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Lola Ridge
When you tell mama you are going to do something great she looks at you as though you were a window she were trying to see through, and says she ho...Rate it:

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My Lost Youth
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Often I think of the beautiful town That is seated by the sea; Often in thought go up and down The pleasant streets of that dear old town, And my y...Rate it:

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The Four Places Of Sorrow
Anna Johnston MacManus
There is sorrow for me in the North, where the black wind blows, (Hush, O Wind of the dirges, O Voice of the restless dead!) The ache of its cruel ...Rate it:

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A Year’s Windfalls
Christina Georgina Rossetti
On the wind of January Down flits the snow, Travelling from the frozen North As cold as it can blow. Poor robin redbreast, Look where he comes; Let...Rate it:

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Barbury Camp
Charles Hamilton Sorley
We burrowed night and day with tools of lead, Heaped the bank up and cast it in a ring And hurled the earth above. And Caesar said, "Why, it is exc...Rate it:

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Thomas Carlyle
The wind blows east, the wind blows west, And the frost falls and the rain: A weary heart went thankful to rest, And must rise to toil again, 'gain...Rate it:

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Nightmare: A Tale for an Autumn Evening
Amy Lowell
After a Print by George Cruikshank It was a gusty night, With the wind booming, and swooping, Looping round corners, Sliding over the cobble-stone...Rate it:

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The Paper Windmill
Amy Lowell
The little boy pressed his face against the window-pane and looked out at the bright sunshiny morning. The cobble-stones of the square glistened li...Rate it:

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Sydney Thompson Dobell
'The Spring again hath started on the course Wherein she seeketh Summer thro' the Earth. I will arise and go upon my way. It may be that the leaves...Rate it:

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Mary - A Ballad
Robert Southey
Author Note: The story of the following ballad was related to me, when a school boy, as a fact which had really happened in the North of England. I...Rate it:

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The House Of Dust: Part 04: 01: Clairvoyant
Conrad Potter Aiken
'This envelope you say has something in it Which once belonged to your dead son—or something He knew, was fond of? Something he remembers?— The...Rate it:

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The Southerly Buster
Henry Lawson
There's a wind that blows out of the South in the drought, And we pray for the touch of his breath When siroccos come forth from the North-West and...Rate it:

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The Witch Of Mull
Cicely Fox Smith
'Witch of Mull, the strangers here Come to wreak their vengeance drear: Call the wind and call the wrack; Drown them, drive them, beat them back!' ...Rate it:

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My Little March Girl
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Come to the pane, draw the curtain apart, There she is passing, the girl of my heart; See where she walks like a queen in the street, Weather-defyi...Rate it:

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Sing Of The Banner At Day-Break
Walt Whitman
POET. O A new song, a free song, Flapping, flapping, flapping, flapping, by sounds, by voices clearer, ...Rate it:

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The Cross-Roads
Amy Lowell
A bullet through his heart at dawn. On the table a letter signed with a woman's name. A wind that goes howling round the house, and weeping as in s...Rate it:

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The Earth-Mother
Frank Dalby Davison
COMETH a voice:—‘My children, hear; From the crowded street and the close-packed mart I call you back with my message clear, Back to my ...Rate it:

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The Island
Edith Nesbit
Does the wind sing in your ears at night, in the town, Rattling the windows and doors of the cheap-built place? Do you hear its song as it fli...Rate it:

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The Wreck of the Whaler Oscar
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas on the 1st of April, and in the year of Eighteen thirteen, That the whaler "Oscar" was wrecked not far from Aberdeen; 'Twas all on a sudden t...Rate it:

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What The Chimney Sang
Francis Bret Harte
Over the chimney the night-wind sang And chanted a melody no one knew; And the Woman stopped, as her babe she tossed, And thought of the one she ha...Rate it:

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The Mother's Soul
Isabella Valancy Crawford
When the moon was horned the mother died, And the child pulled at her hand and knee, And he rubbed her cheek and loudly cried: 'O mother, arise,...Rate it:

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A Forsaken Garden
Algernon Charles Swinburne
IN a coign of the cliff between lowland and highland, At the sea-down's edge between windward and lee, Walled round with rocks as an inland is...Rate it:

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Arnold Rode Behind
Roderic Quinn
WE galloped down the sodden track Close buttoned 'gainst the wind; I took the lead with whip and spur, And Arnold rode behind. The skies were wild...Rate it:

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Robert Nichols
1. Noon It is midday; the deep trench glares…. A buzz and blaze of flies…. The hot wind puffs the giddy airs…. The great sun rakes the skies. No...Rate it:

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Cathedral in the Thrashing Rain
(O mata fukitsunoru ame kaze.) O another deluge of wind and rain. Collar turned up, getting drenched in this splashing rain, and looking up at you ...Rate it:

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