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Death’s Chill Between
Christina Georgina Rossetti
alone And must be so everywhere, I will make no useless moan,— None shall say 'She could not bear:'Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
voice be heard. War fails, try peace; put up the useless sword! Fear not the end. There is a storyRate it:

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Divine Musings
Stone Fox
all the acquired mixed-matched pieces and useless information slowly.. I remember because it was aRate it:

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Harold Monro
away from mind Into the light and fun of your useless day. * * * * * Thus, for your walk, we tookRate it:

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Droop'st thou and fail'st? but these have never tired
Christopher John Brennan
then desired to be with them and trail'st a useless wing? Self-pity hath thee in her clinging damRate it:

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Elegy II. On The Death Of The University Beadle At Cambridge (Translated From Milton)
William Cowper
meaner marks, and with more equal aim Pierce useless drones, earth's burthen and its shame! Flow, Rate it:

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Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady
Alexander Pope
lights of life, that burn a length of years Useless, unseen, as lamps in sepulchres; Like eastern kRate it:

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Epitaph on Don Francisco
John Arbuthnot
done. Think not, indignant Reader, His Life, useless to Mankind. PROVIDENCE Favoured, or rather Rate it:

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George Gordon Lord Byron
if Love in such an hour Could nobly check its useless sighs, Might then exert its latest power In Rate it:

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Even When She Walks
Charles Baudelaire
steel dissolve into one light, shining forever, useless as a star, the sterile woman’s icy majestyRate it:

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Eyes Spies
Abinash Parajuli
barriers, under severe circumstances Useless water down the eyes I know it’s rare, I know it too BRate it:

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Fainting by the Way
Henry Kendall
they leave behind!' 'Ah, my brother, it is useless! See, o'erburdened with their load, All the friRate it:

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Faith and Despondency
Emily Jane Brontë
why? For, if your former words were true, How useless would such sorrow be; As wise, to mourn theRate it:

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Far West Emigrant .
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
a sigh For lark or linnet’s song. V. But useless now those vain regrets! My course must finish hRate it:

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First Anniversary
Andrew Marvell
fate their guilty lives: Thus (image-like) an useless time they tell, And with vain sceptre strikRate it:

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Fit the Seventh ( Hunting of the Snark )
Lewis Carroll
who shrieked in despair, For he knew it was useless to fly. He offered large discount--he offereRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
when an' where they thought she went, An' of the useless searchers they had sent. I never waits foRate it:

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Food and its victorious power.
Nikhil Parekh
of power and wealth on earth utterly useless – as even the richest of all humans melanged with thosRate it:

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Free Saliva
Nikhil Parekh
in vehicular petrol, the elixir was rendered useless for further use; failing miserably in its attRate it:

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From 'Samson Agonistes' i
John Milton
Armories and Magazins contemns, Renders them useless, while With winged expedition Swift as the Rate it:

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From A German War Primer
Bertolt Brecht
HAS ALL BEEN EATEN Meat has become unknown. Useless The pouring out of the people's sweat. The lauRate it:

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Goblins Of The Steppes
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
these snow fields now to be! Hasten! 'That is useless, Master, Heavier for my team their load, AndRate it:

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Goody Blake and Harry Gill
William Wordsworth
the Sabbath he had three. 'Twas all in vain, a useless matter, And blankets were about him pinneRate it:

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Growing Old
Rainer Maria Rilke
planning, without reckoning, as useless as the powers of millenia. Translated by A. Poulin Rate it:

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William Henry Ogilvie
Hands! Steady Hands! When your reins seem useless bands, With a mad brute going faster And a toRate it:

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