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Happening Everywhere
Nikhil Parekh
bravery; engulfing even the most indolently useless in its insatiable swirl, Beautifully pearly sRate it:

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John Newton
the earth itself would yield Only crops of useless weeds. Though, when newly sawn, it lay Hid awhRate it:

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He, Who Overcomes Pride, Greed, Vanity
serves mankind, Discarding all else as useless Is the real seeker of the Lord! [Translated by P.Rate it:

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Heccar and Gaira
Thomas Chatterton
whirl'd in circles fly. Heccar. Gaira, 'tis useless to attempt the chace, Swifter than hunted Rate it:

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Henry And Emma. A Poem.
Matthew Prior
name. In vain they combated, in vain they writ, Useless their strength, and impotent their wit: GreRate it:

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Henry Bartle Edward Frere
Alfred Austin
within your marble bed Sleep sound, nor hear the useless tears we weep. Why should you wake, when ERate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
boy. He thought how 'Jack', cold-footed, useless swine, Had panicked down the trench that night thRate it:

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Hospital Duties
Anonymous Americas
battle once more for his land! Pass on! it is useless to linger While others are calling your careRate it:

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Hours Continuing Long
Walt Whitman
and suffering hours! (I am ashamed--but it is useless--I am what I am;) Hours of my torRate it:

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House and Man
Edward Thomas
half like a beggar's rag, clean wrung And useless on the brier where it has hung Long years a-washiRate it:

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Ran Zhi Sen
do I convince you I'm right? How can I be so useless. How do you see worth in me. How can I not be Rate it:

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Hymn 4 part 1
Isaac Watts
men no tunes to raise? O may we lose our useless tongues When they forget to praise. Glory to God Rate it:

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I Cannot Love Thee!
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
the pain thy presence brought, Whispers me the useless lie,-- 'For thy love he will not die, SucRate it:

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I should not dare to leave my friend
Emily Dickinson
breaking then—since breaking then— Were useless as next morning's sun— Where midnight frosts—had laRate it:

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In After Years
Augusta Davies Webster
day has gone by: Let the dying die. Leave your useless smiles and your tears, Weepings and wooingsRate it:

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In Utrumque Paratus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
the fox, may fail. All hurry is worse than useless ; think On the adage, ' 'Tis pace that kills ;Rate it:

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Intention To Escape From Him
Edna St. Vincent Millay
I think I will learn some beautiful language, useless for commercial Purposes, work hard at that. I think I will learn the Latin name of every song...Rate it:

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Interlude: The Casement
Christopher John Brennan
waked you ancient, cast into the deeps your useless lagging dearth, O blazon'd shame of Earth, wRate it:

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It Wasn't The Nails
Mario William Vitale
wish the suffering would go away Pain seems so useless, its purpose is so hard to find When IRate it:

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Jack's Last Muster
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
white calf trotted out from the ranks. 'Twas useless, I knew it, yet I turned to pursue it; At tRate it:

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Thomas Edward Brown
dream be fled-- O then my heart! O then my useless heart! Would God that thou wert dead-- A cRate it:

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Jewelled Offering
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
shall call you bride, Unacknowledged and untold, Useless as Utopian gold. Nonsense rhymes! Ah me, sRate it:

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Just Once
Mario William Vitale
no morning can tame; Candles of regret rendered useless, Love being the eternal flame Then brinRate it:

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King Candaules And The Doctor Of Laws
La Fontaine
charm directed pointed darts; To flee were useless: LOVE such pain imparts, That nothing can at timRate it:

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L'Albatros (The Albatross)
Charles Baudelaire
and lets His great wings hang like heavy, useless oars at his side. How droll is the poor floundeRate it:

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