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Fantasy Meal
Nikhil Parekh
Fleshy pulp of juicy melon, fresh green skin of elongated banana, scarlet red complexion of sweet apple, hard olive skull of coastal coconut, o...Rate it:

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Feri's Dream
Frances Darwin Cornford
I Had a little dog, and my dog was very small; He licked me in the face, and he answered to my call; Of all the treasures that were mine, I loved h...Rate it:

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Finis Exoptatus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Boot and saddle, see, the slanting Rays begin to fall, Flinging lights and colours flaunting Through the shadows tall. Onward ! onward ! must we tr...Rate it:

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Emma Lazarus
Light silken curtain, colorless and soft, Dreamlike before me floating! what abides Behind thy pearly veil's Opaque, mysterious woof? Where sleek ...Rate it:

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For a War Memorial
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
(SUGGESTED INSCRIPTION PROBABLY NOT SUGGESTED BY THE COMMITTEE) The hucksters haggle in the mart The cars and carts go by; Senates and schools go ...Rate it:

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For Australia
Henry Lawson
Now, with the wars of the world begun, they'll listen to you and me, Now while the frightened nations run to the arms of democracy, Now, when ou...Rate it:

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Forever Alive
Nikhil Parekh
It was in the light of the candle; that I found mystical enchantment, It was under the austere rays of Sunlight; that I found my lost ardor to exi...Rate it:

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Fortune of War
Herbert Asquith
THE far guns boom: shell-struck the church is rolled Skyward athunder, dust of rose and gold: The staring villa stands. So goes the War: The limeli...Rate it:

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From Faust - Second Part - I.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I. ARIEL. WHEN in spring the gentle rain Breathes into the flower new birth, When the green and happy plain Smiles upon the sons of earth, Hast...Rate it:

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From: An Evening Revery
William Cullen Bryant
FROM AN UNFINISHED POEM The summer day is closed--the sun is set: Well they have done their office, those bright hours, The latest of whose train ...Rate it:

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General Gordon, the Hero of Khartoum
William Topaz McGonagall
Alas! now o'er the civilised world there hangs a gloom For brave General Gordon, that was killed in Khartoum, He was a Christian hero, and a soldie...Rate it:

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Vachel Lindsay
I was but a half-grown boy, You were a girl-child slight. Ah, how weary you were! You had led in the bullock-fight... We slew the bullock at le...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
I to a crumpled cabin came upon a hillside high, And with me was a withered dame As weariful as I. "It used to be our home," she said; "How well I ...Rate it:

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Glenfinlas; or, Lord Ronald's Coronach
Sir Walter Scott
'O hone a rie'! O hone a rie!' The pride of Albin's line is o'er, And fall'n Glenartney's stateliest tree; We ne'er shall see Lord Ronald more!' - ...Rate it:

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Katharine Lee Bates
At the crowded gangway they kissed good-bye. He had half a mind to scold her. An officer's mother and not keep dry The epaulet on his shoulder. ...Rate it:

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Goldilocks And Goldilocks
William Morris
It was Goldilocks woke up in the morn At the first of the shearing of the corn. There stood his mother on the hearth And of new-leased wheat was l...Rate it:

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Grasping For Straws
Mario William Vitale
you have many personalities inside your head face full of lead but I'm still not dead I need love I need you I I am no more than a blade o...Rate it:

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Grass From The Battle-Field
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Small sheaf Of withered grass, that hast not yet revealed Thy story, lo! I see thee once more green And growing on the battle-field, On that last d...Rate it:

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Lesbia Harford
My Man Says I weigh about four ounces, Says I must have hollow legs. And then say I, 'Yes, I've hollow legs and a hollow soul and body. The...Rate it:

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Hampton Beach
John Greenleaf Whittier
THE SUNLIGHT glitters keen and bright, Where, miles away, Lies stretching to my dazzled sight A luminous belt, a misty light, Beyond the dark pine ...Rate it:

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Louise Driscoll
All the men of Harbury go down to the sea in ships, The wind upon their faces, the salt upon their lips. The little boys of Harbury when they ar...Rate it:

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He "Digesteth Harde Yron"
Marianne Moore
Although the aepyornis or roc that lived in Madagascar, and the moa are extinct, the camel-sparrow, linked with them in size--the large sparrow X...Rate it:

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Her Glass.
Robert Crawford
Her glass yet holds, or seems to hold her! But now she visioned herself here; Her glass spoke truth, and fondly told her What a man might, a man's ...Rate it:

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Here Died
Henry Lawson
There's many a schoolboy's bat and ball that are gathering dust at home, For he hears a voice in the future call, and he trains for the war to com...Rate it:

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His Boys
Robert William Service
"I'm going, Billy, old fellow. Hist, lad! Don't make any noise. There's Boches to beat all creation, the pitch of a bomb away. I've fixed the note ...Rate it:

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