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Australian Spring
Hugh McCrae
in Kosciusko’s silent snow, His shadow waving o’er the lofty sky. And jolly Spring, with love anRate it:

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Bande Mataram
Sri Aurobindo
with thy winds of delight, Dark fields waving, Mother of might, Mother free. Glory of moonlight drRate it:

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Battle of Red Cliff
Su Tung-po
Qiao. Then, what a hero he became! With waving fan and silken cap He talked and laughed at eaRate it:

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Be My Guest
Ehsan Sehgal
will hear clearly The sound of running blood, Waving breath of affection Listen to my chest Be my gRate it:

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Beast and Man in India
Rudyard Kipling
shrine is built. The Goat. Between the waving tufts of jungle-grass, Up from the river as the twiRate it:

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Beautiful Rose
Henry Clay Work
on the prairie, where the balmy air Kisses the waving corn, There lives a farmer, with a daughter fRate it:

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Before the Altar
Amy Lowell
the moon Swings slow across the sky, Athwart a waving pine tree, And soon Tips all the needles Rate it:

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Behind The Arras
Paul Laurence Dunbar
prisoner sits, engirt by secret doors And waving tapestries that argue forth Strange passages into Rate it:

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James Macpherson
to the wind. The flower hangs its heavy head, waving, at times, to the gale. "Why dost thou awake mRate it:

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Birth-Day Ode 02
Robert Southey
Where yonder budding acorn rears, Just o'er the waving grass, its tender head: Slow pass along Rate it:

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Blind Old Milton
William Edmondstoune Aytoun
dream, Possess my being; from afar I greet The waving of thy garments in the glade, And the lighRate it:

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William Carlos Williams
like water at a shore their pointed petals waving dark green and light. But blueflags are blossRate it:

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Bohémiens En Voyage (Gypsies On The Road)
Charles Baudelaire
breasts. The men stick their feet out, waving their guns Alongside the caravan where they tremble Rate it:

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Book Fourth [Summer Vacation]
William Wordsworth
eyes while to and fro In the dark summit of the waving tree She rocked with every impulse of the bRate it:

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Book Of Suleika - These Tufted Branches
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
till now, Unconsciously and still; A loosely-waving bough Doth rock them at its will. Yet, ripenRate it:

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Book Twelfth [Imagination And Taste, How Impaired And Restored ]
William Wordsworth
of her former strength; And as, by simple waving of a wand, The wizard instantaneously dissolves PRate it:

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Bourke's Dream
Andrew Barton Paterson
but shall ne'er see again. The green flag was waving high, Under the bright blue sky, And each man Rate it:

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By Hut, Homestead And Shearing Shed,
Henry Lawson
lake-land after rain; To the skyline sweeps the waving grass, Or whirls the scorching sand- A phantRate it:

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By the Grey Gulf-water
Andrew Barton Paterson
Over the dead man's graves the grass Maybe is waving a trifle greener. Down in the world where mRate it:

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By The Seaside : Twilight
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
see some form arise. And a woman's waving shadow Is passing to and fro, Now rising to the ceilingRate it:

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Caledonian Games
James McIntyre
the little boys and girls In highland dress and waving curls, From London, danced the Highland flinRate it:

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Felicia Dorothea Hemans
his brow he felt their breath, And in his waving hair, And looked from that lone post of death, Rate it:

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Catharine Livingston
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
floating on the stream! The joyful ensigns waving in the air! The tides propitious and the zephyrs Rate it:

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Cathlin Of Clutha
James Macpherson
with its own blue stream. Here, "midst the waving of oaks, were the dwellings of kings of old." ButRate it:

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Julia A Moore
our country free, And the stars and stripes a waving. The revolutionary war was fought To gain ourRate it:

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