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Dorothy Parker was an American poet, short story writer, critic and satirist, best known for her wit, wisecracks, and eye for 20th-century urban foibles.

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Song Of One Of The Girls 1,980 ViewsRate it:
Inventory 664 ViewsRate it:
Solace 547 ViewsRate it:
One Perfect Rose 505 ViewsRate it:
Penelope 470 ViewsRate it:
Prayer For A Prayer 435 ViewsRate it:
A Pig's-Eye View Of Literature 412 ViewsRate it:
But Not Forgotten 412 ViewsRate it:
The Red Dress 405 ViewsRate it:
Light Of Love 398 ViewsRate it:
The Second Oldest Story 398 ViewsRate it:
To Newcastle 392 ViewsRate it:
Interior 391 ViewsRate it:
Little Words 385 ViewsRate it:
The Evening Primrose 383 ViewsRate it:
Frustration 382 ViewsRate it:
The Veteran 379 ViewsRate it:
Epitaph for a Darling Lady 373 ViewsRate it:
Fulfillment 373 ViewsRate it:
They Part 373 ViewsRate it:
The Searched Soul 373 ViewsRate it:
News Item 371 ViewsRate it:
Coda 370 ViewsRate it:
The Willow 369 ViewsRate it:
Bohemia 365 ViewsRate it:
Landscape 365 ViewsRate it:
The Last Question 363 ViewsRate it:
Surprise 362 ViewsRate it:
Renunciation 359 ViewsRate it:
Story 353 ViewsRate it:
Interview 350 ViewsRate it:
Portrait of the Artist 350 ViewsRate it:
Men 349 ViewsRate it:
Victoria 348 ViewsRate it:
The White Lady 346 ViewsRate it:
For A Favorite Granddaughter 334 ViewsRate it:
Purposely Ungrammatical Love Song 333 ViewsRate it:
Lines On Reading Too Many Poets 327 ViewsRate it:
The Burned Child 317 ViewsRate it:
After Spanish Proverb 310 ViewsRate it:
Roundel 301 ViewsRate it:
Social Note 293 ViewsRate it:
Pattern 290 ViewsRate it:
Comment 258 ViewsRate it:
D.G. Rossetti 258 ViewsRate it:
Unfortunate Coincidence 240 ViewsRate it:
A Very Short Song 229 ViewsRate it:
Resumé 218 ViewsRate it:
Fable 204 ViewsRate it:
A Certain Lady 190 ViewsRate it:
The Apple Tree 175 ViewsRate it:
The Sea 172 ViewsRate it:
Wail 172 ViewsRate it:
Love Song 170 ViewsRate it:
A Fairly Sad Tale 159 ViewsRate it:
Sanctuary 158 ViewsRate it:
Tombstones in the Starlight 152 ViewsRate it:
For A Lady Who Must Write Verse 149 ViewsRate it:
The Thin Edge 148 ViewsRate it:
Verse For a Certain Dog 148 ViewsRate it:
The False Friends 147 ViewsRate it:
Wisdom 144 ViewsRate it:
Mortal Enemy 143 ViewsRate it:
Observation 142 ViewsRate it:
The Leal 141 ViewsRate it:
Prophetic Soul 139 ViewsRate it:
Ballade Of A Talked-Off Ear 138 ViewsRate it:
Requiescat 138 ViewsRate it:
Partial Comfort 134 ViewsRate it:
Symptom Recital 133 ViewsRate it:
Iseult Of Brittany 130 ViewsRate it:
Of a Woman, Dead Young 130 ViewsRate it:
The Small Hours 128 ViewsRate it:
Rhyme Against Living 128 ViewsRate it:
Ninon De Lenclos, On Her Last Birthday 128 ViewsRate it:
Anecdote 127 ViewsRate it:
Faute De Mieux 127 ViewsRate it:
Second Love 127 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet On An Alpine Night 127 ViewsRate it:
The Danger Of Writing Defiant Verse 126 ViewsRate it:
The Satin Dress 126 ViewsRate it:
Thought For A Sunshiny Morning 126 ViewsRate it:
De Profundis 125 ViewsRate it:
Ornithology For Beginners 125 ViewsRate it:
Ultimatum 125 ViewsRate it:
Liebestod 124 ViewsRate it:
The Dramatists 121 ViewsRate it:
Autumn Valentine 120 ViewsRate it:
I Know I Have Been Happiest 120 ViewsRate it:
The Lady's Reward 120 ViewsRate it:
