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The Braes of Yarrow
William Hamilton
bonnie bride! Busk ye, busk ye, my winsome marrow! Busk ye, busk ye, my bonnie, bonnie brideRate it:

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Yarrow Unvisited
William Wordsworth
we came to Clovenford, Then said my "winsome Marrow ," "Whate'er betide, we'll turn aside, Rate it:

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Brittle Bones
Robert Graves
I were a young man With my bones full of marrow, Oh, if I were a bold young man Straight as an arroRate it:

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Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803 XII. Yarrow Unvisited
William Wordsworth
we came to Clovenford, Then said my 'winsome Marrow,' 'Whate'er betide, we'll turn aside, And see tRate it:

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Old Adam, the Carrion Crow
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
his nest; For his beak it was heavy with marrow. Is that the wind dying? O no; Rate it:

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The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
Andrew Lang
at hame, my noble lord, Oh, stay at hame, my marrow! My cruel brother will you betray On the dowie Rate it:

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Gunga Din
Rudyard Kipling
[Be quick.] Or I'll ~marrow~ you this minute Rate it:

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The riders of the plains
Emily Pauline Johnson
but are loved by the honest man; These are the marrow, the pith, the cream, the best that the blooRate it:

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The Word
Donka Kristeva
living force, it explodes, and penetrates marrow and joints, It opens the eyes, gives legs to the lRate it:

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Touching Down
Philip Schaefer
dead, What's left is still covered in marrow reds. Bags for the bags of bodies. Shovels more famRate it:

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The Poet And Me
Amanda D Shelton
of possibly. My dreams are of poetry. Upon a marrow, I learned with such sorrow that I was nothRate it:

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The Legend of La Brea
Charles Kingsley
brings some positivists Humbly on their marrow-bone. Like the wedding-guest enchanted, There he stRate it:

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A Border Ballad
Paul Laurence Dunbar
the blow, And the vultures shall feast on his marrow. But it's heigho for a brave old song And a glRate it:

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A Commuted Sentence
Ambrose Bierce
tallow, nerve and skin, Blood in the vein and marrow in the shin, Teeth, eyes and other organs (forRate it:

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A Cook
Geoffrey Chaucer
them who stood alone For boiling chicken with a marrow-bone, Sharp flavouring powder and a spice foRate it:

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A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
wounds the life, and wastes the inmost marrow. How vainly then do idle wits invent, That beauty isRate it:

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A Message to America
Alan Seeger
And, seeing that polished arms appal Their marrow of milk-fed pacifist, Would tell you menace doRate it:

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A Prayer For Old Age
William Butler Yeats
alone; He that sings a lasting song Thinks in a marrow-bone; From all that makes a wise old man ThaRate it:

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A Tribute to Mr Murphy and the Blue Ribbon Army
William Topaz McGonagall
with pain to groan, Because it extracts the marrow from the bone: And hastens him on to a prematuRate it:

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Adam's Curse
William Butler Yeats
has been naught. Better go down upon your marrow-bones And scrub a kitchen pavement, or break stoneRate it:

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An Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
That wounds the life, and wastes the inmost marrow. How vainly then do idle wits invent, ThRate it:

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Anna Comnena
Constantine P. Cavafy
Pain burns her "to the the bones and the marrow and the cleaving of the soul." But it seems the trRate it:

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Brother Of All, With Genesrous Hand
Walt Whitman
long, 70 Now, piercing to the marrow in my bones, Fused with each drop my heartRate it:

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By The Annisquam
Madison Julius Cawein
leaves narrow: The sea-winds chill you to the marrow: Sad goes the year. Among the woods the crowsRate it:

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Canadian born
Emily Pauline Johnson
beloved of God; We are the pulse of Canada, its marrow and its blood: And we, the men of Canada, Rate it:

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