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Rev Dr John A Newton CBE is a prominent Methodist minister, author, historian and former President of the Methodist Conference.

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Now May He Who From The Dead 381 ViewsRate it:
Dagon Before The Ark 239 ViewsRate it:
Zion, Or The City Of God 213 ViewsRate it:
Amazing Grace 173 ViewsRate it:
In Evil Long I Took Delight 161 ViewsRate it:
Prayer Answered by Crosses 153 ViewsRate it:
Zaccheus 153 ViewsRate it:
Naaman 135 ViewsRate it:
That Rock Was Christ 128 ViewsRate it:
My Name Is Jacob 127 ViewsRate it:
The Leper 124 ViewsRate it:
The Exorcists 123 ViewsRate it:
The Prodigal Son 122 ViewsRate it:
Waiting For Spring 121 ViewsRate it:
David's Fall 120 ViewsRate it:
The Gourd 120 ViewsRate it:
To The Afflicted, Tossed With Tempests And Not Comforted 119 ViewsRate it:
Look Unto Me, And Be Ye Saved 118 ViewsRate it:
The Believer's Safety 118 ViewsRate it:
When Hannah Pressed With Grief 117 ViewsRate it:
More With Us Than With Them 115 ViewsRate it:
The Worldling 115 ViewsRate it:
Ask What I Shall Give Thee (III) 114 ViewsRate it:
The Resurrection And The Life 114 ViewsRate it:
Gibeon 112 ViewsRate it:
Is This Thy Kindness To Thy Friend (Christ A Redeemer And Friend) 112 ViewsRate it:
The Hiding Place 112 ViewsRate it:
The Legion Dispossessed 112 ViewsRate it:
On The Death Of A Believer 111 ViewsRate it:
The Death Of Stephen 111 ViewsRate it:
He Led Them By A Right Way 109 ViewsRate it:
The Good Physician 109 ViewsRate it:
Walking With God 109 ViewsRate it:
Father Forgive Them 106 ViewsRate it:
The Believer's Safety (II) 106 ViewsRate it:
The Effort 105 ViewsRate it:
Ebenezer 104 ViewsRate it:
Esau 104 ViewsRate it:
Laodicea 104 ViewsRate it:
On Dreaming 104 ViewsRate it:
The Moon In Silver Glory Shone 104 ViewsRate it:
Jacob's Ladder 103 ViewsRate it:
Bartimaeus 102 ViewsRate it:
Joy and Peace in Believing 102 ViewsRate it:
Plenty In A Time Of Dearth 102 ViewsRate it:
The Blasted Fig-Tree 102 ViewsRate it:
The Good Samaritan 102 ViewsRate it:
Vanity Of The Creature Sanctified 102 ViewsRate it:
Cain And Abel 101 ViewsRate it:
The Disciples At Sea 101 ViewsRate it:
The Good That I Would I Do Not 101 ViewsRate it:
A Sick Soul 100 ViewsRate it:
How Lost Was My Condition 100 ViewsRate it:
Humbled And Silenced By Mercy 100 ViewsRate it:
The Meal And Cruse Of Oil 100 ViewsRate it:
The Lord's Call To His Children 98 ViewsRate it:
Time How Swift 98 ViewsRate it:
The Inward Warfare 97 ViewsRate it:
Oh That I Were As In Months Past! 97 ViewsRate it:
The Beggar 97 ViewsRate it:
The Heart Taken 97 ViewsRate it:
The Rich Man And Lazarus 97 ViewsRate it:
The World 97 ViewsRate it:
Men Honoured Above Angels 96 ViewsRate it:
Queen Of Sheba 96 ViewsRate it:
The Book Of Creation 94 ViewsRate it:
Ask What I Shall Give Thee (II) 91 ViewsRate it:
Weeping Mary 91 ViewsRate it:
Peter Walking Upon The Water 90 ViewsRate it:
Salvation Drawing Nearer 90 ViewsRate it:
The Two Debtors 90 ViewsRate it:
The Bitter Waters 89 ViewsRate it:
None Upon Earth I Desire Besides Thee 89 ViewsRate it:
Dwelling In Mesech 88 ViewsRate it:
Harvest 87 ViewsRate it:
Martha And Mary 87 ViewsRate it:
