelve Britons, men for sense anRate it:

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Epilogue To Lessing's Laocooen
Matthew Arnold
in our day Of haste, half-work, and disarray, Profound yet touching, sweet yet strong, Hath risen GRate it:

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Heard On The Mountain
Francis Thompson
roll, enlarging as they throng, Even to the profound arcane, whose ultimate chasms sombre Its shattRate it:

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Le Guignon (Ill-Starred)
Charles Baudelaire
Exhales perfume soft as secrets In a profound solitude. — Translated by William Aggeler Ill LucRate it:

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Ode To Hope
James Beattie
stretch'd immense around, Starts out of night profound, Thy voice incites to tempt th' untrodden maRate it:

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Symphonic Studies (After Schumann)
Emma Lazarus
beneath the tide! Familiar eyes gazed from profound sea-caves, And we, exalted, were as we had diRate it:

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The Ashantee War
William Topaz McGonagall
sound, Then the dusky warriors fled in amazement profound, Because their comrades were falling on eRate it:

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The Burial of Mr. Gladstone
William Topaz McGonagall
of Edinboro- And all seemingly to be in profound sorrow. The supporters of the coffin were the EaRate it:

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The Idols
Robert Laurence Binyon
of earth, sprung from night! Prisoned with the profound fires of the light That lives like all the Rate it:

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The Metaphysical Sectarian
Samuel Butler
HE was in Logick a great Critick, Profoundly skill'd in Analytick. He could distinguish, and divide A Hair 'twixt South and South-West side: On...Rate it:

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The pilgrimage to Mecca
George Canning
land. For woe to him, who ne'er with awe profound, At Mecca's shrine, hath kiss'd the holy groundRate it:

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The Secrets Of Divine Love Are To Be Kept
William Cowper
and surprise. Imbowering shades and dens profound! Where echo rolls the voice around; Mountains! wRate it:

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The Wanderer: A Vision: Canto I
Richard Savage
lyres: Where zephyrs gently breathe, while sleep profound To their soft fanning nods, with poppies Rate it:

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Think Of The Almighty Creator
Nikhil Parekh
their reflections in the same; staring with profound fervor at their mesmerizing images which inadvRate it:

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A Song to David
Christopher Smart
on the ground; Strong through the turbulent profound Shoots Xiphias to his aim. Strong is the liRate it:

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A To Z Immortal Love
Nikhil Parekh
charismatically blushing into a valley of profound ecstasy; as you relentlessly stared at its tantaRate it:

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A Woman’s Apology
Alfred Austin
of eternity traverse their journey in stillness profound. ``'Tis only the barren breakers that belRate it:

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Comfortable Light
John Freeman
unfathomably, Light secret, clear, shallow, profound, known, strange, Constant alone in change:-- Rate it:

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Easton's Beach
Alice Duer Miller
from the towers Made where we swam the solitude profound: The sea was ours. Rate it:

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George Macdonald
Katharine Lee Bates
lightly fell, Because they were as simple and profound As some brief parable Told by the Master to Rate it:

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