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Female Glory
Richard Lovelace
Mongst the worlds wonders, there doth yet remain One greater than the rest, that's all those o're again, And her own self beside: A Lady, whose sof...Rate it:

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Fifteenth Sunday After Trinity
John Keble
Sweet nurslings of the vernal skies, Bathed in soft airs, and fed with dew, What more than magic in you lies, To fill the heart's fond view? In...Rate it:

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Lucy Maud Montgomery
I With you I shall ever be; Over land and sea My thoughts will companion you; With yours shall my laughter chime, And my step keep time In t...Rate it:

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Forms Of Prayer To Be Used At Sea
John Keble
The shower of moonlight falls as still and clear Upon this desert main As where sweet flowers some pastoral garden cheer With fragrance a...Rate it:

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Four Score
Sir Henry Parkes
I count the mercifullest part of all God's mercies, in this coil of eighty years, Is that no sense of being disappears Or fails; I see the signa...Rate it:

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James Weldon Johnson
The hand of Fate cannot be stayed, The course of Fate cannot be steered, By all the gods that man has made, Nor all the devils he has feared, Not b...Rate it:

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Fragmentary Scenes From The Road To Avernus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Scene I 'Discontent' LAURENCE RABY. Laurence: I said to young Allan M'Ilveray, Beside the swift swirls of the North, When, in lilac shot through ...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
Broke to every known mischance, lifted over all By the light sane joy of life, the buckler of the Gaul, Furious in luxury, merciless in toil, Terr...Rate it:

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Friend In The Desolate Time
Erik Johan Stagnelius
Friend, in the desolate time, when your soul is enshrouded in darkness When, in a deep abyss, memory and feeling die out, Intellect timidly grop...Rate it:

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From A Poem
Boris Pasternak
I also loved, and the restless breaths Of sleeplessness, fluttering through darkness, Out of the park would downward drift To the ravine, on to ...Rate it:

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From Boethius
Samuel Johnson
O Thou! whose power o'er moving worlds presides, Whose voice created, and whose wisdom guides, On darkling man in pure effulgence shine, And cheer ...Rate it:

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From the Hymn of Empedocles
Matthew Arnold
IS it so small a thing To have enjoy'd the sun, To have lived light in the spring, To have loved, to have thought, to...Rate it:

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From the Persian of Hafiz I
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Butler, fetch the ruby wine, Which with sudden greatness fills us; Pour for me who in my spirit Fail in courage and performance; Bring the philosop...Rate it:

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George Eliot
Alfred Austin
Dead! Is she dead? And all that light extinguished! Mend your words, Those gropings of the blind along plain paths Where all the Heavens are shini...Rate it:

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Gertrude of Wyoming
Thomas Campbell
PART I On Susquehanna's side, fair Wyoming! Although the wild-flower on thy ruin'd wall, And roofless homes, a sad remembrance bring, Of what thy ...Rate it:

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Gnothi Seauton
Samuel Johnson
When Scaliger, whole years of labour past, Beheld his lexicon complete at last And weary of his task, with wond'ring eyes, Saw, from words pil'd on...Rate it:

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Gavril Romanovich Derzhavin
O Thou, who's infinite in space, Alive in ever-moving matter, Eternal in the flow of time, God faceless, with a trinity of faces! Soul unified and ...Rate it:

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God's Rest.
Robert Crawford
I saw God in a dream go by, As if He trod the phantom air Within a hushed eternity, Dead worlds around Him everywhere. No sign of life — and God as...Rate it:

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Herman Melville
We rovers bold, To the land of Gold, Over the bowling billows are gliding: Eager to toil, For the golden spoil, And every hardship biding. See! See...Rate it:

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Good Morrow
John Donne
I wonder, by my truth, what thou and I Did, till we loved; were we not weaned till then, But sucked on country pleasures, childishly? Or snorted we...Rate it:

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Good Night
Ada Cambridge
1. Love, thou hast wandered far and wide, But here thy wanderings cease; Thy long- sought mate is by thy side, And thou canst sleep in peace. 2. ...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Nay, nay, Antonio! nay, thou shalt not blame her, My Gracia, who hath so deserted me. Thou art my friend, but if thou dost defame her I shall not h...Rate it:

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Ada Cambridge
Here, in her elbow chair, she sits A soul alert, alive, A poor old body shrunk and bent - The queen-bee of the hive. But hives of bees and hives o...Rate it:

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Harold Monro
I Fit for perpetual worship is the power That holds our bodies safely to the earth. When people talk of their domestic gods, Then privately I thin...Rate it:

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Haunted Chambers
Conrad Potter Aiken
The lamp-lit page is turned, the dream forgotten; The music changes tone, you wake, remember Deep worlds you lived before, deep worlds hereafter ...Rate it:

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