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Nikhil Parekh
If only my tears; could forever wash away the brutal disparities of mankind; the invidious discrimination that divided the spellbindingly united hu...Rate it:

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Anonymous Americas
Oh Shenandoah, I long to hear you, Away you rolling river, Oh Shenandoah, I long to hear you, Away, I'm bound away 'Cross the wide Missouri. Oh Sh...Rate it:

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A Song In October
Theodor Storm
Clouds gather, treetops toss and sway; But pour us wine, an old one! That we may turn this dreary day To golden; yes, to golden! What if the storm...Rate it:

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Bonny Dundee
Sir Walter Scott
To the Lords of Convention ’twas Claver’se who spoke. ‘Ere the King’s crown shall fall there are crowns to be broke; So let each Cavalier who lov...Rate it:

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How It's Done
William Schwenck Gilbert
Bold-faced ranger (Perfect stranger) Meets two well-behaved young ladies He's attractive, Young and active - Each a little bit afraid is. Youth adv...Rate it:

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Mon Choual
William Henry Drummond
I'm poor man, me, but I buy las' May Wan horse on de Comp'nie Passengaire, An' auction feller w'at sole heem say She's out of de full-breed 'Messen...Rate it:

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A Ballad Maker
Padraic Colum
ONCE I loved a maiden fair, Over the hills and jar away, Lands she had and lovers to spare, Over the hills and far away. And I was stooped and trou...Rate it:

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Four in the Morning
Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell
Cried the navy-blue ghost Of Mr. Belaker The allegro Negro cocktail-shaker, "Why did the cock crow, Why am I lost, Down the endless road to Infinit...Rate it:

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Strathcona's Horse
William Henry Drummond
O I was thine, and thou wert mine, and ours the boundless plain, Where the winds of the North, my gallant steed, ruffled thy tawny mane, But the su...Rate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
1 The ticking-- ticking-- ticking of the clock--! That vexed me so last night--! 'For though Time keeps Such drowsy watch,' I moaned, 'he never sle...Rate it:

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Padraic Colum
SOJOURNER, set down Your skimming wheel; Nothing is sharp That we have of steel: Nothing has edge: Oh, whirl around Your wheel of stone Till our bl...Rate it:

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My Irish Love
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Beside the saffron of a curtain, lit With broidered flowers, below a golden fringe That on her silver shoulder made a glow, Like the sun kissing li...Rate it:

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Mario William Vitale
Rejection A poets dream One lone blade of grass to sway in the wind, Torn in violent degree of remorse. Then exposed from its darkened elements ...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of A Bachelor
Ellis Parker Butler
Listen, ladies, while I sing The ballad of John Henry King. John Henry was a bachelor, His age was thirty-three or four. Two maids for his affect...Rate it:

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The Lay Of Christine
William Morris
TRANSLATED FROM THE ICELANDIC. Of silk my gear was shapen, Scarlet they did on me, Then to the sea-strand was I borne And laid in a bark of the sea...Rate it:

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The Wilderness
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Come away! come away! there’s a frost along the marshes, And a frozen wind that skims the shoal where it shakes the dead black water; There’s a mo...Rate it:

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A Folk Song
Jessie Mackay
I came to your town, my love, And you were away, away! I said "She is with the Queen's maidens: They tarry long at their play. They are s...Rate it:

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Indian Woman's Death-Song
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Non, je ne puis vivre avec un coeur brisé® Il faut que je retrouve la joie, et que je m'unisse aux esprits libres de l'air. Bride of Messina , M...Rate it:

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A Discontented Sugar Broker
William Schwenck Gilbert
A gentleman of City fame Now claims your kind attention; East India broking was his game, His name I shall not mention: No one of finely-pointed se...Rate it:

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Cadenabbia. Lake Of Como. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fourth)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
No sound of wheels or hoof-beat breaks The silence of the summer day, As by the loveliest of all lakes I while the idle hours away. I pace the le...Rate it:

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How Lucy Backslid
Paul Laurence Dunbar
De times is mighty stirrin' 'mong de people up ouah way, Dey 'sputin' an' dey argyin' an' fussin' night an' day; An' all dis monst'ous trouble dat ...Rate it:

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The Hour And The Ghost
Christina Georgina Rossetti
BRIDE O love, love, hold me fast, He draws me away from thee; I cannot stem the blast, Nor the cold strong sea: Far away a light shines Beyond the...Rate it:

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The Merman
James Whitcomb Riley
I Who would be A merman gay, Singing alone, Sitting alone, With a mermaid's knee, For instance--hey-- For a throne? II I would be a merman gay; ...Rate it:

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The Prairies
William Cullen Bryant
These are the gardens of the Desert, these The unshorn fields, boundless and beautiful, For which the speech of England has no name-- The Prairies....Rate it:

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Johnnie Armstrang
Andrew Lang
Some speak of lords, some speak of lairds, And sic like men of high degree; Of a gentleman I sing a sang, Some time call'd Laird of Gilnockie. The...Rate it:

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