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The Hesitating Veteran
Ambrose Bierce
When I was young and full of faith And other fads that youngsters cherish A cry rose as of one that saith With emphasis: 'Help or I perish!' 'Twas ...Rate it:

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The Dark Horse
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
are waiting there While he is holding his cards, hesitating there. Even disasterful, masterful HugRate it:

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The Raven
Edgar Allan Poe
more.' Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer, 'Sir,' said I, 'or Madam,Rate it:

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A Political Apostate
Ambrose Bierce
they engage at once For guidance of the hesitating dunce. The Titans on the heights contend full soRate it:

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A Portrait
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
check thy conscious smile. With timid grace and hesitating eye, The perfect model which I boast supRate it:

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A Snifter
Robert William Service
there. As I stand beside the screen Hesitating, I have thought of how Noreen WRate it:

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Ch 04 On The Advantages Of Silence Story 09
Sa di
I was hesitating in the conclusion of a bargain for the purchase of a house when a Jew said: ‘Buy it for I am one of the landholders of this ward. ...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
upon this shore, Methinks abashed, and somewhat hesitating, My soul its wish and longing will deRate it:

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Cousin Rufus' Story
James Whitcomb Riley
that way, so slow he went,-- With lothful, hesitating, loitering, Reluctant, late-election-returns Rate it:

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Craving for Spring
David Herbert Lawrence
against the blackbird; comes out in the hesitating tremor of the primrose, and betrays its candour Rate it:

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Envy And Avarice
Victor Marie Hugo
each, lest she should speak before The other, hesitating slow and long Till the god lost all patienRate it:

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I could suffice for Him, I knew
Emily Dickinson
for Him, I knew— He—could suffice for Me— Yet Hesitating Fractions—Both Surveyed Infinity— "Would Rate it:

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September, 1819
William Wordsworth
to fade, A timely carolling. No faint and hesitating trill, Such tribute as to winter chill Rate it:

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James Thomson
seizing, hurls them in: Embolden'd, then, nor hesitating more, Fast, fast they plunge amid the flasRate it:

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Summer in the South
Paul Laurence Dunbar
peep from their hoods of green, Timid, and hesitating. The rain comes down in a torrent sweep AnRate it:

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The Bridal Of Triermain
Sir Walter Scott
pass from side to side. II. Nay, why this hesitating pause? And, Lucy, as thy step withdraws, Why Rate it:

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The Explorer
John Le Gay Brereton
when I left your side, I stood a moment, hesitating, And plunged. The boiling tide Of darkness tookRate it:

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The Gardener XXIV: Do Not Keep to Yourself
Rabindranath Tagore
are shrouded with sleep. Speak to me through hesitating tears, through faltering smiles, througRate it:

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The Lay of the Last Minstrel: Canto I
Sir Walter Scott
eye- No humbler resting-place was nigh, With hesitating step at last, The embattled portal arch Rate it:

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The Poplar
Richard Aldington
your hair; And the white mist curling and hesitating Like a bashful lover about your knees. I kRate it:

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The Veiled Statue At Sais
Friedrich Schiller
long veil concealed, the statue stands. With hesitating step, he now draws near-- His impious handRate it:

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The Voice Of The Banjo
Paul Laurence Dunbar
your lap, While you listened for the stumbling, hesitating words, 'Pap, pap.' 'I could tell you ofRate it:

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To this World she returned
Emily Dickinson
to the Skies Than to himself, allied, Dwelt hesitating, half of Dust, And half of Day, the Bride. Rate it:

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