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Caledonian Games
James McIntyre
the little boys and girls In highland dress and waving curls, From London, danced the Highland flinRate it:

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Felicia Dorothea Hemans
his brow he felt their breath, And in his waving hair, And looked from that lone post of death, Rate it:

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Catharine Livingston
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
floating on the stream! The joyful ensigns waving in the air! The tides propitious and the zephyrs Rate it:

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Cathlin Of Clutha
James Macpherson
with its own blue stream. Here, "midst the waving of oaks, were the dwellings of kings of old." ButRate it:

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Julia A Moore
our country free, And the stars and stripes a waving. The revolutionary war was fought To gain ourRate it:

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Centennial Celebration
Julia A Moore
was honored, too, For from a thousand windows waving, That dear old flag, red, white and blue, ThatRate it:

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Charles Edward At Versailles
William Edmondstoune Aytoun
bended knees, Saw once more that stately ensign Waving in the northern breeze, When the noble TulliRate it:

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Chose Vue
Francis Thompson
paced, Down dropped her riband-band, and all her waving hair Shook like loosened music cadent to heRate it:

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Henry Timrod
the crowded town, Peace in a thousand fields of waving grain, Peace in the highway and the flowery Rate it:

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City Contrasts
Anonymous Americas
of carriages, music grand, And the flutter of waving plume. For the one there is never a mourner, HRate it:

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Louisa May Alcott
low, And passing clouds cast shadows On the waving grass below; Where low, sweet notes of brooding Rate it:

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Colin's Mistakes. Written In Imitation Of Spenser's Style
Matthew Prior
call'd their amorous brothers, They kiss'd the waving lawn, and wafted it to others. Daisies and vRate it:

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John Keble
to the desert breeze unrolled, Cheerly the waving pennons fly, Lion or eagle--each bright fold Rate it:

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Sydney Thompson Dobell
in the River-wind Hissed at me, by the twilight, waving wands. 'Also, for I have told thee, oh deaRate it:

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Daily, Daily, Sing The Praises
Sabine Baring-Gould
fair; Thousand, thousand, are the colors Of the waving flowers there. Refrain There the forests eRate it:

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Danse Russe
William Carlos Williams
room dance naked, grotesquely before my mirror waving my shirt round my head and singing softly to Rate it:

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Dark Gothic Heart, A Valiant Knight & The inner harmony tuned to its hidden beasts menagerie
Mario William Vitale
in front of the king one day with a magic wand Waving the wand in the air then there floated ivy eRate it:

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Thomas Parnell
Courage deck'd with manly charms, With waving-azure plumes, and gilded arms, Displaid the glories, Rate it:

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Daylight is Dying
Andrew Barton Paterson
in the myalls, Are part of these stories. The waving of grasses, The song of the river That siRate it:

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Early Morning Tea
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
you're craving . . . Then a weak, white hand is waving To the white capped Sister smiling at the dRate it:

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Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
again. When the whisp'ring summer breeze is waving o'er me lightly, When the moaning winter windsRate it:

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Elegiac I.
Arthur Hugh Clough
river. Through woodlands steering, with branches waving above thee, Through the meadows sinuous, waRate it:

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Elegy VII. Anno Aetates Undevigesimo (Translated From Milton)
William Cowper
serpent yield thy wound a cure. He spoke, and, waving a bright shaft in air, Sought the warm bosom Rate it:

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Elegy Written At Hotwells, Bristol
William Lisle Bowles
with sidelong gleam The cliff's tall crest, the waving woods that ring With songs of birds rejoiciRate it:

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Elegy XV. In Memory of a Private Family in Worcestershire
William Shenstone
a tender sigh; Still, as the village caught the waving sound, A swelling tear distream'd from everyRate it:

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