Summary 119 ViewsRate it:
Distance 118 ViewsRate it:
Autobiography 118 ViewsRate it:
Ballade at Thirty-five 118 ViewsRate it:
Words of Comfort to Be Scratched on a Mirror 116 ViewsRate it:
George Sand 113 ViewsRate it:
Transition 113 ViewsRate it:
Chant For Dark Hours 112 ViewsRate it:
Convalescent 112 ViewsRate it:
Somebody's Song 110 ViewsRate it:
For An Unknown Lady 109 ViewsRate it:
Philosophy 109 ViewsRate it:
Prisoner 109 ViewsRate it:
Inscription for the Ceiling of a Bedroom 108 ViewsRate it:
The Choice 108 ViewsRate it:
Parable For A Certain Virgin 107 ViewsRate it:
There Was One 107 ViewsRate it:
Healed 106 ViewsRate it:
The Trifler 106 ViewsRate it:
Walter Savage Landor 106 ViewsRate it:
A Dream Lies Dead 105 ViewsRate it:
Lullaby 105 ViewsRate it:
Godmother 104 ViewsRate it:
Nocturne 100 ViewsRate it:
Prologue to a Saga 99 ViewsRate it:
Charles Dickens 98 ViewsRate it:
From A Letter From Lesbia 98 ViewsRate it:
Ballade Of A Great Weariness 96 ViewsRate it:
Fair Weather 94 ViewsRate it:
Threnody 94 ViewsRate it:
Hearthside 92 ViewsRate it:
Song in a Minor Key 92 ViewsRate it:
Theory 92 ViewsRate it:
Oscar Wilde 91 ViewsRate it:
Pour Prendre Conge 91 ViewsRate it:
Paths 90 ViewsRate it:
Godspeed 88 ViewsRate it:
Epitaph 88 ViewsRate it:
Experience 88 ViewsRate it:
Guinevere at Her Fireside 88 ViewsRate it:
Plea 88 ViewsRate it:
Sight 87 ViewsRate it:
A Well-Worn Story 86 ViewsRate it:
For A Sad Lady 86 ViewsRate it:
Harriet Beecher Stowe 86 ViewsRate it:
August 85 ViewsRate it:
Incurable 85 ViewsRate it:
Salome's Dancing-Lesson 84 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet For The End Of A Sequence 83 ViewsRate it:
Dilemma 82 ViewsRate it:
Indian Summer 82 ViewsRate it:
Superfluous Advice 81 ViewsRate it:
Two-Volume Novel 80 ViewsRate it:
The Gentlest Lady 77 ViewsRate it:
The Immortals 77 ViewsRate it:
The Little Old Lady in Lavender Silk 77 ViewsRate it:
Afternoon 73 ViewsRate it:
My Own 73 ViewsRate it:
Prayer For a New Mother 71 ViewsRate it:
Braggart 70 ViewsRate it:
Daylight Saving 69 ViewsRate it:
On Being A Woman 69 ViewsRate it:
The Whistling Girl 69 ViewsRate it:
Ballade of Unfortunate Mammals 68 ViewsRate it:
Now At Liberty 68 ViewsRate it:
Sweet Violets 68 ViewsRate it:
Fighting Words 67 ViewsRate it:
Garden-Spot 67 ViewsRate it:
Rainy Night 67 ViewsRate it:
I Shall Come Back 66 ViewsRate it:
A Portrait 64 ViewsRate it:
Vers Demode 64 ViewsRate it:
Condolence 63 ViewsRate it:
Story of Mrs. W- 62 ViewsRate it:
The Dark Girl's Rhyme 62 ViewsRate it:
Alexandre Dumas And His Son 61 ViewsRate it:
Song of Perfect Propriety 61 ViewsRate it:
The New Love 60 ViewsRate it:
Alfred, Lord Tennyson 59 ViewsRate it:
Testament 59 ViewsRate it:
To A Much Too Unfortunate Lady 58 ViewsRate it:
Recurrence 57 ViewsRate it:
Reuben's Children 57 ViewsRate it:
The Trusting Heart 57 ViewsRate it:
George Gissing 56 ViewsRate it:
Temps Perdu 55 ViewsRate it:
Post-Graduate 54 ViewsRate it:
Finis 53 ViewsRate it:
Cherry White 52 ViewsRate it:
Rondeau Redoublé 51 ViewsRate it:
Thomas Carlyle 50 ViewsRate it:
Neither Bloody Nor Bowed 49 ViewsRate it:
The Homebody 49 ViewsRate it:
The Maid-Servant At The Inn 46 ViewsRate it:
The Flaw In Paganism 44 ViewsRate it:
Bric-a-Brac 41 ViewsRate it:
Midnight 33 ViewsRate it:
On Cheating The Fiddler 33 ViewsRate it:

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