My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee 86 ViewsRate it:
Ask What I Shall Give Thee (I) 85 ViewsRate it:
The Lord Is My Portion 85 ViewsRate it:
Old-Testament Gospel 84 ViewsRate it:
Satan Returning 84 ViewsRate it:
The Milch Kine Drawing The Ark : Faith's Surrender Of All 84 ViewsRate it:
The Rebel's Surrender To Grace (Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?) 84 ViewsRate it:
What Shall I Render 84 ViewsRate it:
The Garden 83 ViewsRate it:
They Shall Be Mine, Saith The Lord 83 ViewsRate it:
The Golden Calf 81 ViewsRate it:
We Were Pharaoh's Bondmen 81 ViewsRate it:
Philadelphia 79 ViewsRate it:
Smyrna 79 ViewsRate it:
The Little Book 79 ViewsRate it:
The Foolish Virgins 78 ViewsRate it:
A Brand Plucked Out Of The Fire 76 ViewsRate it:
The Importunate Widow 76 ViewsRate it:
Trust Of The Wicked, And The Righteous Compared 76 ViewsRate it:
Peter Released From Prison 75 ViewsRate it:
The Great Tribunal 73 ViewsRate it:
How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds 72 ViewsRate it:
The Lodestone 72 ViewsRate it:
The Lord Will Provide 71 ViewsRate it:
The Trembling Jailer 71 ViewsRate it:
Quiet, Lord, My Froward Heart 68 ViewsRate it:
Adam 68 ViewsRate it:
Elijah Fed By Ravens 68 ViewsRate it:
Vanity Of Life 68 ViewsRate it:
The True Aaron 67 ViewsRate it:
But One Loaf 66 ViewsRate it:
Lot In Sodom 66 ViewsRate it:
Faith's Review and Expectation (Amazing Grace) 65 ViewsRate it:
Sampson's Lion 65 ViewsRate it:
The Woman Of Samaria 65 ViewsRate it:
Jericho; or, The Waters Healed 64 ViewsRate it:
Pleading For Mercy 61 ViewsRate it:
The Day of Judgement 61 ViewsRate it:
Saul's Armor 60 ViewsRate it:
The Ruler's Daughter Raised 59 ViewsRate it:
The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength 58 ViewsRate it:
Balaam's Wish 57 ViewsRate it:
A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than A Brother 56 ViewsRate it:
The Wheat And Tares 55 ViewsRate it:
Time How Short 54 ViewsRate it:
Bitter and Sweet 53 ViewsRate it:
Manna Hoarded 50 ViewsRate it:
What Think Ye Of Christ? 49 ViewsRate it:
Gideon's Fleece 48 ViewsRate it:
Love-Tokens 48 ViewsRate it:
The Believer's Danger, Safety, And Duty 48 ViewsRate it:
Paul's Voyage 47 ViewsRate it:
The Word Quick And Powerful 46 ViewsRate it:
Woman Of Canaan 46 ViewsRate it:
At the Close of the Year 44 ViewsRate it:
The Barren Fig-Tree 44 ViewsRate it:
Will Ye Also Go Away? 44 ViewsRate it:
The Borrowed Axe 41 ViewsRate it:
Lovest Thou Me? 39 ViewsRate it:
The Refuge, River, And Rock Of The Church 38 ViewsRate it:
Belshazzar 37 ViewsRate it:
Peter Sinning And Repenting 36 ViewsRate it:
The Pool Of Bethesda 34 ViewsRate it:
The Creatures In The Lord's Hands 33 ViewsRate it:
Looking Unto Jesus 32 ViewsRate it:
Saturday Evening 31 ViewsRate it:
Manna To Israel Well Supplied 30 ViewsRate it:
Joseph Made Known To His Brethren 29 ViewsRate it:
On One Stone Shall Be Seven Eyes 29 ViewsRate it:
The Two Malefactors 29 ViewsRate it:
The Change 28 ViewsRate it:
The Power And Triumph Of Faith 28 ViewsRate it:
Ephesus 26 ViewsRate it:
Praise for the Incarnation 25 ViewsRate it:
True and False Zeal 25 ViewsRate it:

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