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Anna Akhmatova was born in 1889 in Odessa on the Black Sea coast. In 1910 she married Nikolai Gumilev, who was also a poet. He was shot as an alleged counter-revolutionary in 1921. Very little of Akhmatova's poetry was published between 1923 and 1941. After Stalin's death her poetry began to be published again. She died in 1966, in a suburb of Moscow.

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Memory of Sun 145 ViewsRate it:
The Last Toast 128 ViewsRate it:
My hands clasped under a veil 127 ViewsRate it:
Sunbeam 127 ViewsRate it:
Rachel 126 ViewsRate it:
Muse 123 ViewsRate it:
You, Who was Born for Poetry's Creation 122 ViewsRate it:
I Have No Use For Odic Legions 115 ViewsRate it:
Music 114 ViewsRate it:
Here Pushkin’s Endless Exile Has Begun 113 ViewsRate it:
And as it's Going 111 ViewsRate it:
The Sentence 111 ViewsRate it:
You Will Hear Thunder 108 ViewsRate it:
Alexander By Thebes 108 ViewsRate it:
Our Native Earth 107 ViewsRate it:
Shade 107 ViewsRate it:
A widow in black 106 ViewsRate it:
Along the hard crust of deep snows 103 ViewsRate it:
Thoughts Of The Sunlight 103 ViewsRate it:
Lot's Wife 102 ViewsRate it:
March Elegy 102 ViewsRate it:
I Taught Myself to Live Simply 101 ViewsRate it:
Sunshine Has Filled The Room 99 ViewsRate it:
For Osip Mandelstam 96 ViewsRate it:
I Don't Like Flowers 92 ViewsRate it:
To Boris Pasternak 90 ViewsRate it:
I Don't Know If You're Alive Or Dead 88 ViewsRate it:
Somewhere there is a simple life 85 ViewsRate it:
Reading 'Hamlet' 83 ViewsRate it:
As a white stone in the well's cool deepness 81 ViewsRate it:
Song Of The Final Meeting 78 ViewsRate it:
But Listen, I Am Warning You 77 ViewsRate it:
True Tenderness 77 ViewsRate it:
The Two Of Us Won’t Share A Glass Together 76 ViewsRate it:
You'll live, but I'll not; perhaps 75 ViewsRate it:
To The Muse 75 ViewsRate it:
And you, my friends who have been called away 71 ViewsRate it:
I Saw My Friend At The Front Door 70 ViewsRate it:
Twenty-First. Night. Monday 70 ViewsRate it:
Greetings! 69 ViewsRate it:
To Fall Ill as One Should, Deliriously 69 ViewsRate it:
Requiem 68 ViewsRate it:
He Did Love 65 ViewsRate it:
Crucifix 62 ViewsRate it:
In Dream 61 ViewsRate it:
Why Is This Age Worse...? 60 ViewsRate it:
Thunder 59 ViewsRate it:
Now no-one will be listening to songs 59 ViewsRate it:
I Was Born in the Right Time, in Whole 58 ViewsRate it:
Everything 57 ViewsRate it:
Gray-Eyed King 57 ViewsRate it:
One goes in straightforward ways 56 ViewsRate it:
Solitude 56 ViewsRate it:
This Evening’s Light Is Golden Bright 55 ViewsRate it:
Let Somebody Else Rest by Southern Sea 54 ViewsRate it:
Departure 53 ViewsRate it:
If the Moon on the skies Does not Roam 52 ViewsRate it:
Lying in me 48 ViewsRate it:
They Didn’t Meet 48 ViewsRate it:
How can you bear to look at the Neva? 47 ViewsRate it:
In Human Closeness there is a Secret Edge 47 ViewsRate it:
In The Evening 47 ViewsRate it:
The Victory 47 ViewsRate it:
Willow 46 ViewsRate it:
You Thought I Was That Type 46 ViewsRate it:
How Many Demands... 44 ViewsRate it:
Here is my gift 42 ViewsRate it:
Under Her Dark Veil 39 ViewsRate it:
I Hear the Oriole's Always-Grieving Voice 38 ViewsRate it:
So again we triumph! 37 ViewsRate it:
The Pillow Hot 37 ViewsRate it:
Celebrate 36 ViewsRate it:
There are the words that couldn’t be twice said 32 ViewsRate it:
In Memory of M.B. 30 ViewsRate it:
To the Many 29 ViewsRate it:
I Wrung My Hands 28 ViewsRate it:
White Night 28 ViewsRate it:
My Way 21 ViewsRate it:
And As It's Going... 0 ViewsRate it:
And Pushkin's Exile Had 0 ViewsRate it:
As a White Stone 0 ViewsRate it:

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