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A Panegyric Of The Dean In The Person Of A Lady In The North
Jonathan Swift
Resolved my gratitude to show, Thrice reverend Dean, for all I owe, Too long I have my thanks delay'd; Your favours left too long unpaid; But now, ...Rate it:

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A salutation of his Majesties Ship the Soveraign
Henry King
Move on thou floating Trophee built to fame! And bid her trump spread thy Majestick name; That the blew Tritons, and those petty Gods Which spor...Rate it:

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A Year's Courtship
Henry Timrod
I saw her, Harry, first, in March -- You know the street that leadeth down By the old bridge's crumbling arch? -- Just where it leaves the dusty to...Rate it:

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Apollo's Edict.
Mary Barber
Ierne's now our royal Care: We lately fix'd our Vice--roy there. How near was she to be undone, Till pious Love inspir'd her Son! What cannot our V...Rate it:

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Autumn Days
William Henry Drummond
In dreams of the night I hear the call Of wild duck scudding across the lake, In dreams I see the old convent wall, Where Ottawa's waters surge and...Rate it:

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Beppo, A Venetian Story
George Gordon Lord Byron
I. 'Tis known, at least it should be, that throughout All countries of the Catholic persuasion, Some weeks before Shrove Tuesday comes about, T...Rate it:

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Captain Craig
Edwin Arlington Robinson
I I doubt if ten men in all Tilbury Town Had ever shaken hands with Captain Craig, Or called him by his name, or looked at him So curiously, or...Rate it:

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Anne Bradstreet
1 Sometime now past in the Autumnal Tide, 2 When Ph{oe}bus wanted but one hour to bed, 3 The trees all richly clad, yet void of pride, ...Rate it:

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Dan Paine
James Whitcomb Riley
Old friend of mine, whose chiming name Has been the burthen of a rhyme Within my heart since first I came To know thee in thy mellow prime; With wa...Rate it:

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Eloisa to Abelard
Alexander Pope
In these deep solitudes and awful cells, Where heav'nly-pensive contemplation dwells, And ever-musing melancholy reigns; What means this tumult in...Rate it:

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Walt Whitman
THOUGHT of the Infinite--the All! Be thou my God. Lover Divine, and Perfect Comrade! Waiting, content, invisible yet, but certain, ...Rate it:

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Goliath Of Gath
Phillis Wheatley
SAMUEL, Chap. xvii. YE martial pow'rs, and all ye tuneful nine, Inspire my song, and aid my high design. The dreadful scenes and toils of war I wr...Rate it:

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Hero And Leander. The Fifth Sestiad
George Chapman
Now was bright Hero weary of the day, Thought an Olympiad in Leander's stay. Sol and the soft-foot Hours hung on his arms, And would not let him sw...Rate it:

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Holy-Cross Day
Robert Browning
ON WHICH THE JEWS WERE FORCED TO ATTEND AN ANNUAL CHRISTIAN SERMON IN ROME. [``Now was come about Holy-Cross Day, and now must my lord preach hi...Rate it:

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Hudibras: Part 2 - Canto I
Samuel Butler
THE ARGUMENT The Knight by damnable Magician, Being cast illegally in prison, Love brings his Action on the Case. And lays it upon Hudibras. How h...Rate it:

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Its Scar Now Yours To Love (Blues Poem #12)
Kurt Philip Behm
"You must earn the right to sing the blues "No high school chorus, the hurt you choose" To wrestle with your demons, no s...Rate it:

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La Nuit de novembre
Maurice Rollinat
Il faisait aussi clair qu’à trois heures du soir, Lorsque, las de fumer, de lire et de m’asseoir, Emportant avec moi le rêve qui m’agite, J’abandon...Rate it:

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Milton’s Appeal To Cromwell
Victor Marie Hugo
[CROMWELL, Act III. sc. iv.] Stay! I no longer can contain myself, But cry you: Look on John, who bares his mind To Oliver--to Cromwell, Milton sp...Rate it:

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On Reading Ballads
Arthur Graeme West
We lay upon a flowery hill Close by the railway lines, Apollo dusted gold on us Between the windy pines. We watched the London trains go by Full o...Rate it:

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Paradise Lost: Book 10
John Milton
Mean while the heinous and despiteful act Of Satan, done in Paradise; and how He, in the serpent, had perverted Eve, Her husband she, to taste t...Rate it:

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Signior Dildo
Lord John Wilmot
You ladies of merry England Who have been to kiss the Duchess's hand, Pray, did you not lately observe in the show A noble Italian called Signior D...Rate it:

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Song At Sunset
Walt Whitman
SPLENDOR of ended day, floating and filling me! Hour prophetic--hour resuming the past! Inflating my throat--you, divine average! You,...Rate it:

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Song From An Evening's Love
John Dryden
After the pangs of a desperate lover, When day and night I have sighed all in vain, Ah, what a pleasure it is to discover In her eyes pity, who cau...Rate it:

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Sonnet to the Memory of Miss Maria Linley
Mary Darby Robinson
So bends beneath the storm yon balmy flow'r, Whose spicy blossoms once perfum'd the gale; So press'd with tears reclines yon lily pale, Obedient to...Rate it:

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The Christening
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
(Of my Brother's infant Son, February 21, 1839.) I. THERE is a sound of laughter light and gay, And hurried welcomes, as of joyful greeting; The...Rate it:

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