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Nikhil Parekh
I felt like consuming soft cones of chilled raspberry ice-cream, nibbling gently at the appetizing kernel of white nut, all i needed was a glutin...Rate it:

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No Pre-Requisites
Nikhil Parekh
If you don't know how to swim; then please don't plunge yourself into the ferociously choppy seas; or else you'd unsparingly drown to the ominousl...Rate it:

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Frances Darwin Cornford
I laid me down upon the shore And dreamed a little space; I heard the great waves break and roar; The sun was on my face. My idle hands and finger...Rate it:

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Kurt Philip Behm
If every day to matter If every moment counts If every word to chant and sing If every phrase be stout If every coin pound sterling If every debt m...Rate it:

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The Pre-Adamite World
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Who shall declare the glory of the World, The natural World before Man's form was seen? Fair stainless planet through the heavens hurled, And cloth...Rate it:

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The Rhemese
La Fontaine
NO city I to Rheims would e'er prefer: Of France the pride and honour I aver; The Holy Ampoule and delicious wine, Which ev'ry one regards as most ...Rate it:

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Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
This is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks, Bearded with moss, and in garments green, indistinct in the twilight, Stand lik...Rate it:

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Le Pacage
Maurice Rollinat
Couleuvre gigantesque il s’allonge et se tord, Tatoué de marais, hérissé de viornes, Entre deux grands taillis mystérieux et mornes Qui semblent re...Rate it:

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When The Duke of Clarence Died
Henry Lawson
Let us sing in tear-choked numbers how the Duke of Clarence went, Just to make a royal sorrow rather more pre-eminent. Ladies sighed and sobbed and...Rate it:

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A celle qui est restée en France
Victor Marie Hugo
I Mets-toi sur ton séant, lève tes yeux, dérange Ce drap glacé qui fait des plis sur ton front d'ange, Ouvre tes mains, et prends ce livre : il es...Rate it:

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Epistle To Earl Harcourt, On His Wishing Her To Spell Her Name With Of Catherine With A K.
Joanna Baillie
AND can his antiquarian eyes, My Anglo-Saxon C despise? And does Lord Harcourt, day by day, Regret th' extinct initial K? And still, with ardour un...Rate it:

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Evangeline: Part The First. I.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
IN the Acadian land, on the shores of the Basin of Minas, Distant, secluded, still, the little village of Grand-Pré Lay in the fruitful valley. Vas...Rate it:

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La bêche
Emile Verhaeren
Le gel durcit les eaux ; le vent blémit les nues. A l'orient du pré, dans le sol rêche Est là qui monte et grelotte, la bêche Lamentable et nue....Rate it:

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Les Colchiques
Guillaume Apollinaire
Le pré est vénéneux mais joli en automne Les vaches y paissant Lentement s'empoisonnent Le colchique couleur de cerne et de lilas Y fleurit tes yeu...Rate it:

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The adventurer
Odey-Agba Itite Emmanuel.
Dedicated to all those struggling, my able parent and all those behind my struggles. Before I set sail. I heard of ships floating, capsizing and ...Rate it:

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Jim the Splitter
Henry Kendall
The bard who is singing of Wollombi Jim Is hardly just now in the requisite trim To sit on his Pegasus fairly; Besides, he is bluntly informed by t...Rate it:

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LX. Life compared to a Walk
Ellis Walker
As the shoe's made to serve and fit the foot, As the leg gives the measure to the boot; So our possessions should be measur'd by The body's use, an...Rate it:

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Of the Last Verses in the Book
Edmund Waller
When we for age could neither read nor write, The subject made us able to indite. The soul, with nobler resolutions deckt, The body stooping, does ...Rate it:

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One Hour Ater The Dance Of Death
Franz Werfel
I lay in the abyss, where twisting squeezing The lowest form of life pushed itself peristaltically. Where slippery and slimy worm and eel entwined,...Rate it:

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The Devil In Hell
La Fontaine
HE surely must be wrong who loving fears; And does not flee when beauty first appears. Ye FAIR, with charms divine, I know your fame; No more I'll ...Rate it:

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The Ghost,
Richard Harris Barham
There stands a City,-- neither large nor small, Its air and situation sweet and pretty; It matters very little -- if at all -- Whether its deniz...Rate it:

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The Ladle. A Tale
Matthew Prior
The Sceptics think 'twas long ago Since gods came down incognito To see who were their friends or foes, And how our actions fell or rose; That si...Rate it:

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The Monks Of Catalonia
La Fontaine
TO you, my friends, allow me to detail, The feats of monks in Catalonia's vale, Where oft the holy fathers pow'rs displayed, And showed such charit...Rate it:

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The Servant Girl Justified
La Fontaine
BOCCACE alone is not my only source; T'another shop I now shall have recourse; Though, certainly, this famed Italian wit Has many stories for my pu...Rate it:

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Wiki Wiki Wiki pee'd on ya Fiction as history, kids’ heads, filled with loads of blah Yet the bored and black sheep are ones to bar They chalk it ...Rate it:

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