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When Life Is But A Round Of Crushing Care
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
When life is but a round of crushing care And, a great heap of stones, lies heavy on us, There suddenly, God knows how, why, upon us A joyous mood...Rate it:

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Le Testament: Ballade: A S'amye
Fran├žois Villon
won't true redress S uccour a poor man, without crushing? M uch better elsewhere to search for A Rate it:

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By The Waters Of Babylon
Christina Georgina Rossetti
on me, which makes no haste And doth not tarry, crushing both the proud Hard man and him the sinnerRate it:

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Jacob Charles Twiney
Sonia Walker
life was detoured by an avalanche of doom, crushing the house Jacob almost completed, fighting for Rate it:

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Pretty Insanities
Stone Fox
to dwindle and resist in spite of the gravity crushing tsunami. Trapped in a facade of impersonatiRate it:

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Robinson Jeffers
of its deserted ruin. Pain, pain and faintness, crushing Weights, and a vain desire to vomit, and sRate it:

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The Battle of Omdurman
William Topaz McGonagall
me if you can!" And Mahdism now has received a crushing blow, For the Khalifa and his followers hRate it:

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The Female Exile
Charlotte Smith
to languish, Or abject dependence, or soul-crushing toil. But the sea-boat, her hopes and her terroRate it:

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After Hearing A Waltz By Bartok
Amy Lowell
Oh, the horror of sound! While she danced I was crushing his throat. He had tasted the joy of her, Rate it:

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A Birthday
Alfred Austin
travels long a bourne to me, A crowning joy 'mid crushing pain; An abiding star when the storm-waveRate it:

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An Octopus
Marianne Moore
the cracks' or killing prey with the concentric crushing rigor of the python, it hovers forward 'spRate it:

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A Captive Throstle
Alfred Austin
brood; The dewy nest 'neath twinkling stars For crushing roof and cramping bars? No! Come what chanRate it:

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A Write To the End
Kurt Philip Behm
words a tsunami, they tumble and maul Crushing all but the fearless, watching consonants fallRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
of bone, gnaws them with immense fervour, crushing them to finely powdered calcium with brutal stRate it:

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Alligator On The Prowl In Full Moon
Nikhil Parekh
beneath the boat, gave loud snorts toppled it crushing sewn timber to mangled junk, loud wails beRate it:

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Emma Lazarus
earth's face? The gigantic wheel of fate, Crushing all things soon or late, Now a race, Now a singlRate it:

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At The Ferry
Archibald Lampman
brows, and the parched sod Yields to the crushing foot like salt. But here a little wind astir, SeRate it:

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Benjamin Fraser
Edgar Lee Masters
in taking life for myself, In seizing and crushing their souls, As a child crushes grapes and drinkRate it:

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Blood Red Apple Juice
Nikhil Parekh
across my way, devoured solid bones of calcium, crushing them with my teeth, peeled crisp wall paRate it:

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Coquette et Froide
Julia Ward Howe
Or rend'st its bosom with Kissing and crushing? I would be beautiful That thou should'st Rate it:

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Coudrouy Shoes
Nikhil Parekh
pants of breath, made cacophonic noises; crushing withered leaves of the oleander maple. i stood Rate it:

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Dark Hours: The Drunkard's Mother
Janet Hamilton
struggle in the toils, More closely wind the crushing coils. No hand but His, to whom is given All Rate it:

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Anonymous Americas
thrust; Unto all arms some burden's given, Crushing the heart with its weary weight, Or lifting theRate it:

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Editor Whedon
Edgar Lee Masters
it to the winds for revenge, Or to sell papers, Crushing reputations, or bodies, if need be, To winRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
Israel's bleeding bosom set, The heathen heel is crushing yet; The towers upon our holy hill Echo CRate it:

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