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James Whitcomb Riley
1 The ticking-- ticking-- ticking of the clock--! That vexed me so last night--! 'For though Time keeps Such drowsy watch,' I moaned, 'he never sle...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
If only my tears; could forever wash away the brutal disparities of mankind; the invidious discrimination that divided the spellbindingly united hu...Rate it:

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Padraic Colum
SOJOURNER, set down Your skimming wheel; Nothing is sharp That we have of steel: Nothing has edge: Oh, whirl around Your wheel of stone Till our bl...Rate it:

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My Irish Love
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Beside the saffron of a curtain, lit With broidered flowers, below a golden fringe That on her silver shoulder made a glow, Like the sun kissing li...Rate it:

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Mario William Vitale
Rejection A poets dream One lone blade of grass to sway in the wind, Torn in violent degree of remorse. Then exposed from its darkened elements ...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of A Bachelor
Ellis Parker Butler
Listen, ladies, while I sing The ballad of John Henry King. John Henry was a bachelor, His age was thirty-three or four. Two maids for his affect...Rate it:

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Anonymous Americas
Oh Shenandoah, I long to hear you, Away you rolling river, Oh Shenandoah, I long to hear you, Away, I'm bound away 'Cross the wide Missouri. Oh Sh...Rate it:

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A Ballad Maker
Padraic Colum
ONCE I loved a maiden fair, Over the hills and jar away, Lands she had and lovers to spare, Over the hills and far away. And I was stooped and trou...Rate it:

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The Lay Of Christine
William Morris
TRANSLATED FROM THE ICELANDIC. Of silk my gear was shapen, Scarlet they did on me, Then to the sea-strand was I borne And laid in a bark of the sea...Rate it:

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The Wilderness
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Come away! come away! there’s a frost along the marshes, And a frozen wind that skims the shoal where it shakes the dead black water; There’s a mo...Rate it:

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A Folk Song
Jessie Mackay
I came to your town, my love, And you were away, away! I said "She is with the Queen's maidens: They tarry long at their play. They are s...Rate it:

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Indian Woman's Death-Song
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Non, je ne puis vivre avec un coeur brisé® Il faut que je retrouve la joie, et que je m'unisse aux esprits libres de l'air. Bride of Messina , M...Rate it:

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A Discontented Sugar Broker
William Schwenck Gilbert
A gentleman of City fame Now claims your kind attention; East India broking was his game, His name I shall not mention: No one of finely-pointed se...Rate it:

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Cadenabbia. Lake Of Como. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fourth)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
No sound of wheels or hoof-beat breaks The silence of the summer day, As by the loveliest of all lakes I while the idle hours away. I pace the le...Rate it:

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How Lucy Backslid
Paul Laurence Dunbar
De times is mighty stirrin' 'mong de people up ouah way, Dey 'sputin' an' dey argyin' an' fussin' night an' day; An' all dis monst'ous trouble dat ...Rate it:

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The Hour And The Ghost
Christina Georgina Rossetti
BRIDE O love, love, hold me fast, He draws me away from thee; I cannot stem the blast, Nor the cold strong sea: Far away a light shines Beyond the...Rate it:

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The Merman
James Whitcomb Riley
I Who would be A merman gay, Singing alone, Sitting alone, With a mermaid's knee, For instance--hey-- For a throne? II I would be a merman gay; ...Rate it:

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The Prairies
William Cullen Bryant
These are the gardens of the Desert, these The unshorn fields, boundless and beautiful, For which the speech of England has no name-- The Prairies....Rate it:

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Gloria Mundi
Walter de la Mare
Upon a bank, easeless with knobs of gold, Beneath a canopy of noonday smoke, I saw a measureless Beast, morose and bold, With eyes like one from...Rate it:

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A Lover's Quarrel Among the Fairies
William Butler Yeats
A moonlight moor. Fairies leading a child. Male Fairies: Do not fear us, earthly maid! We will lead you hand in hand By the willows in the glade, ...Rate it:

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A Rhapsody Of A Southern Winter Night
Henry Timrod
Oh! dost thou flatter falsely, Hope? The day hath scarcely passed that saw thy birth, Yet thy white wings are plumed to all their scope, And hour b...Rate it:

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Elegy, Written In The Year 1758
James Beattie
Still, shall unthinking man substantial deem The forms that fleet through life's deceitful dream? On clouds, where Fancy's beam amusive plays, Shal...Rate it:

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For An Unknown Lady
Dorothy Parker
Lady, if you'd slumber sound, Keep your eyes upon the ground. If you'd toss and turn at night, Slip your glances left and right. Would the mornings...Rate it:

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Kayla Bailey Jay
How do you love a person Who is no longer there to love? How do you take in all the pain When your heart was taken in vein? How do you get up each...Rate it:

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Ode for a Master Mariner Ashore
Louise Imogen Guiney
THERE in his room, whene’er the moon looks in, And silvers now a shell, and now a fin, And o’er his chart glides like an argosy, Quiet and old sits...Rate it:

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