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Tomorrow- The Most Perpetually True Champion
Nikhil Parekh
is the most perpetually true champion; is the most indomitably optimistic of them all; with invinciRate it:

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The Champion
Edith Nesbit
shall come to her own again! See the champion of Summer wake Little armies in field and brake: 'CrRate it:

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Friend of Yakshsa
for smack bottom. Sorry about that. That champion should have the honor, no, no... ...the prRate it:

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The Romance Of The Knight
Thomas Chatterton
arch the azure sky, Thither the fate-marked champion bent his way, By purling streams to lose the hRate it:

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Battered Bob
Edward George Dyson
a draw with Blanche. Battered Bob became our champion, our boss, and by degrees he Sent his fame doRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 06 - part 02
Torquato Tasso
safely granted by their guide,' This said, the champion for his armor cried. XXI While he was armRate it:

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The Deficit Demon
Andrew Barton Paterson
Mountains, How it was small in its youth and a champion was sent to destroy it: Dibbs he was sallRate it:

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Away! Away! Away! Away!
Henry David Thoreau
Beside our tourneying. And if she lose her champion true, Tell Heaven not despair, For I will bRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 05 - part 06
Torquato Tasso
sparkled flaming fire; Upon his foe the other champion flew, With equal courage, and with equal ireRate it:

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Local Lad
Robert William Service
with a clumsy, lucky clout He knocked the champion out. A week ago he swung a pick And sRate it:

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Remembrances Of The Renowned Knight, Sir Rowland Cotton, Of Bellaport In Shropshire, Concerning
William Strode
Renowned Champion full of wrestling Art, And made for victory in every part, Whose active Limbes, oyl'd Tongue, and vertuous Mind, Subdu'd both Foe...Rate it:

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Saltbush Bill's Gamecock
Andrew Barton Paterson
Down, was widely known to fame As breeder of champion fighting cocks -- his forte was the British Rate it:

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When you color me, Color me Black
Dolores M. Johnson
me black Commanding, cultivated compassionate, a champion When you color me, color me black A kindRate it:

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The Skeleton in Armor
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
the brown ale he quaffed, Loud then the champion laughed, And as the wind-gusts waft The sea-foaRate it:

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James W Foley
With 'Isaac Abie Cohen!' once a lightweight champion. Then O'Leary paced 'em forward and, says hRate it:

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A Game Of Chess
Nikhil Parekh
chess, crowning him as the reigning world chess championRate it:

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A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet XVI
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
hides her virtue. Let her foremost stand, The champion of all necks which feel the yoke, As once shRate it:

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A Pin
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
eve, I’m sure, my friend, You would say I was a champion who knows how to defend.’ And she left meRate it:

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A Political Apostate
Ambrose Bierce
their strength by flying back. Ex-champion of Freedom, battle-lunged, No more, red-handed, or at lRate it:

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A Social Call
Ambrose Bierce
and honesty, some five-and-twenty Long years as champion of all that's good, And taken on the mazzaRate it:

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A Word
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
brethren's thunderous chaunt, the errant champion's song, The shifting of the crowns and thrones, tRate it:

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Addressed To Haydon
John Keats
toiling gallantly! What when a stout unbending champion awes Envy and malice to their native sty? URate it:

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Thomas Campbell
pale Adelgitha came, When forth a valiant champion bounded, And slew the slanderer of Rate it:

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Ah! Where Is Palafox? Nor Tongue Nor Pen
William Wordsworth
Once again Methinks that we shall hail thee, Champion brave, Redeemed to baffle that imperial SlaveRate it:

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Albert Down Under
Marriott Edgar
the fruit, There was no more “by gum” now or “Champion”, It were “Whacko!”, “Too right!” and “You Rate it:

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