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A Grave
Marianne Moore
Man looking into the sea, taking the view from those who have as much right to it as you have to it yourself, it is human nature to stan...Rate it:

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A Hearty Breakfast
Nikhil Parekh
I coated roasted bread periphery with surplus extracts of cow butter, stuffed hollow spaces between twin slices with squashed tomato curry, baked...Rate it:

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A Home-Made Fairy Tale
James Whitcomb Riley
Bud, come here to your uncle a spell, And I'll tell you something you mustn't tell-- For it's a secret and shore-'nuf true, And maybe I oughtn't to...Rate it:

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A Letter From Li Po
Conrad Potter Aiken
Fanfare of northwest wind, a bluejay wind announces autumn, and the equinox rolls back blue bays to a far afternoon. Somewhere beyond the Gorge Li ...Rate it:

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A Letter From the Front
Sir Henry Newbolt
I was out early to-day, spying about From the top of a haystack -- such a lovely morning -- And when I mounted again to canter back I saw across...Rate it:

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A Letter To Monsieur Boileau Despreaux, Occasioned By The Victory At Blenheim
Matthew Prior
Since hired for life, thy servile Muse must sing Successive conquests and a glorious King; Must of a man immortal vainly boast, And bring him laure...Rate it:

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A Meditation
Herman Melville
How often in the years that close, When truce had stilled the sieging gun, The soldiers, mounting on their works, With mutual curious glance have r...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
You are a Tulip seen to-day, But, Dearest, of so short a stay, That where you grew, scarce man can say. You are a lovely July-flower; Yet one rude...Rate it:

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A Message to America
Alan Seeger
You have the grit and the guts, I know; You are ready to answer blow for blow You are virile, combative, stubborn, hard, But your honor ends wit...Rate it:

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A Mock Song
Richard Lovelace
I. Now Whitehall's in the grave, And our head is our slave, The bright pearl in his close shell of oyster; Now the miter is lost, T...Rate it:

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A poem on divine revelation
Hugh Henry Brackenridge
This is a day of happiness, sweet peace, And heavenly sunshine; upon which conven'd In full assembly fair, once more we view, And hail with voic...Rate it:

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A Prayer { For Those Who Shall Return}
Katharine Tynan
LORD, when they come back again From the dreadful battlefield To the common ways of men, Be Thy mercy, Lord, revealed! Make them to forget the dr...Rate it:

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A Reply To A Pessimist
Alfred Austin
O beautiful bright world! for ever young, And now with Wisdom grafted on thy Spring, Why do they slander thee with wailing tongue, And lose the wea...Rate it:

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A Rivulet
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
It is a lovely stream; its wavelets purl As if they echoed to the fall and rise Of the capricious breeze; each upward curl That splashes pearl, mir...Rate it:

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A Short Discourse on Eternity
Michael Wigglesworth
[ 1 ] What Mortal man can with his Span mete out Eternity? Or fathom it by depth of Wit, or strength of Memory? The lofty Sky is not so high, Hell...Rate it:

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A Song of Pitcairn's Island
William Cullen Bryant
Come, take our boy, and we will go Before our cabin door; The winds shall bring us, as they blow, The murmurs of the shore; And we will kiss his yo...Rate it:

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A Song Of The Sandbags
Robert William Service
No, Bill, I'm not a-spooning out no patriotic tosh (The cove be'ind the sandbags ain't a death-or-glory cuss). And though I strafes 'em good an...Rate it:

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A Song Of Winter Weather
Robert William Service
It isn't the foe that we fear; It isn't the bullets that whine; It isn't the business career Of a shell, or the bust of a mine; It isn't th...Rate it:

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A Summer Pilgrimage
John Greenleaf Whittier
To kneel before some saintly shrine, To breathe the health of airs divine, Or bathe where sacred rivers flow, The cowled and turbaned pilgrims go. ...Rate it:

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A Superscription
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Look in my face; my name is Might-have-been; I am also call'd No-more, Too-late, Farewell; Unto thine ear I hold the dead-sea shell Cast up thy Lif...Rate it:

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A Vision of Poesy - Part 01
Henry Timrod
I In a far country, and a distant age, Ere sprites and fays had bade farewell to earth, A boy was born of humble parentage; The stars that shone u...Rate it:

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A Word
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
A word came forth in Galilee, a word like to a star; It climbed and rang and blessed and burnt wherever brave hearts are; A word of sudden secret h...Rate it:

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A Year's Courtship
Henry Timrod
I saw her, Harry, first, in March -- You know the street that leadeth down By the old bridge's crumbling arch? -- Just where it leaves the dusty to...Rate it:

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A-Shelling Peas
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
Now, all the world is green and bright Outside the latticed pane; The fields are decked with gold and white, And Spring has come again. But...Rate it:

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Abba Thule's Lament For His Son Prince Le Boo
William Lisle Bowles
I climb the highest cliff; I hear the sound Of dashing waves; I gaze intent around; I mark the gray cope, and the hollowness Of heaven, and the gre...Rate it:

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