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Song for norway national hymn
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Yes, we love this land that towers Where the ocean foams; Rugged, storm-swept, it embowers Many thousand homes. Love it, love it, of you thinking, ...Rate it:

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A National Song For Australia Felix
Andrew Barton Paterson
Dark over the face of Nature sublime! Reign'd tyranny, warfare, and every crime; The world a desert—no oasis green A man-loving soul on its surface...Rate it:

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King Christian, A National Song Of Denmark. (From The Danish Of Johannes Evald)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
King Christian stood by the lofty mast In mist and smoke; His sword was hammering so fast, Through Gothic helm and brain it passed; Then sank each ...Rate it:

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National Song (E.C.)
Ezra Pound
There is no land like England Where banks rise day by day, There are no banks like English banks To make the people pay. There is no such land of ...Rate it:

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The National Anthem
William Schwenck Gilbert
A monarch is pestered with cares, Though, no doubt, he can often trepan them; But one comes in a shape he can never escape - The implacable Nationa...Rate it:

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Liam Ó Comáin
Remove our national flag from the Mast you betraying 'Provisionals', For you have replaced our Tricolour With Britain’s imperial ‘Union Jack’. ~ Fo...Rate it:

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Zion National Park
Kurt Philip Behm
Where words end —Zion begins (Zion National Park: July, 2019)Rate it:

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Stanzas on the Late National Calamity, the Death of the Princess Charlotte
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
MARK'D ye the mingling of the city's throng, Each mien, each glance, with expectation bright? Prepare the pageant, and the choral song, The pealing...Rate it:

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A New National Anthem
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I. God prosper, speed,and save, God raise from England’s grave Her murdered Queen! Pave with swift victory The steps of Liberty, Whom Britons own t...Rate it:

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At The 'National Encampment'
Ambrose Bierce
You 're grayer than one would have thought you: The climate you have over there In the East has apparently brought you Disorders affecting the hair...Rate it:

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National Anniversay Ode
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ho! for the day in the whole year the brightest! Long may it live in the heart of the nation! Long may it be ere the names are forgotten That boldl...Rate it:

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National Monuments
Henry Van Dyke
Count not the cost of honour to the dead! The tribute that a mighty nation pays To those who loved her well in former days Means more than gratit...Rate it:

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National Policy
William Henry Drummond
Oor fader lef' ole France behin', dat's many year ago, An' how we get along since den, wall! ev'ry body know, Few t'ousan' firse class familee was ...Rate it:

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The Greek National Anthem
Rudyard Kipling
We knew thee of old, Oh divinely restored, By the light of thine eyes And the light of thy Sword. From the graves of our slain Shall thy valour pr...Rate it:

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The National Guardsman
Ambrose Bierce
I'm a gorgeous golden hero And my trade is taking life. Hear the twittle-twittle-tweero Of my sibillating fife And the rub-a-dub-a-dum Of my big ba...Rate it:

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A Song of Honour
Ralph Hodgson
I climbed a hill as light fell short, And rooks came home in scramble sort, And filled the trees and flapped and fought And sang themselves to s...Rate it:

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The Song Of Honour
Ralph Hodgson
I climbed a hill as light fell short, And rooks came home in scramble sort, And filled the trees and flapped and fought And sang themselves to s...Rate it:

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Charles Harpur
THE world's heart is kindless and grey and unholy, As the head of the wandering Jew, And can never be won from the cause of its folly Till...Rate it:

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A Song
James Whitcomb Riley
There is ever a song somewhere, my dear; There is ever a something sings alway: There's the song of the lark when the skies are clear, And the song...Rate it:

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Little Pierre's Song
William Topaz McGonagall
In a humble room in London sat a pretty little boy, By the bedside of his sick mother her only joy, Who was called Little Pierre, and who's father ...Rate it:

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Astrophel And Stella-First Song
Sir Philip Sidney
Doubt you to whom my Muse these notes intendeth, Which now my breast o'ercharged to music lendeth? To you, to you, all song of praise is due; Only ...Rate it:

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Song Of The Redwood-Tree
Walt Whitman
A CALIFORNIA song! A prophecy and indirection--a thought impalpable, to breathe, as air; A chorus of dryads, fading, departing--or hamadr...Rate it:

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A Song For All Day
Madison Julius Cawein
A rollicking song for the morn, my boy, A rollicking song for the morn: It's up and out with a laugh and shout, While the bright sun circles the wo...Rate it:

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Broken Song
Rabindranath Tagore
Kasinath the new young singer fills the hall with sound: The seven notes dance in his throat like seven tame birds. His voice is a sharp sword slic...Rate it:

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Keep A Song Up On De Way
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Oh, de clouds is mighty heavy An' de rain is mighty thick; Keep a song up on de way. An' de waters is a rumblin' On de boulders in de crick, Keep a...Rate it:

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