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Tarrant Moss
Rudyard Kipling
now is false to me, And I slew the Reiver of Tarrant Moss And set Dumeny free. They have gone downRate it:

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Basil Moss
Henry Kendall
SING, mountain-wind, thy strong, superior song— Thy haughty alpine anthem, over tracts Whose passes and whose swift, rock-straitened streams Catch ...Rate it:

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The Sprig of Moss
William Topaz McGonagall
There lived in Munich a poor, weakly youth, But for the exact date, I cannot vouch for the truth, And of seven of a family he was the elder, Who wa...Rate it:

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Moss on a Wall
Henry Kendall
Dim dreams it hath of singing ways, Of far-off woodland water-heads, And shining ends of April days Amongst the yellow runnel-beds. Stoop closer t...Rate it:

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Mountain Moss
Henry Kendall
IT LIES amongst the sleeping stones, Far down the hidden mountain glade; And past its brink the torrent moans For ever in a dreamy shade. A little...Rate it:

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All overgrown by cunning moss
Emily Dickinson
All overgrown by cunning moss, All interspersed with weed, The little cage of "Currer Bell" In quiet "Haworth" laid. Gathered from many wanderings...Rate it:

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Inscription For A Moss-House In The Shrubbery At Weston
William Cowper
Here, free from riot's hated noise, Be mine, ye calmer, purer joys, A book or friend bestows; Far from the storms that shake the great, Contentment...Rate it:

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The Magpie's Nest, Or A Lesson Of Docility
Charles Lamb
A FABLE When the arts in their infancy were, In a fable of old 'tis exprest, A wise magpie constructed that rare Little house for young birds, cal...Rate it:

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The Thorn
William Wordsworth
I 'There is a Thorn--it looks so old, In truth, you'd find it hard to say How it could ever have been young, It looks so old and grey. Not hi...Rate it:

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The Wild Huntsman
Sir Walter Scott
The Wildgrave winds his bugle-horn, To horse, to horse! halloo, halloo! His fiery courser snuffs the morn, And thronging serfs their lord pursue. ...Rate it:

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Louisa May Alcott
In a quiet, pleasant meadow, Beneath a summer sky, Where green old trees their branches waved, And winds went singing by; Where a little brook went...Rate it:

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Garden Francies
Robert Browning
I. THE FLOWER'S NAME Here's the garden she walked across, Arm in my arm, such a short while since: Hark, now I push its wicket, the moss Hinde...Rate it:

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Scotch Song
Charles Kingsley
Oh, forth she went like a braw, braw bride To meet her winsome groom, When she was aware of twa bonny birds Sat biggin' in the broom. The tane it ...Rate it:

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The Ride to Melrose, from The Lay of the Last Minstrel.
Sir Walter Scott
CANTO I.XIX. The Lady sought the lofty hall, Where many a bold retainer lay, And with jocund din among them all, Her son pursued hi...Rate it:

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Sweet Potatoe Candy
Gwendolyn McGrath
Sweet south I breathe you On my porch swing We blend in Becoming a harmony of memories As creeping night shrouds all eyes I adore you Days we sp...Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter IV: Sects And Professions In Religion
George Crabbe
'SECTS in Religion?'--Yes of every race We nurse some portion in our favour'd place; Not one warm preacher of one growing sect Can say our Borough ...Rate it:

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A Dream
Matthew Arnold
Was it a dream? We sail'd, I thought we sail'd, Martin and I, down the green Alpine stream, Border'd, each bank, with pines; the morning sun, On th...Rate it:

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Acon and Rhodope
Walter Savage Landor
The Year's twelve daughters had in turn gone by, Of measured pace tho' varying mien all twelve, Some froward, some sedater, some adorn'd For festiv...Rate it:

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At Noey's House
James Whitcomb Riley
At Noey's house--when they arrived with him-- How snug seemed everything, and neat and trim: The little picket-fence, and little gate-- It's little...Rate it:

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Autumnal Nightfall
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Round Autumn's mouldering urn Loud mourns the chill and cheerless gale, When nightfall shades the quiet vale And stars in beauty burn. 'Tis the ye...Rate it:

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English Eclogues VI - The Ruined Cottage
Robert Southey
Aye Charles! I knew that this would fix thine eye, This woodbine wreathing round the broken porch, Its leaves just withering, yet one autumn flower...Rate it:

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Fantasy pt. I
Mario William Vitale
try me if you please as you are out spreading the disease plagued by thoughts of granduer with affectionate melancholy sparkling array of blissful ...Rate it:

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I Saw In Louisiana A Live Oak Growing
Walt Whitman
I SAW in Louisiana a live-oak growing, All alone stood it, and the moss hung down from the branches; Without any companion it grew there,...Rate it:

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Lord Rubadub
Menella Bute Smedley
'Neath the shade of a daisy, just two inches high, A poor little fairy sits weeping alone; She says, “What a desolate creature am I, My Lord Rubadu...Rate it:

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Names Upon a Stone: (Inscribed to G. L. Fagan, Esq.)
Henry Kendall
ACROSS bleak widths of broken sea A fierce north-easter breaks, And makes a thunder on the lea— A whiteness of the lakes. Here, while beyond the ra...Rate it:

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