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Ladies Aid
James McIntyre
way to the table wend ; On it we all do make a raid, And this we call a Ladies' Aid. 'Tis pleasantRate it:

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Adulations Artful Aid
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Some of us may be tall, ma'am; Some of us may be dark; Some handsome; tho' not all, ma'am, Are touched by Beatury's spark. But tall, and dark AND ...Rate it:

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On Refusal Of Aid Between Nations
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Not that the earth is changing, O my God! Nor that the seasons totter in their walk,— Not that the virulent ill of act and talk Seethes ever as a w...Rate it:

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Written In Aid Of The Leicester Lunatic Asylum.
Henry Alford
Light ye the torch,-- The torch that hath expired; The light with which was fired Chamber and hall and porch: But now the house is dark, Its inmate...Rate it:

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Kaare's song
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
fires for death's dark feast? ALL God aid thee here, our earl, God aid thee here, our earl, It is Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter XVII: The Hospital And
George Crabbe
pain, and woe, The Christian spirit loves with aid to go; Will not be sought, waits not for want toRate it:

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The Shepherd's Week : Wednesday; or, The Dumps
John Gay
Sparabella. The wailings of a maiden I recite, A maiden fair, that Sparabella hight. Such strains ne'er warble in the linnet's throat, Nor the gay ...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 04 - part 03
Torquato Tasso
her merit you commenden so, A hapless maid, both born to die And dead to, that live in care and woeRate it:

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Tale IX
George Crabbe
fall. Genius, with virtue, still may lack the aid Implored by humble minds, and hearts afraid; May Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter VII: Professions--Physic
George Crabbe
if a hope should rise from nature's strife, To aid their skill and save the lingering life; But thiRate it:

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The Cry Of The People
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
wealth and plenty.' And up from the South came aid, and aid came down from the Northland, And it caRate it:

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Under My Muscles (Explicit Content)
Jesse Cochran
everywhere, Oh, please give me a fucking Band-Aid! You know what? FORGET IT! LET ME FUCKING DIE! YRate it:

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A Mathematical Problem
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
an Equi-- --lateral Tri-- --angle on it: Aid us, Reason--aid us, Wit! II. From the centre A. at thRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 05 - part 05
Torquato Tasso
and past, Which Godfrey had set down to lend her aid, When at his feet to earth she cast, 'The hourRate it:

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Liberty Ball
Anonymous Americas
of the nation, Attend to humanity’s call; Come aid the poor slave’s liberation, And roll on the libRate it:

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Lord William
Robert Southey
hemm'd him round, 'twas midnight now, No human aid was near. He heard the shout of joy, for now A Rate it:

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Orlando Furioso Canto 6
Ludovico Ariosto
honour, which was more. The cavalier unknown, I said above, Long of the king and court entreated soRate it:

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Presented To The King, At His Arrival In Holland, After The Discovery Of The Conspiracy. 1696
Matthew Prior
predestin'd Empires rise and fall: Your sacred Aid religious Monarchs own; When first They merit, tRate it:

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Sir Hornbook
Thomas Love Peacock
castle gate. "Behold the talisman I bear, And aid my bold design:"-- Sir Hornbook gazed, and writtRate it:

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To Mr. F. Now Earl of W
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Unto the Muses Court, Assure them, she their Aid did need, And begg'd they'd use their utmost SpeedRate it:

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Vision Of Columbus - Book 6
Joel Barlow
thoughts his glowing breast inspired; To aid her infant toils his counsel moved, In freedom foundedRate it:

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Written At Bath To A Young Lady
Mary Barber
on satirizing you. The Muses to my Aid I call; They came; and told me, one and all, That I mistook Rate it:

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The Snare
James Stephens
I cannot tell from where He is calling out for aid! Crying on the frightened air, Making everythingRate it:

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M'Fingal - Canto IV
John Trumbull
changed from him, who bold as lion, Stood Aid-de-camp to Gen'ral Tryon, Made rebels vanish once, liRate it:

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Anne Killigrew
emulating that Illustrious Dame, Who to the aid of Troy and Priam came, And her who the Retulian Rate it:

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