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Pruning Flowering Gums
Lesbia Harford
One summer day, along the street, Men pruned the gums To make them neat. The tender branches, white with flowers, Lay in the sun For hours and...Rate it:

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The Flowering Orchard
William Morris
Silk Embroidery. Lo silken my garden, and silken my sky, And silken my apple-boughs hanging on high; All wrought by the Worm in the peasant carle’...Rate it:

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A Bush Christmas
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
The sun burns hotly thro' the gums As down the road old Rogan comes The hatter from the lonely hut Beside the track to Woollybutt. He likes to spe...Rate it:

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A Letter to the Front
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I 'ave written Mick a letter in reply to one uv 'is, Where 'e arsts 'ow things is goin' where the gums an' wattles is - So I tries to buck 'im up a...Rate it:

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Barley Grass
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Wavin' corn upon the hillside, Twinklin' daisies on the rise, Mystic bushes across the ranges, Wattle in its spring-time guise, Stately gums that m...Rate it:

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Catching The Coach
Alfred Thomas Chandler
At Kangaroo Gully in 'Fifty-two The rush and the scramble was reckless and rough; 'Three ounces a dish and the lead running true!' Was whispered ar...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
O, the trees grow straight and the trees grow tall, And the trees grow all around; And the long limbs sprout the trunks about, Where the Davlo owl...Rate it:

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Laura Days
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Dreaming to-day in a forest green Where the great gums rake the sky, My thoughts turn back to another scene And to old days, long gone by; To a lan...Rate it:

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John Shaw Neilson
He comes when the gullies are wrapped in the gloaming And limelights are trained on the tops of the gums, To stand at the sliprails, awaiting the h...Rate it:

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Since Nellie Came To Live Along The Creek
Edward George Dyson
MY HUT is built of stringy-bark, the window’s calico, The furniture a gin-case, one bush-table, and a bunk; Thick as wheat on my selection does the...Rate it:

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Khalil Gibran
Then said Almitra, 'Speak to us of Love.' And he raised his head and looked upon the people, and there fell a stillness upon them. And with a g...Rate it:

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Gertrude of Wyoming
Thomas Campbell
PART I On Susquehanna's side, fair Wyoming! Although the wild-flower on thy ruin'd wall, And roofless homes, a sad remembrance bring, Of what thy ...Rate it:

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Grandfather Squeers
James Whitcomb Riley
'My grandfather Squeers,' said The Raggedy Man, As he solemnly lighted his pipe and began-- 'The most indestructible man, for his years, And the g...Rate it:

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Love Chapter II
Khalil Gibran
Then said Almitra, 'Speak to us of Love.' And he raised his head and looked upon the people, and there fell a stillness upon them. And with a gre...Rate it:

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Marksman Sam
Marriott Edgar
When Sam Small joined the regiment, 'E were no' but a raw recruit, And they marched 'im away one wint'ry day, 'Is musket course to shoot. They wok...Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
The roll of drums and the bugle's wailing Vex the air of our vales-no more; The spear is beaten to hooks of pruning, The share is the sword the sol...Rate it:

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The Broken Balance
Robinson Jeffers
I. Reference to a Passage in Plutarch's Life of Sulla The people buying and selling, consuming pleasures, talking in the archways, Were all sudden...Rate it:

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The Challenge Answered
Alfred Austin
So at length the word is uttered which the vain Gaul long hath muttered 'Twixt his teeth, by envy fluttered at another land being great; And the do...Rate it:

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The Dominion
James Brunton Stephens
Oh, fair Ideal, unto whom, Through days of doubt and nights of gloom, Brave hearts have clung, while lips of scorn, Made mock of thee as but a drea...Rate it:

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The Fruit Shop
Amy Lowell
Cross-ribboned shoes; a muslin gown, High-waisted, girdled with bright blue; A straw poke bonnet which hid the frown She pluckered her little brows...Rate it:

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The Masters
Paul Laurence Dunbar
OH, who is the Lord of the land of life, When hotly goes the fray? When, fierce we smile in the midst of strife Then whom shall we obey? Oh, Love i...Rate it:

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The Rose-Bush
Anonymous Americas
There was a rose-bush in a garden growing, Its tender leaves unfolding day by day; The sun looked-on, and his down-going Left it amid the starlit d...Rate it:

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There is a kingdom in the wind with no king
Shane Tasus
The mightiest oaks do not grow strong. They give into the wind, like the smallest blade of grass. The shattering, and violent pruning of its ess...Rate it:

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Vertumnus and Pomona : Ovid's Metamorphoses, book 14 [v. 623-771]
Alexander Pope
The fair Pomona flourish'd in his reign; Of all the Virgins of the sylvan train, None taught the trees a nobler race to bear, Or more improv'd the ...Rate it:

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Dancing On The Hill-Tops
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Dancing on the hill-tops, Singing in the valleys, Laughing with the echoes, Merry little Alice. Playing games with lambkins In the flowering v...Rate it:

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