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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
winds lashing the defiant deep, And roar of floods that gather strength and leap Down dizzy, wrecRate it:

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And The Rains Descended And The Floods Came
Edith Nesbit
pleasant in the house I made, While still the floods and winds were held asleep. I blessed it at thRate it:

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The Haystack in the Floods
William Morris
might see him slain Beside the haystack in the floods? Along the dripping leafless woods, The stirRate it:

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The Sea Of Ecstasy Has Ebbed And Gone, Dear Friend
Narsinh Mehta
ebbed and gone, dear friend The ocean of sorrow floods and overwhelms. How shall we, the weak surviRate it:

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London West
James McIntyre
they behold the various dams Do cause the floods and the ice jams. 'Tis true that fiercer rages floRate it:

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The Despair
Abraham Cowley
sadly cry: 'Ah, wretched youth!' the fields and floods reply. When thoughts of Love I entertain, IRate it:

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The Western
Herbert Asquith
streaming To banquet with their foes? The floods of battle ebb and flow, The soldiers to ValhalRate it:

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The Story of Mongrel Grey
Andrew Barton Paterson
no doubt, that some horses learn; When the floods are out they will splash along In girth-deep waRate it:

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A Letter from Italy
Joseph Addison
and woods For rising springs and celebrated floods! To view the Nar, tumultuous in his courseRate it:

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Lynton Verses
Thomas Edward Brown
the primrose meadows playing Let me not think! O floods, upon whose brink The merry birds are mayinRate it:

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Charles Kingsley
with the earthquake, and flame, and the sea-floods, scourge of Poseidon. Whelming the dwellings of Rate it:

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Australia's Peril
Henry Lawson
the wealth you have won on the land, Save the floods that run into the ocean – save the floods thatRate it:

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Ballad Of The Drover
Henry Lawson
manes; `We've breasted bigger rivers When floods were at their height Nor shall this gutter stopRate it:

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Flood-Tide of Flowers
Henry Van Dyke
our sight, The tide is turning in the night, And floods of color long concealed Come silent rising Rate it:

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If It's Modern It's Right
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
cult of witch-burning; And, in times of great floods, 'twas the moon Caused it all, said the men ofRate it:

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In the Storm that is to come
Henry Lawson
rain goes down through the silt and sand and the floods waste into the seas. We'll fight for BritaRate it:

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Johanna Sebus
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THE DAM BREAKS DOWN, THE ICE-PLAIN GROWLS, THE FLOODS ARISE, THE WATER HOWLS. "I'll bear thee, mother, across the swell, 'Tis not yet high, I can...Rate it:

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Emma Lazarus
its keen lightnings white, Thunder and floods: new light The glimmering low east streaks. The denseRate it:

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
into one, Plunges upon the shore, and floods the dun Pale reach of sands, and changes theRate it:

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Mountain Pictures
John Greenleaf Whittier
woods, Smile down in rainbows from your falling floods, And on your kingly brows at morn and eve SeRate it:

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Night Song
Georg Trakl
Over nocturnal dark floods I sing my sad songs, Songs which bleed like wounds. However, no heart carries them to me again Through the darkness....Rate it:

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Night Wind
John Clare
of the rain Roaring as rivers breaking loose in floods To spread and foam and deluge all the plain Rate it:

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On The Discoveries Of Captain Lewis (January 14, 1807)
Joel Barlow
roll northward his earth-draining floods, And surge the broad waves to the pole. With the same soaRate it:

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Psalm 93
Isaac Watts
ages stood, Thyself the ever-living God. Like floods, the angry nations rise, And aim their rage aRate it:

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William Wordsworth
that pipe could draw Like sounds of winds and floods; Had built a bower upon the green, As if shRate it:

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