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If we must part
Ernest Christopher Dowson
be like this. Not heart on heart, Nor with the useless anguish of a kiss; But touch mine hand and sRate it:

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Kenny Honeycutt
your body Ripped in a million pieces You feel useless Broken, less the human You we're a toy AnRate it:

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They always said I was "special" or useless, full of excuses, slow to learn but my wit had a quickness, so I decided to embrace my unique...Rate it:

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Sara Teasdale
all night against the barren stone, The sound of useless rain in the desolate courtyard Makes me moRate it:

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The Time Has Come
Kayla Bailey Jay
cant you get that through your head? You're useless, such a pathetic joke You are wasting my time.Rate it:

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Convicted Oath
Red Magtoto
join the command. Time to burn my coat, it's useless Folded my pants to join the landless ReadyRate it:

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Life is too short
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
sun's rising and its setting We have no time for useless tears or fretting: Life is too short. LifeRate it:

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They always said I was "special" or useless, full of excuses, slow to learn but my wit had a quickness, so I decided to embrace my unique...Rate it:

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Elegy Before Death
Edna St. Vincent Millay
know that you are dead,— These, and perhaps a useless wagon Standing beside some tumbled shed. Oh,Rate it:

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The Gardener XLII: O Mad, Superbly Drunk
Rabindranath Tagore
If you walk in curious paths and play with useless things; Reck not rhyme or reason; If Rate it:

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The Legend of La Brea
Charles Kingsley
you none of all my treasures: Save these lovely useless things.' 'BRate it:

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On His Blindness
John Milton
one talent which is death to hide Lodg'd with me useless, though my soul more bent To serve therewiRate it:

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R. Alcona to J. Brenzaida
Emily Jane Brontë
the aid of joy; Then did I check the tears of useless passion, Weaned my young soul from yearningRate it:

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A Complete 100 Floors
Nikhil Parekh
felt as if it needed rebirth, The string of useless thoughts which once bothered and circumventedRate it:

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A Confidant Without Knowing It; Or The Stratagem
La Fontaine
you to inform him what I say; Such steps are useless: folly they betray. MUCH praise Aminta from tRate it:

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A Cry to Arms
Henry Timrod
of spears! Give up to mildew and to rust The useless tools of gain; And feed your country's sacred Rate it:

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A Death - Scene
Emily Jane Brontë
mute look of suffering moved me To repent my useless prayer: And, with sudden check, the heaving Rate it:

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A Fable
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
winds, Must fall the missiles of silly minds, Useless and unavailing. Rate it:

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A Fancy
Frederick George Scott
a new power arises to eastward, So now, useless old lady, good-bye." 40 He whistled a low sweetRate it:

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A Fish Answers
James Henry Leigh Hunt
after prong, disgracer of all grace, Long-useless-finned, haired, upright, unwet, slow! O breathRate it:

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A learned man came to me once
Stephen Crane
Soon, too soon, were we Where my eyes were useless, And I knew not the ways of my feet. I clungRate it:

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A Promise
Ada Cambridge
and broken, and to wane, Slow inch by inch, in useless pain; Alone, unhelped, uncomforted, In mine Rate it:

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A Satire, in Imitation of the Third of Juvenal
John Oldham
it fit to rid the town 70Of one, that is an useless member grown. 71 'Besides, who has pretenceRate it:

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A Story Of The Rebellion
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
in vain, for there we lay With bated breath and useless oar. Around us in a fearful storm The fRate it:

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A Supplication
Abraham Cowley
of her eye. Weak Lyre! thy virtue sure Is useless here, since thou art only found To cure, but notRate it:

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