Famous poems by Sir Philip Sidney:

Astrophel and Stella LXXXIV: HIGHWAYRate it:
Astrophel and Stella VII: WhenNature Made her Chief WorkRate it:
Astrophel And Stella-Eleventh SongRate it:
Astrophel And Stella-First SongRate it:
Astrophel And Stella-Sonnet LIVRate it:
Astrophel And Stella-Sonnet XXXIRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: IRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: IIIRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: LXIVRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: LXXIRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: XCIIRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: XLIRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: XVRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: XXRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: XXIIIRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: XXXIRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: XXXIIIRate it:
Astrophel and Stella: XXXIXRate it:
Come Sleep, O Sleep! The Certain Knot Of PeaceRate it:
Leave Me, O Love Which Reachest But To DustRate it:
Leave Me, O Love, Which Reachest But to DustRate it:
Loving In Truth, And Fain In Verse My Love To ShowRate it:
My True Love Hath My Heart, And I Have HisRate it:
My True-Love Hath My HeartRate it:
PhilomelaRate it:
Psalm 139Rate it:
Psalm 19: Coeli EnarrantRate it:
Psalm 23Rate it:
Psalm 93Rate it:
Ring Out Your BellsRate it:
SleepRate it:
SongRate it:
Song from ArcadiaRate it:
Sonnet 100: Oh Tears, No TearsRate it:
Sonnet 101: Stella Is SickRate it:
Sonnet 102: Wher Be Those Roses GoneRate it:
Sonnet 103: Oh Happy ThamesRate it:
Sonnet 104: Envious witsRate it:
Sonnet 105: Unhappy SightRate it:
Sonnet 106: Oh Absent PresenceRate it:
Sonnet 107: Stella, Since Thou So RightRate it:
Sonnet 108: When SorrowRate it:
Sonnet 10: ReasonRate it:
Sonnet 32: Morpheus The Lively SonRate it:
Sonnet 34: Come Let Me WriteRate it:
Sonnet 35: What May Words SayRate it:
Sonnet 36: Stella, Whence Doth ThisRate it:
Sonnet 37: My Mouth Doth WaterRate it:
Sonnet 38: This Night While Sleep BeginsRate it:
Sonnet 40: As Good To WriteRate it:
Sonnet 41: Having This Day My HorseRate it:
Sonnet 42: Oh Eyes, Which Do The SpheresRate it:
Sonnet 43: Fair Eyes, Sweet LipsRate it:
Sonnet 44: My Words, I Know Do WellRate it:
Sonnet 45: Stella Oft SeesRate it:
Sonnet 46: I Curs'd Thee OftRate it:
Sonnet 47: What, Have I thus Betray'dRate it:
Sonnet 48: Soul's Joy, Bend NotRate it:
Sonnet 50: Stella, The Fullness Of My ThoughtsRate it:
Sonnet 51: Pardon Mine EarsRate it:
Sonnet 52: A Strife Is GrownRate it:
Sonnet 53: In Martial SportsRate it:
Sonnet 54: Because I BreatheRate it:
Sonnet 55: Muses, I Oft InvokedRate it:
Sonnet 56: Fie, School Of PatienceRate it:
Sonnet 57: Woe, Having Made With Many FightsRate it:
Sonnet 58: Doubt There Hath BeenRate it:
Sonnet 59: Dear, Why Make You MoreRate it:
Sonnet 5: It Is Most TrueRate it:
Sonnet 60: When My Good Angel Guides MeRate it:
Sonnet 61: Oft With True SighsRate it:
Sonnet 62: Late, Tir'd With WoeRate it:
Sonnet 63: Oh Grammar RulesRate it:
Sonnet 65: Love By Sure ProofRate it:
Sonnet 66: And Do I See Some CauseRate it:
Sonnet 67: Hope, Art Thou TrueRate it:
Sonnet 68: Stella, The Only PlanetRate it:
Sonnet 69: Oh Joy, Too High For My Low StyleRate it:
Sonnet 6: Some Lovers SpeakRate it:
Sonnet 70: My Muse May well GrudgeRate it:
Sonnet 72: Desire, Though Thou My Old Companion ArtRate it:
Sonnet 73: Love Still A BoyRate it:
Sonnet 74: I Never DrankRate it:
Sonnet 75: Of All The KingsRate it:
Sonnet 76: She Comes, And Straight TherewithRate it:
Sonnet 77: Those Looks, Whose Beams Be JoyRate it:
Sonnet 78: Oh How The Pleasant AirsRate it:
Sonnet 79: Sweet kiss, Thy Sweets I FainRate it:
Sonnet 7: When NatureRate it:
Sonnet 80: Sweet Swelling LipRate it:
Sonnet 81: Oh Kiss, Which DostRate it:
Sonnet 82: Nymph Of The GardenRate it:
Sonnet 83: Good, Brother PhilipRate it:
Sonnet 85: I See The HouseRate it:
Sonnet 86: Alas, Whence Come This Change Of Looks?Rate it:
Sonnet 87: When I Was Forc'd From StellaRate it:
Sonnet 88: Out, Traitor AbsenceRate it:
Sonnet 89: Now, That Of AbsenceRate it:
Sonnet 8: Love, Born In GreeceRate it:
Sonnet 90: Stella, Think Not That IRate it:
Sonnet 91: Stella While NowRate it:
Sonnet 92: Be Your Words MadeRate it:
Sonnet 93: Oh Fate, Oh FaultRate it:
Sonnet 94: Grief Find The WordsRate it:
Sonnet 95: Yet Sighs, dear SighsRate it:
Sonnet 96: Thought, With Good CauseRate it:
Sonnet 97: Dian, That Fain Would CheerRate it:
Sonnet 98: Ah Bed, The field Where Joy's PeaceRate it:
Sonnet 99: When Far-Spent NightRate it:
Sonnet 9: Queen Virtue's CourtRate it:
Sonnet I: Loving In TruthRate it:
Sonnet II: Not At First SightRate it:
Sonnet III: With how sad stepsRate it:
Sonnet IV: Virtue, AlasRate it:
Sonnet IX: Queen Virtue's CourtRate it:
Sonnet LXIV: No More, My DearRate it:
Sonnet LXXI: Who Will in Fairest BookRate it:
Sonnet LXXXIV: HighwayRate it:
Sonnet V: It Is Most TrueRate it:
Sonnet VI: Some Lovers SpeakRate it:
Sonnet VII: When NatureRate it:
Sonnet VIII: Love, Born In GreeceRate it:
Sonnet X: ReasonRate it:
Sonnet XCII: Be Your Words MadeRate it:
Sonnet XI: In Truth, Oh LoveRate it:
Sonnet XII: Cupid, Because ThouRate it:
Sonnet XIII: Phoebus Was JudgeRate it:
Sonnet XIV: Alas, Have I NotRate it:
Sonnet XIX: On Cupid's BowRate it:
Sonnet XLI: Having This Day My HorseRate it:
Sonnet XV: You That Do SearchRate it:
Sonnet XVI: In Nature AptRate it:
Sonnet XVII: His Mother Dear CupidRate it:
Sonnet XVIII: With What Sharp ChecksRate it:
Sonnet XX: Fly, Fly, My FriendsRate it:
Sonnet XXI: Your Words, My FriendRate it:
Sonnet XXII: In Highest Way of Heav'nRate it:
Sonnet XXIII: The Curious WitsRate it:
Sonnet XXIV: Rich Fools There BeRate it:
Sonnet XXIX: Like Some Weak LordsRate it:
Sonnet XXV: The Wisest ScholarRate it:
Sonnet XXVI: Though Dusty WitsRate it:
Sonnet XXVII: Because I OftRate it:
Sonnet XXVIII: You That With Allegory's Curious FrameRate it:
Sonnet XXX: Whether the Turkish New MoonRate it:
Sonnet XXXI: With How Sad Steps, O MoonRate it:
Sonnet XXXIII: I MightRate it:
Sonnet XXXIX: Come, Sleep!Rate it:
Splendidis longum valedico NugisRate it:
The BargainRate it:
The HighwayRate it:
This Lady's CrueltyRate it:
Thou Blind Man's MarkRate it:
To The Sad MoonRate it:
Voices at the WindowRate it:
You Gote-heard GodsRate it:

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