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Mute Discourse
James Brunton Stephens
of Reason and of Faith— We, turning from the windy ways of the world, And gazing nearly on the sileRate it:

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My hands clasped under a veil
Anna Akhmatova
he smiled very calmly, like stroke: 'It is windy right here -- pass by.' Rate it:

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Night (II)
Clive Staples Lewis
. . . Ah, leave the world and come away! The windy folk are in the glade, And men have seen their Rate it:

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Night Is My Sister, And How Deep In Love
Edna St. Vincent Millay
on her dark face, Watches beside me in this windy place. Rate it:

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Sidney Lanier
the billow-flow of sense, Aroused by passion's windy vehemence, Upbore me out of depths to heights Rate it:

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O! Omnisciently Flawless Beloved.
Nikhil Parekh
The trees obviously seemed vivaciously windy to me; but their surreptitiously fascinating rustle Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
virgin guest; Days that ye love, despite their windy flaws, Since they are woven with all joys anRate it:

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Ode On The Insurrection In Candia
Algernon Charles Swinburne
the dove, And his ravenous heart abated And his windy wings were furled In an eyrie consecrated WheRate it:

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On Reading Ballads
Arthur Graeme West
lines, Apollo dusted gold on us Between the windy pines. We watched the London trains go by Full oRate it:

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On the Bay
Lucy Maud Montgomery
the long, dim shore, And frets the reef with its windy sallies, And the dawn's white light is threaRate it:

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On The Train
Harriet Monroe
over like a wave, Trembles with her little windy words. What she is saying, I wonder, That her fRate it:

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Orient Ode
Francis Thompson
kiss thou dost inspire Echoeth Back from the windy vaultages of death; Yet thy clear warranty aboveRate it:

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Pan Beniowski - Final Part Of Canto Five
Juliusz Slowacki
ranges over them! -- When, accompanied by a windy hymn, The dust which Tartar hordes drenched in bRate it:

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Phases of the Moon
Elinor Morton Wylie
moon was a Phoenix bird; Thus she sails through windy skies, Thus in the willow's arms she lies; Rate it:

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Sara Teasdale
only know our love was brief, Wearing awhile a windy grace And passing like an autumn leaf. They wRate it:

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William Morris
where's the river's hidden Gold! And where the windy grave of Troy? Yet come I as I came of old, FrRate it:

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Practising the Anthem
Ada Cambridge
never discord jars,— The Christmas carols in the windy street, Under the frosty stars; The dream-lRate it:

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Puck's Song
Rudyard Kipling
broke On the day that Harold died. See you the windy levels spread About the gates of Rye? O that Rate it:

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Sidney Lanier
eighteen centuries ripple down the river, And windy times the stalks of empires wave, -- Let the wRate it:

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Robert Buchanan
William Cosmo Monkhouse
Was a Cross upon a hill. A Cross upon the windy hill, And a Cross on either side, Three skRate it:

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Rosa Flammea
Arthur Symons
hereafter!... I hear in the whirling winds her windy laughter, And my soul for this shall whirl in Rate it:

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Running To Paradise
William Butler Yeats
As I came over Windy Gap They threw a halfpenny into my cap. For I am running to paradise; And all that I need do is to wish And somebody puts his ...Rate it:

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Sir Galahad
Alfred Lord Tennyson
whistling storms Fly o'er waste fens and windy fields. A maiden knight--to me is given Rate it:

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Song For The Wandering Jew
William Wordsworth
motion, Couched upon the rocking wave. If on windy days the Raven Gambol like a dancing skiff, Rate it:

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Sonnet 06
Alan Seeger
have prayed to her Whose haunt the groves of windy Cyprus were, To prosper me and crown with goodRate it:

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