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At the Gates of Spring
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
With April here, And first thin green on the awakening bough, What wonderful things and dear, My tired heart to cheer, At last appear! Colours of d...Rate it:

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Between The Gates
John Greenleaf Whittier
Between the gates of birth and death An old and saintly pilgrim passed, With look of one who witnesseth The long-sought goal at last. O thou whose...Rate it:

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How Samson Bore Away the Gates of Gaza
Vachel Lindsay
(A Negro Sermon.) Once, in a night as black as ink, She drove him out when he would not drink. Round the house there were men in wait Asleep in ro...Rate it:

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I Have Been Through The Gates
Charlotte Mary Mew
His heart to me, was a place of palaces and pinnacles and shining towers; I saw it then as we see things in dreams,--I do not remember how long I s...Rate it:

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Knowing Nothing Shuts The Iron Gates
Knowing nothing shuts the iron gates; the new love opens them. The sound of the gates opening wakes the beautiful woman asleep. Kabi...Rate it:

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Lift up your heads, ye gates of brass;
James Montgomery
Lift up your heads, ye gates of brass; Ye bars of iron, yield! And let the King of glory pass; The Cross is in the field! A holy war his servants ...Rate it:

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The Gates Ajar
Ambrose Bierce
The Day of Judgment spread its glare O'er continents and seas. The graves cracked open everywhere, Like pods of early peas. Up to the Court of Hea...Rate it:

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The Pangs That Guard The Gates Of Joy
Christopher John Brennan
THE PANGS that guard the gates of joy, the naked sword that will be kist, how distant seem’d they to the boy, white flashes in the rosy mist!...Rate it:

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Unguarded Gates
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
WIDE open and unguarded stand our gates, Named of the four winds, North, South, East, and West; Portals that lead to an enchanted land Of cities, f...Rate it:

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