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Distant View Of England From The Sea
William Lisle Bowles
Yes! from mine eyes the tears unbidden start, As thee, my country, and the long-lost sight Of thy own cliffs, that lift their summits white Above t...Rate it:

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XIV. On a Distant View of England.
William Lisle Bowles
AH! from my eyes the tears unbidden start, Albion! as now thy cliffs (that bright appear Far o'er the wave, and their proud summits rear To meet...Rate it:

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On A Distant View Of The Village And School Of The Harrow Hill
George Gordon Lord Byron
Oh! mihi præteritos referat si Jupiter annos.~Virgil Ye scenes of my childhood, whose lov'd recollection Embitters the present, compar'd with the...Rate it:

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Sonnet LXXXIII. The Sea View
Charlotte Smith
THE upland shepherd, as reclined he lies On the soft turf that clothes the mountain brow, Marks the bright sea-line mingling with the skies; Or fro...Rate it:

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England, My England
William Ernest Henley
WHAT have I done for you, England, my England? What is there I would not do, England, my own? With your glorious eyes austere, As the Lo...Rate it:

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Elegy XXI. Taking a View of the Country From His Retirement
William Shenstone
Thus Damon sung-What though unknown to praise, Umbrageous coverts hide my Muse and me, Or mid the rural shepherds flow my days? Amid the rural shep...Rate it:

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The Distant Ship
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
The sea-bird's wing, o'er ocean's breast Shoots like a glancing star, While the red radiance of the west Spreads kindling fast and far; And yet tha...Rate it:

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Niobe In Distress For Her Children Slain By Apollo, From Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book VI. And From A View Of The Painting Of Mr. Richard Wilson
Phillis Wheatley
Apollo's wrath to man the dreadful spring Of ills innum'rous, tuneful goddess, sing! Thou who did'st first th' ideal pencil give, And taught'st the...Rate it:

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View From The Top Of Black Comb
William Wordsworth
THIS Height a ministering Angel might select: For from the summit of BLACK COMB (dread name Derived from clouds and storms!) the amplest range Of u...Rate it:

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A Bird’s-Eye View
Christina Georgina Rossetti
'Croak, croak, croak,' Thus the Raven spoke, Perched on his crooked tree As hoarse as hoarse could be. Shun him and fear him, Lest the Bridegroom h...Rate it:

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A Distant Spring
Charles Hanson Towne
I who love the Spring so well Shall be sleeping, some glad day, When her hosts come back to dwell In their old, familiar way. I shall live, alas! ...Rate it:

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Bound for your distant home
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Bound for your distant home you were leaving alien lands. In an hour as sad as I’ve known I wept over your hands. My hands were numb and cold, stil...Rate it:

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Distant Hills
John Clare
What is there in those distant hills My fancy longs to see, That many a mood of joy instils? Say what can fancy be? Do old oaks thicken all the wo...Rate it:

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Distant Storms
Kurt Philip Behm
While calling to the ages, I gave up on today All voiced precipitation, for someone else to spray Writing above what’s forecast, with reade...Rate it:

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Distant Thunder
Kurt Philip Behm
We were there, but we weren’t We took part, and we didn’t There was war, with all affected There was death, and some objected There was...Rate it:

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Distant Time
Rabindranath Tagore
I know not from what distant time thou art ever coming nearer to meet me. Thy sun and stars can never keep thee hidden from me for aye. In many...Rate it:

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God is a distant—stately Lover
Emily Dickinson
God is a distant—stately Lover— Woos, as He states us—by His Son— Verily, a Vicarious Courtship— "Miles", and "Priscilla", were such an One— But, ...Rate it:

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Lines. Oh! To Some Distant Scene
William Cowper
Oh! to some distant scene, a willing exile From the wild roar of this busy world, Were it my fate with Delia to retire, With her to wander through ...Rate it:

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Ode On A Distant Prospect Of Eton College
Thomas Gray
Ye distant spires, ye antique towers, That crown the watry glade, Where grateful ScienceÊ still adores Her Henry'sÊ holy shade; And yeÊ that from t...Rate it:

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Shadows Fall Distant
Kurt Philip Behm
Late September holds onto the summer like that promise you made —you can never forget Late September holds onto the summer as shadows fall...Rate it:

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The Distant Drum
Henry Lawson
Republicans! the time is coming! Listen to the distant drumming! Hearken to the whispers humming In the troubled atmosphere. Ye are born to do the...Rate it:

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The Voice Distant
Kurt Philip Behm
The more you wander, the longer the road will become The more you struggle, the tighter the knot has you strung The more you worry, the da...Rate it:

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Upon the mountain's distant head
William Cullen Bryant
Upon the mountain's distant head, With trackless snows for ever white, Where all is still, and cold, and dead, Late shines the day's departing ligh...Rate it:

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Beyond His View
Kurt Philip Behm
Writing about life… he was powerless over death, life was what he was good at Death, a combination of all he would never understand and al...Rate it:

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View Me, Lord, a Work of Thine
Thomas Campion
View me, Lord, a work of thine! Shall I then lie downed in night? Might thy grace in me but shine, I should seem made all of light. Cleanse me, Lo...Rate it:

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