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Francis Thompson
out of the turf, And the harebell shakes on the windy hill-- O breath of the distant surf!-- ThRate it:

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Ebb Tide
Sara Teasdale
Bereft of light and song, A sea beach bleak and windy That moans the whole day long. To the emptyRate it:

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Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
the likeness of a gardener that strode Over the windy hollows of the sky, And with a great broom drRate it:

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Elizabeth Speaks
Duncan Campbell Scott
they have their homes, In a tall, black, and windy town, Behind a door we cannot see. Often when itRate it:

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Victoria Sackville-West
I thought how sweet Old age might sink upon a windy youth, Quiet beneath the riding-light of truth,Rate it:

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
I could hear the green piles groaning Under the windy wooden piers, See once again the bobbing barrRate it:

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Fingal - Book I
James Macpherson
man; but many mighty men are seen from Tura's windy walls. "He spoke, like a wave on a rock, 'WhoRate it:

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Fingal - Book II
James Macpherson
friend. Lay by that beam of heaven, son of windy Cromla! What cave is thy lonely house? What green-Rate it:

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Fingal - Book Vi
James Macpherson
Trenmor. Three days he feasted at Gormal's windy towers, and received his choice in the combat. TheRate it:

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Robert William Service
upon some sunny quay, Or would you walk the windy heath and drink the cooler air; Oh, would you seeRate it:

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For A Child
Harriet Monroe
the moons were run, Through blackest night, the windy night of pain, We rose—we twain— Into the Rate it:

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From The Short Story Shadow-Children
Louisa May Alcott
Like a family of daisies Blown about in windy weather; Nimble fairies, nimble fairies, Playing Rate it:

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Fust Mate Joe
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the stormy winds do blow. Yo-ho! When the windy storms do blow. On a Tory tramp 'is callin' damp 'ERate it:

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Geraint And Enid
Alfred Lord Tennyson
like an icicle, Swung from his brand a windy buffet out Once, twice, to right, to left, and stunnRate it:

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Goblin Market
Christina Georgina Rossetti
all my gold is on the furze That shakes in windy weather Above the rusty heather." "You have much gRate it:

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Leon Gellert
behind. Then, with the cries Of birds in windy skies, Oh bear me blithely to my southern home. Rate it:

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Ha'nacker Mill
Hilaire Belloc
loved her calling aloud, Spirits abroad in a windy cloud. Spirits that call and no one answers -- Rate it:

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Marie E J Pitt
WILD and wet, and windy wet falls the night on Hamilton, Hamilton that seaward looks unto the setting sun, Lady of the patient face, lifted e...Rate it:

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Haunted Chambers
Conrad Potter Aiken
No matter where I go, how soft I tread, This windy gesture menaces me with death. 'Fatigue!' it Rate it:

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Heath from the Highlands
Henry Kendall
atmosphere That William Wallace knew. And under windy mountain wall, Where breaks the torrent loosRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
stars and planets When low light was upon the windy reaches Where the flower of foam was blown, aRate it:

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Hill, The
Rupert Brooke
Breathless, we flung us on the windy hill, Laughed in the sun, and kissed the lovely grass. You said, "Through glory and ecstasy we pass; Wind, s...Rate it:

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Homeward Bound
Sir Henry Newbolt
After long labouring in the windy ways, On smooth and shining tides Swiftly the great ship glides, Her storms forgot, her weary watches past; North...Rate it:

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I Met a Drifter Once
Martynas Jakucevičius
swaying bodies, clouds of grey so bold In windy gates, in hollow ground and more Will walk the hangRate it:

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If Hope Grew On A Bush
Christina Georgina Rossetti
for the plucking There would be! But oh! in windy autumn, When frail flowers wither, What shoulRate it:

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