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William Lisle Bowles
As o'er these hills I take my silent rounds, Still on that vision which is flown I dwell, On images I loved, alas, too well! Now past, and but reme...Rate it:

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Historical Associations
Robert Louis Stevenson
Dear Uncle Jim. this garden ground That now you smoke your pipe around, has seen immortal actions done And valiant battles lost and won. Here ...Rate it:

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Boscastle Waterfall and Quarry
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
you know. The houses, with all their daily life—associations of comfort, force you to think how manRate it:

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Fears In Solitude
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
in Courts, Committees, Institutions, Associations and Societies, A vain, speach-mouthing, speech-reRate it:

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Molecular Evolution
James Clerk Maxwell
though they seem to cling together, And form "associations" here, Yet, soon or late, they burst tRate it:

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Now List To My Morning's Romanza
Walt Whitman
parents, brothers and sisters, associations, employment, politics, so that the rest Rate it:

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On a Fork of Byron's
James Brunton Stephens
poet-stories doubtless hanging thereby,— Associations such as gold can ne'er buy. For 'twixt the fRate it:

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Song Of The Exposition
Walt Whitman
Dante--nor myriad memories, poems, old associations, magnetize and hold on to her? But Rate it:

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The Alternative - 1927
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Bet,' remarked her husband, Otto. 'If you join associations you must then adopt the motto.' Betty Rate it:

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The Ghost of Miltiades
Thomas Moore
of various nations, But, spite of his classical associations, Lord how he loathes the Greek quotatiRate it:

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The Golden Mile-Stone. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The First)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
sculptures, But we cannot Buy with gold the old associations! Rate it:

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