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Knock On The Door
Conrad Potter Aiken
Knock on the door, and you shall have an answer! Open the heavy walls to set me free, And blow a horn to call me into the sunlight, And startled th...Rate it:

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Robert Nichols
last word: Go home, go home, go to my house, Knock at the door, knock hard, arouse My wife and the Rate it:

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The Lockless Door
Robert Frost
It went many years, But at last came a knock, And I thought of the door With no lock to lock. I blew out the light, I tip-toed the floor, And rais...Rate it:

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'Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's Story
Richard Harris Barham
Pryce, As she open'd the door to her husband's knock, Then paus'd to give him a piece of advice, Rate it:

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Chi È?
Alfred Austin
When for a buonamano Cometh, at break of day, Knock at the terzo piano, A little voice answers, Chi è? ``I, the facchino, awaiting The bounty of ca...Rate it:

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On A Nun
George Gordon Lord Byron
- the swoln flood of bitterness I pour, And knock, and knock, and knock but none replies. Rate it:

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The Eastern Shrike-Tit
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the glint in my shrewd little eye. 'Ho, knock at the door, knock at the door,' I shout from the toRate it:

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dread,black and blue
Mark Langendorf
it was destroyed decades ago. Annihilation knocks at liberty's door Knock, knock who shall answer?Rate it:

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A Ballad of Ducks
Andrew Barton Paterson
joy bein' on the land With an overdraft that'd knock you flat; And the rabbits have pretty well tRate it:

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De Profundis
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
moan: As one alone, once not alone, I sit and knock at Nature's door, Heart-bare, heart-hungry, vRate it:

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Everything Happens For A Reason
Mario William Vitale
disagree see ya on the flip side squeeze gonna knock you to ya knees busy as a bee.. I'm a shaRate it:

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Follow Me 'Ome
Rudyard Kipling
is just what the best men do. So it's knock out your pipes an' follow me! An' it's finiRate it:

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Kaiser and Co. Or Hoch der Kaiser
Alexander MacGregor Rose
vas nicht goot to fight Mit me -- und Gott. Ve knock him like ein man auf sdraw, Ve let him know wRate it:

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Maymie's Story Of Red Riding Hood
James Whitcomb Riley
so he 'tend-like _he's_ Red Riding Hood, An' knock at th' door. An' Riding Hood's Dran'ma She's sicRate it:

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Guillaume Apollinaire
route to the Orient Are my loveliest neighbors Knock knock Come into the forecourt night is comingRate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
Hollow rang the house when I knocked on the door, And I lingered on the threshold with my hand Upraised to knock and knock once more: Listening...Rate it:

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Ralph Rhodes
Edgar Lee Masters
stubs Of cigarettes and empty glasses, And a knock is heard, and you know it's the knock So long drRate it:

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Ride Like The Wind
Mario William Vitale
ride like the wind through the breeze going to knock you to you knees when I was young making loRate it:

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Some Account of a New Play
Richard Harris Barham
he bribed at a high rate A sort of a Pirate To knock out the poor dear young Gentleman's brains, Rate it:

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The Hermit
Thomas Parnell
heads loud rolling thunders ran. Here long they knock, but knock or call in vain, Driven by the winRate it:

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The Rattling Boy from Dublin
William Topaz McGonagall
offer to frown, With my darling shillelah I'll knock you down. Chorus Says Barney Magee unto meRate it:

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The Red Rose
Dora Sigerson Shorter
night I, nodding, heard at the casement Soft knock-a-knocking come on the pane. 'Hush! 'Tis the losRate it:

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The Vision
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
distant, as becomes a bloke who's scored a knock-out thump Till just approachin' dinner time; an' Rate it:

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Three Songs To The One Burden
William Butler Yeats
begets a lout, So when I take on half a score I knock their heads about. From mountain to mountain Rate it:

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Henry Lawson
each shabby little door, Where rent-collectors knock for aye, and Christ shall knock no more; TheRate it:

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